Don’t Allow the Legalized Shooting of Police Officers in Indiana

Target: The Indiana State Government

Goal: Don’t allow the use of deadly force against police officers believed to be “unlawfully intruding” on private property.

In early 2012, the state of Indiana amended its self-defense law to cover the shooting of police officers believed to be “unlawfully intruding” on private property. This law is intended to protect citizens from police acting outside of the law – the example given by the supporters was a police officer committing rape in uniform – but the results will likely be very dangerous to police.

While it is simply common sense that citizens should be able defend themselves against police officers who are breaking the law and mean to harm them, this law will lead to good police officers being harmed. The true danger to this law is not to police officers who are acting illegally, but rather to those who are simply making a mistake or who encounter an irrational individual.

Under this law, if a police officer receives a warrant which has an error, sending them to the wrong house, it is entirely possible that they could be legally shot and killed. This law has no allowances for reasonable errors and will likely result in the shooting of police officers by paranoid individuals.

Beyond the possibility for mistakes, irrational individuals could use this law to justify their violence against police officers. With the massive increases in gun ownership and anti-government rhetoric in recent years, this is not the time to make it more attractive to deranged individuals to commit violence against police officers doing their duties.

Sign this petition to send a message to the Indiana state government that the new self-defense law is not acceptable and must be changed. Police officers are an integral part of a functioning society and should not have to face the prospect of being legally executed if they make a simple mistake or encounter an irrational individual.


Dear Indiana State Government,

Recent changes to Indiana state self-defense law endanger the lives of police officers doing their duties within your state. The amended self-defense laws in Indiana allow for individuals to use lethal force against police officers who the individual believes to be illegally entering their property.

While well-intentioned, this law will lead to police officers being killed by mistake, or by irrational individuals. Police officers occasionally illegally enter residences by accident and without any ill-intent — sometimes police are mistaken in believing exigent circumstances are present (everything obtained by these mistakes is thrown out in court), or just go to the wrong residence due to clerical errors. Police who accidentally enter private property without cause could very likely be killed with no consequences.

In addition to mistakes by police leading to shootings, irrational individuals may utilize the self-defense statute to kill police officers who are actually doing their duties. In the recent spate of “self-defense” shootings across the country (for example, Trayvon Martin), we see a very real problem of people shooting first and asking questions later. Adding police officers to the pool of people who may be targeted by gun owners with itchy trigger fingers is simply not fair to our civil servants.

I, as well as everybody else to sign this petition, implore you to repeal the changes made to Indiana self-defense law and help protect police from being legally shot at. While well-intentioned, this law will likely result in the shooting of good police officers — officers who are simply trying to protect society from those who mean to harm others.


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  1. The law should be read carefully and heeded by LEOs. This law is fair. This law is just. Reasonable and law-abiding LEOs can still defend themselves in the same ways they do already.

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