Tell Texas Governor: Violence Against Reporters is Not a Joke

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Apologize for encouraging violence by joking about shooting reporters.

The Governor of Texas publicly joked about shooting journalists mere days after a congressional representative from Montana allegedly slammed a reporter to the ground. This is the latest in a series of jokes made by politicians threatening the press, fostering a dangerous environment of hostility, manipulation, and even brutality toward reporters who are merely trying to do their jobs with integrity.

Governor Greg Abbott’s comment came after he signed a bill that reduces the fee for carrying a handgun in Texas. He then proceeded to the shooting range for target practice, and when he was done, displayed his target sheet to members of the press and said, “I’m gonna carry this around in case I see any reporters.” Demand a public apology from the governor for this inappropriate and dangerous joke.


Dear Governor Abbott,

Violence and threats toward journalists are not a joke. Mere days before you made a comment about scaring off reporters with the threat of shooting, a GOP House candidate was charged with assaulting a journalist. Your joke encourages and validates this kind of hostile environment.

As an elected official, you have a responsibility to the people you represent to serve their best interests, which does not include promoting a dangerous atmosphere condoning violence against the press — who are just trying to do their jobs and should not have to fear for their safety. I urge you to issue an apology for joking about shooting reporters.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Very inappropriate and tasteless indeed!!!

  2. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    we know violence was no joke.

  3. Completely unacceptable for an elected official. I’m disgusted with the current administration’s utter lack of decency or integrity. It’s beginning to look as if this is what we can expect from the corrupt Trump Republican administration. Which spawns hanouse situations and crimes like the stabbings in my home town of Portland, Oregon. 2 brave men, dead. Why? Trumps hateful agenda is to blame.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Sandra Seibel: You’re not showing much love or tolerance either, but I’m sure you will very graciously forgive yourself for such things! You mention the present administration’s utter lack of decency or integrity, but where was your rage when Hillary was getting Americans KILLED in Benghazi? Where was your rage when Hillary blew the cover of an American spy in Iran and caused him to be executed immediately? Where was your condemnation of the bullying that the Obama administration did in several instances, to American companies, using branches of our own government against us? You say NOTHING about any of the corruption that your precious liberals do, so just shut up if it’s just a political thing. This is our country and all of our LIVES that we’re dealing with! Let’s at least be fair about it.
      You childishly back bite Trump, but he has already accomplished more FOR this country than Obama did in his eight years. Get out of Trump’s way and let him get our country back to where we NEED to be; a LAW-ABIDING country where AMERICANS come FIRST; A country that honors our veterans instead of making them outcasts who are left to die before they can even get proper treatment!

      • Christine R says:

        Maurice Robison: We don’t “love” and “tolerate” hatred and bigotry, no, we do not. P.S.: You’re crazy.

        • Maurice Robison says:

          Christine R: The hatred and bigotry you refer to are the spin you ignorant liberals put on ENFORCING OUR LAWS and PROTECTING OUR CITIZENS! You’re about as anti-American as you can get.

          I went to war for our country, when others were running off to Canada or other countries. I and millions of other American veterans have fought for YOUR rights, but you’re too ignorant to be thankful. Instead, you leave veterans to die and you think that everything WE fought for is YOURS, and you think it’s so cool to give away everything we have, to illegals and others who continually state that they want to kill us. YOU tell ME who’s crazy! Self serving idiot!

      • Why don’t you shut the hell p. Trump is an absolute arse hole and this fuck should not have the power that has been given to this idiot who thinks he can run the world with his subnormal intellectual development who is considered unable to be educated. This fuck Trump is hopelessly, foolish and a senseless monster. This monster Trump will destroy everything that the American people have fought so hard for just to be thrown into the shit house. Trump is an ignoramus. An ignorant fuck.

