Tell Minor League Baseball Team to Cancel Cruel ‘Monkey Rodeo’

Target: City of Frederick, Frederick Keys Baseball General, Adam Pohl and Dave Ziedelis

Goal: To convince the Frederick Keys minor league baseball team to discontinue the monkey rodeo which abuses monkeys, doves and dogs and substitute it for a more humane alternative.

The Frederick Keys minor league baseball team plans on holding an event that includes harming many animals including Capuchin monkeys, doves, sheep and dogs. This event will be held in Frederick, Maryland and will take place on June 22 as one of the baseball team’s promotions. If this event is not canceled, many animals will be harmed and might even end up injured.

The event will include a monkey rodeo in which many Capuchin monkeys will be forced to wear ridiculous costumes and forced to be strapped to dogs who will run around herding sheep at the Harry Grove Stadium. This is very problematic and can cause a lot of damage to these animals. First of all, Capuchin monkeys are not accustomed to being around dogs, much less strapped to the backs of dogs running around like crazy. This will cause the monkeys to go into shock and to be stressed which can cause many problems for Capuchin monkeys. Capuchin monkeys are very calm animals who like to live in large groups and depend on each other to survive. These monkeys are very intelligent animals, are easily stressed, hypersensitive and enjoy living in trees.

These monkeys are being forced to do something against their will and if they do not perform in the way that they are being forced to perform, they are beaten and tortured. This is pure animal abuse and should be illegal and not allowed under any circumstances. The same thing will happen to the rest of the animals being forced to perform ridiculous acts. These animals are taken from their natural habitat and forced to do things that they are not supposed to do just so people can be entertained and so this baseball team will make more money.

These dogs, sheep and birds are also beaten and tortured into acting out these horrible performances. In most cases, animals that are forced to perform acts like these are found living in small, dirty, smelly cages and are not properly taken care of nor are they properly fed. It has been shown that many animals encaged like this have either suffered from diseases, died or unfortunately have suffered from both.

On July 1, this team also plans on holding a dove release. The doves that will be released will be forced to a life-threatening task of trying to find their way home in an unfamiliar place. It has been documented that birds used in releases often fly for days without eating or resting. They are frantically trying to find their way home and sadly succumb to starvation, dehydration and being attacked and killed by raptors.

According to PETA, “many people have called in who have found horribly injured or badly malnourished birds wearing bands.” The fact that these birds are found wearing bands represents that they were released from zoos or other places that keep birds against their will. Also according to PETA, the majority of bird releases are held and fueled by disreputable roadside zoos that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has accused of keeping animals in small, filthy and dilapidated enclosures which fail to provide proper veterinary care for the birds. This is terrifying and completely heart wrenching. Such treatment like this should not be allowed and is disgusting to think people would support this barbaric behavior. It is even more disgraceful that a baseball team, who many people are proud of and who many people look up to, would support this inhumane treatment of animals.

Please sign this petition to urge the city of Frederick and the Frederick Keys baseball team to cancel the monkey rodeo, the dove release and to end this horrible treatment of animals.


Dear City of Frederick, Frederick Keys Baseball General, Adam Pohl and Dave Ziedelis,

While your monkey rodeo and dove release may seem like a good idea to earn more money and a good idea to promote your team, it is actually a very bad idea that if you follow through with it, as it could harm and potentially injure the animals that you will be using. This is not a good way to promote your baseball team and using animals for entertainment, to make money off of them and hurting them in the process is a shameful thing to do.

I strongly urge you to stop using animals as entertainment and to stop the cruel animal acts that they are forced to endure. There are plenty of other ways to entertain your fans that do not include using animals. Please use a more humane alternative in place of the monkey rodeo and the dove release and please think of things that you can do in the future that do not include animals.


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  1. Animals are not toys. There is no excuse for any cruel treatment of any animals. Having such idea to make animals suffer you just teach people to maltreat animals and the people who are a bit weaker, minor or somethin else, who can not defend themselves. So you make your society even more cruel- when in bottom you do not tolerate yourselves or sombody near you. Whom you hate, think about it! Do not make others to suffer, DON`T BE MENTAL LETHAL VIRUS/ Do not poison minds of children by this terrible treatment of animals!

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