Stop Trump’s Plans to Slaughter Wild Horses

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Reverse plan to slaughter tens of thousands of wild American horses.

Wild horses and burros are at risk of being euthanized or sold for slaughter under Trump’s new budget. The budget would make significant cuts to the Bureau of Land Management, to the tune of about $10 million, or around an eighth of the organization’s entire budget. This will cut funding for programs that house and feed over 46,000 wild horses, and would also reduce funding for sterilization programs. The result will be that the BLM is forced to kill tens of thousands of horses.

Although slaughtering horses for consumption in America is illegal, horses can still be sold to Mexico or Canada for slaughter, which has happened in recent years.

Scientific evidence suggests that culling is not an effective means of population control, and cutting funding for sterilization programs will obviously not help the issue either.

While it is important that the government do its best to maintain the health of public land, killing horses is not a humane way to do so. If the government wants to control the population and reduce spending on horses, it should first escalate capture-sterilize-release programs as a long-term and effective method of population control. Sign the petition below to tell Trump that budget cuts to these programs are not only fiscally irresponsible, but they are incredibly inhumane.


Dear Mr. Trump,

Horses and burros are a classic part of the American landscape. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of them will soon be euthanized or sold for slaughter under your proposed budget. Your budget cuts would effect programs that feed the horses, give them land to live on, and sterilize them.

Although overpopulation is a danger to the environment, culling has been proven an ineffective means of population control, while removing funding for capture-sterilize-release programs will obviously not help. We, the undersigned, therefore ask you to choose a more long term and humane solution, such as more aggressive sterilization programs.


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Photo credit: BLM

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  1. lizzy jacobs says:

    His words : I’ll make America great again !
    No, he will America destroy !
    He only thinks in dollars , it’s just people like him who
    can give donations , but probable he find to use cruelty
    more importetant than to spend a little bit of his money
    so that everybody stays happy, animals and the people
    off America. Or is it only him happy with all off his money
    and making the rest unhappy ? Is he really such a person ?
    Trump, the butcher , what a bad and egoistic character !

  2. Thomas Lawler says:

    Ill behavior is not acceptable

  3. Please support the world of in addition to signing and sharing this petition.

  4. Very Trumpish and typically White Damn-Merican! Wild horses in America always remind me of American Indians and their miserable fate.

    • leave it to the white man he has to rule and kill everything what a wonderful continent this would be if the Indians ruled but them the white man has to kill him too.. and I’m white and shame shame on the uS to allow this to happen

  5. Dear Sir:
    You are All American – Wild Horses are part of the great America!
    Please show consideration!

    Promote Eco-Tourism, not mass destruction.

  6. Will Liam says:

    In 1933 the registered crown corporation of United States of America claimed bankruptcy and since has been living off “Indian” owned resources. Just over a month earlier (I may be wrong with date) 17/July/1933 the registered crown corporation of Canada claimed bankruptcy and also since then has been living off “Indian” owned resources. The governments of USA & Cda have allowed us(taxpayers)to believe our tax dollars have been paying for “Indian” schools, doctors, welfare, etc,etc, when in reality it’s been quite the reverse. The documents are out there. The internet is amazing.
    Also for them that choose to personalize that which is not directed at said “them” the word “cunt” is an English batardization of a Germanic(the New English is also Germanic) word kuntus. It does refer to a woman or a certain part of a woman’s anatomy. It translates to “useless person”. But because of the male dominated or “patriotic” mindset of the day and a very disrespectful view of woman we have bastardized it (the word) even more grossly. The person referring tonald drump as a cunt most likely thinks he/she is using it in context. The person who internalized “he/she”s language is most likely ignorant of what the word cunt originally means. That said I don’t think Trump a cunt from either views. One is for sure a woman’s privates are sure useful, babies, sex, peeing. The other, there is no such thing as a useful person. Even the vilest, most evil, selfish, greedy, egomaniacal, manipulative, abusive, powerhungry human on Earth is a very useful example of what we all should either put to death so it does not spread its filth or at the very we all should use this horrible example to teach our children what not to be and/or act like.
    All said it is the curse of the human being that we will see only that we wish, hear only that we wish thusly destroy our own habitat the was evolved/created for us to live in.

  7. Will Liam says:

    The governments of Cda & USA enacted a number of plans to annialate the Indian. The only that worked was “make the children cry”.
    They(govs) slaughtered an estimated 80 million North American Bison to starve the Indian into submission as well as to provide a market space for domestically raised meat sources. This also provided a space for wolf killers and Indian killers. These mercenaries got paid by the government agencies to do their “service to their country”.
    This sickening practice is still in effect today with the proposed horse slaughter and DAPL BlackSnake. That’s right USA, your Government is still unjustly improsoning and murdering “Indians”(1 of which was an 11 yr old girl playing on the ground…..with her dolls……in an open area….by herself).
    So yeah, your government is murdering children. Why should they be bothered by a few horses……..
    “Cunt” is by far not the word
    AntiChrist is more like it

  8. Our ‘president’ is akin to effluence from poisoned rivers.

  9. Mrs. Terrebonne says:

    The excuse that wild horses are overpopulating the federal lands and ruining the plant and water supplies is false. It is the enormous herds of commercial cattle companies that lease our taxpayer federal lands for pennies on the dollar that are ruining the plants and water supplies. The claims of the BLM and their committees on wild horse management are patently false.

  10. this is his way of making America great by killing one of America’s heritages his country was built on a horses back so think again Trump you wouldn’t have a country to be president in if it wasn’t for the horse to carry men across country in wagons carry him into battle and help build your railroads among lots of other things they’ve done for man. don’t do this terrible thing let them live

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