        • Maurice Robison says:

          Bev Woodburn: If it wasn’t for profanity, you wouldn’t have much to say. Cuss words have absolutely no ability to sway anyone’s opinion. Quite to the contrary, they give the reader a definite impression they’re conversing with a complete idiot, although I doubt that you’re “complete” in anything.
          You whine about Trump having the power of the presidency, but he won the election, fair and square. That’s the American electoral process! That’s how it works snowflake! The vote of the electoral college is what determines the winner, so don’t whine about the popular vote, which was given by dead people, illegals and other people who didn’t even have the right to vote in the first place. Did you whine when Obama bought the presidency with his Obama phones and his allusions that he would help the poor black folks with their rent? He DIDN’T, but he still controlled the strings on those puppets for the second election. Some people are just slow learners. Many are still in denial that Obama is a Muslim who was actually plotting against our country and giving our tax dollars to our enemies that our military was and still is fighting.
          Think of how rich Trump would be if he had normal intellectual development! He’s only a billionaire now. I’m surprised that an idiot like you could even get those words into a posting.
          All of our politicians are so corrupt, greedy, money hungry and power hungry that none of them are fit for office.
          Actually, it’s you snowflakes who are working very hard to destroy everything that the American people, and specifically our military, of which I was a member, have fought so hard for, for so many years. You want to take the American dream, which is NOT yours for the giving, and giving it to ILLEGALS and people who continually swear that they will kill us. You’re all idiots and I will NOT shut up!

  4. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Such a despicable statement but what I’ve come to expect from Texas. It seems to exemplify the the mindset of the state government…in the 1800’s, the early 1800’s.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Paulette Mirfield: It was a JOKE that was much less offensive than some that liberals have told about republicans, so suck it up!

      When I think of all the damage reporters have done and continue to do to any republican, the reporters are making their own situation. They ignore any corruption that liberals do, but they vilify and intensify anything GOOD that republicans do.

      If the reporters don’t like the criticism, they should go back to REPORTING the news; not in making it up! I’m not from Texas, but most reporters DESERVE to be shot!

      • Christine R says:

        Maurice Robison: You are delusional. Get lost and go troll somewhere else.

        • Maurice Robison says:

          Christine R: Being delusional is a temporary condition. Unfortunately for you, Idiocy is permanent!

          I’m not trolling, I’m trying to see that the best interests of this country are attained, which won’t happen if it’s left to idiots like you. I took an oath to protect and defend this country and I will be found to that oath until the day I die. I fought for the right to be here or anywhere else I want to be. What have YOU ever done for this country?

  5. Jennifer Ferguson says:

    Tell the DEMOCRATIC Representative who put his hands on the Republican Representative and said to him “We’ll get you in the parking lot.” to SHUT UP AND QUIT physically and mentally threatening other people with a different opinion than his!! You are a bunch of THUGS!

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Jennifer Ferguson: What!!! They didn’t tell us the WHOLE story??? Isn’t that misleading? Who would ever have thought that such a democrat tool would do such a thing! (Wink! Wink!)

      • Christine R says:

        Maurice Robison: Go take your meds and stop harassing people on here.

        • Maurice Robison says:

          Only liberal idiots think that telling the truth is harassment! A healthy dose of RAT poison would probably cure you of that!

          I hate to see animals suffer, but I would have no problem watching a “stupid by choice” person like you convulse and die a slow and painful death!

  6. Greg Abbott is a blight on Texas.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      That’s YOUR opinion! Abraham Lincoln said it best with his lines concerning pleasing ALL the people ALL the time. You just can’t do it! Toughen up snowflake!

  7. Maurice Robison says:

    Laurie Pigeon: You see a stupid person every time you look in the mirror, so I can see why you would have sympathy on them, but I’m NOT a stupid person. I’m a person who has a real investment in this country. I earned my own way. Nobody just gave it to me, to give away to the scum of the earth, without even asking those who have sacrificed much to secure those things for the AMERICAN people. Not the Mexicans, not the Syrians or any other kind of Muslim.

    Republicans are the only ones who really care about this country, but even a few of them have been corrupted. You want to break our laws and become rich and powerful by stabbing your fellow countrymen in the back, but you’re too stupid to see that’s what you’re doing.

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