Don’t Deny Women Access to Safe Abortions

Target: John Whitmire, Texas State Senator

Goal: Don’t support a bill that would completely ban and criminalize safe abortions after 14 weeks.

The state of Texas is already one of the most restrictive when it comes to access to safe abortions, while also having the highest maternal mortality rates found anywhere in the developed world. The state of reproductive rights and maternal care for women in Texas may soon be further decimated by a slew of recently proposed anti-abortion legislation.

Part of the new proposed bill would completely ban Dilation and Evacuation (D & E) abortions, which are considered to be the safest form of abortion for women past the first trimester. Lawmakers such as Representatives Tony Tinderholt and Stephanie Klick inaccurately used non-medical jargon to describe this procedure as a “partial birth abortion,” declaring that unborn children are “drawn and quartered” using this method. Both accusations are entirely untrue.

Rep. Tinderholt went as far as to compare abortion rights with animal cruelty, stating that animals are being given higher priority than the life of a human being, and that he hoped this bill would “force” women to be more “personally responsible” when it comes to sex.

Under this absurd legislation, healthcare providers or anyone else who assists a woman in getting a banned form of abortion could be charged with a state felony. Even people who offer to drive a woman to an abortion clinic could potentially be imprisoned should this outrageous proposal become law.

If this bill passes, it is likely that women will seek unsafe abortions with potentially life-threatening consequences, or that those surrounding them could face criminal charges. Sign this petition to demand that the Texas State Senate reject this vicious and cruel piece of legislation.


Dear Senator Whitmire,

Ever since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 granted women the right to seek an abortion in the U.S., there have been those who have sought to restrict women’s reproductive rights in the misguided hope that somehow it will end all abortion attempts. History and common sense both indicate that this is not the case.

The recent bill passed in the Texas House, Senate Bill 8, is another such attempt to restrict safe access to abortion and to criminalize anyone who might try to help a woman obtain a safe abortion after her first trimester. Should this bill pass, it is very likely that women’s lives will be put at risk.

I urge you to vote against this bill and protect women’s rights in Texas.


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Photo Credit: Lorie Shaull

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  1. Not signing this petition.
    I disagree with many actions that legislators take, but I do agree with them on this issue.
    D&E abortions may not be “drawing and quartering”, but there are similarities. In a D&E abortion, the baby is dismembered in the mother’s womb. I won’t go into any more detail, it’s so gruesome. Please look it up yourself.
    Comparing abortions to animal cruelty is fair. What we should and would not do to an animal, we should not do to a human being. Especially a tiny wee helpless one in his or her mother’s womb. Please think about this and research D&E abortions.

  2. Paulette Mirfield says:

    I remember the “good ‘ol days” where women were shamed and pointed out and the men were given a slap on the back with a sly grin. By all means, force a woman to carry a fetus to term when a she cannot afford to care for the ones she already has..then condemn her for having too many kids. Too many misinformed people think it’s a decision come to lightly and it isn’t. Be sure to cut off birth control too so women are forced to abstinence but make sure there’s enough Viagra available for men. Attention folks! This is the 21st century, not the 20th!!

    • Women are not, in some ways, better off now than before. Those who have abortions are participating in the murder of their own babies. Many women feel terrible about it afterwards. There is help available for women in distress over abortions they’ve had.
      Men and women both have a responsibility to use reliable birth control BEFORE a baby arrives on the scene. Abortion is the cruel murder of a baby and should not be used as a form of birth control.
      I am not advocating a return to past oppression of women. I am advocating responsible birth control and family planning, that does not include the killing of a child.
      It’s important that people understand what abortion really is. Do we really want to kill our children?

    • You said it, Paulette.

      And let’s not forget all those “back alleyway” hack-job abortions of the “good ‘ol days” that left women with damaged innards for life!…not to mention that these were ALSO often forced upon women BY THEIR OWN HUSBANDS, who were happy to use their wives as sex objects, but didn’t want more kids as a result!

      I think we may need to instead re-introduce the idea of eunuchs if men don’t want to change their flawed ‘thinking.’

  3. Ginger Neimo says:

    Abortion is MURDER.Just because a baby does not take its first breath does not mean it is not a living thing.Yes we are in the 21st century and so why are woman getting pregnant when they can take precautions.Millions of men and woman have sex and stop before that so called seed is planted. Sick of so many woman getting abortions and treating it like its nothing,and go to get a abortion, just as if they were going to do their nails. Maybe keeping legs crossed will help if the above cannot be met.

  4. “Rep. Tinderholt went as far as to compare abortion rights with animal cruelty, stating that animals are being given higher priority than the life of a human being, and that he hoped this bill would “force” women to be more “personally responsible” when it comes to sex.”

    Where does this jerk get off, claiming other species are getting “higher priority” than humans, when MILLIONS of unwanted, ALREADY-GROWN AND EXISTING animals per year are being MURDERED for convenience in so-called “shelters”?!?! (for just ONE example)

    And how DARE anyone try and take away a female’s right and power to choose to NOT bring another life form into this already over-populated, unsustainable world, or to CONTINUE to subjugate females as a whole?!

    And do not dare talk to me about WOMEN being more “personally responsible” about sexual conduct, when most men can’t even keep it in their pants, refuse to get “snipped” (the easier, safer operation), are classically KNOWN to be the most prolific cheaters all throughout history and STILL at present, and women are raped then BLAMED for it by these misogynistic, narcissistic MALES running rampant everywhere!! You MEN are the ones who need to OWN and accept RESPONSIBILITY for all YOUR countless failings that destroy lives in all manner of ways!!!

    And all you women who ENABLE men in these disgusting mindsets are equally twisted, allowing yourselves to be so ridiculously brainwashed!

  5. I wonder why pro-abortionists keep ignoring the fact that there is contraception available. Women need not get pregnant now if they don’t want to. Women and men can, and should, use reliable contraception, or women can get their tubes tied and/or men get vasectomies.
    As well, pro-abortionists seem to avoid the issue that abortion is the murder of a child. How about discussing that? How about watching/reading the stories told by ex-abortonists, and facing up to the fact that abortion is killing.
    Yes, women have been oppressed by men, and in many countries unfortunately still are. Women in first world countries are generally quite liberated now and should take responsibility, along with their men, and use reliable birth control.


    • Every woman has the choice and the right to do what she wants with her own body, I totally agree. But when a woman is pregnant, there are two bodies involved, not just one. The baby’s body and the mother’s body.
      The question is then: Does the mother have the right to do whatever she wants with the baby’s body? Does she have the right to kill the baby? Does she or anyone else have the right to take an innocent little girl or boy’s life? To prevent that little child from ever having a chance at life?
      Does she own the baby? Or is the baby a person with her or his own rights? And with the right to have her or his own life?

  7. Julie Bates says:

    Ah MEN the ass holes again…they can rape,have viagra bullie, swear, and a woman can’t have an abortion ???? What the fuck NO WONDER THE BIBLE DEGRADED MARY MAGADALINE. …Jesus had her as his right hand…disagree all u want…truth never changes…

    • Men’s oppression of women throughout history is horrendous and inexcusable. This is fortunately changing and women are in many countries coming out from under that oppression.
      I want to say that abortion should have no part in the liberation of women, because abortion is itself oppression. To come out from under that abuse of men and to in turn abuse innocent babies by murdering them is not acceptable. In fact it’s horrific in itself. Women need to own themselves and run their own lives. But let’s not become killers in the process.

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