Reduce Meat Consumption to Combat Climate Change

Target: Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director General, World Health Organization

Goal: Reduce global carbon emissions from large confined animal feeding operations.

Rising global demand for meat is fueling an increase in greenhouse gas emissions associated with factory farm production. The World Health Organization projects that the continued emergence of developing countries such as China will drive a nearly 60 percent increase in meat consumption by 2030.

Confined animal feed operations already account for a significant amount of global carbon emissions. According to a study conducted by the United Nations, over 14 percent of human generated carbon and 37 percent of methane emissions are directly attributable to industrialized animal farming. Mass deforestation to accommodate these growing operations leads to the release of several billion tons in additional carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Increased meat consumption is expected to place a greater burden on public health. The World Health Organization has classified red meat such as beef and pork as a ‘probable’ carcinogen in humans. Research conducted by the World Health Organization has found a direct link between processed meat, such as hot dogs, and colorectal cancer. Further studies estimate 30,000 premature deaths globally each year are attributable to diets high in processed meat. In addition to increased risk of chronic disease, consumption of meat produced on factory farms can expose humans to high levels of antibiotics and decreasing their effectiveness in fighting bacterial illnesses.

There is a well-supported basis to advocate for reduced global meat consumption. Please sign the below petition calling on the World Health Organization to use its unique position as a far reaching public health authority to spread that message.


Dear Director General Ghebreyesus,

I am writing to urge that the World Health Organization advocate for reduced global meat consumption. The WHO classifies red meat as a likely carcinogen in humans and by its own estimate, excessive meat consumption is responsible for 30,000 premature deaths each year.

Large-scale feed animal production contributes directly to climate change through substantial greenhouse gas emissions. Over 14 percent of carbon and 37 percent of methane emissions are attributable to industrialized farming. These numbers are almost certain to increase dramatically as demand for meat is projected to be 60 percent higher than current levels by 2030.

The World Health Organization is in a unique position as a respected global public health authority to act as a conduit for the well-supported message, that reduced meat consumption will benefit human health and combat climate change.


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Photo Credit: United States Geological Survey

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  1. Let us not forget that LESS animals will suffer the horrific conditions in factory farming! Mass deforestation destroys the habitat for millions of innocent wild animals as well. It’s also a blight on the landscape which ends up being destroyed!!!

    • Yes, factory farming is a cruel, sadistic business, causing the suffering, torture and deaths of billions of farm animals, AND wildlife as you say. The habit of eating animals is massively harming animals, people and the earth.

  2. Please watch Cowspiracy.

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    A vegan diet is better for your health, the planet, and especially better for the animals!!!

  4. michelle taylor says:

    Become vegan.I advocate that we exterminate and munch on the flesh of each and every POS muslim scumbag instead of animals.

    • Gigi Middlebrook says:

      I stopped eating lamb, beef, ham and bacon years ago after seeing the torture of these intelligent animals by factory farms. It is despicable and we could eradicate a lot of global warming if we could stop eating pork and shut the factory farms down. Each pig factory farm has a VERY large area that is toxic waste from the pigs which poisons the land and the people that live around these farms. Please stop eating meat and supporting this horrendous farming.

    • Gigi Middlebrook says:

      That is not going to help our cause by you attacking a another religion. So leave out the attacks and just fight for the animals. Please.


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