Stop Sucking Blood From Pregnant Horses to Induce Fertility in Pigs

Target: Bernhard Url, executive director of the European Food Safety Authority

Goal: Ban the importation of meat products linked to equine chorionic gonadotropin extraction.

Pregnant horses are held captive in “vampire farms,” where they are hooked up to tubes that forcibly extract their blood. This horrific practice must be stopped.

Pregnant horses have long been used for some pretty horrific purposes. We’ve seen how they’ve been exploited for their urine by big pharmaceutical companies, not to mention cases where they’ve been killed for their fetuses. Now, industrial farmers have found a new way to torment mares: by literally sucking their blood. Recently released footage from the Swiss/German NGO, the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF), shows mares being hooked up to blood extraction machines on factory farms. The blood of pregnant horses contains a rare hormone, equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG), which can be used to manipulate the breeding cycles of other animals. Once extracted, the hormone is then sold to European farmers to force “pigs who just gave birth to go right back into heat.”

In other words, big factory farms have figured out they can suck the blood of pregnant horses, and inject an extract of that blood into pigs so they can be forced to constantly give birth.

If you think it can’t possibly get worse, then you might want to think again:

The mares are regularly being given abortions without painkillers, so they can keep getting pregnant, and thus constantly producing the hormone.

The footage shows weakened mares being beaten by farmers, with the weakest being left to die in agony. The vampire farms are mostly located in South America; but as mentioned, the hormone itself is largely exported to European pig farmers.

Through this supply chain, the industry quietly sidesteps European regulations on animal treatment, with the mares themselves being located on the other side of the world. Nonetheless, this doesn’t change the fact that in the end, it’s European consumers who are left with pork produced through this grizzly process.

We therefore urge the European Food Safety Authority to crack down on this practice, and ban the use of this hormone in farms.


Dear Mr. Url,

European pig farmers are using a controversial hormone extracted in a brutal manner from horses, and it’s time for it to stop. According to the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF), South American farms extract the fertility hormone equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) from pregnant mares, then sell it to European farmers. The extraction process is the stuff of nightmares; mares are packed into crowded factory farms, then hooked up to blood machines for long stretches. Animal rights campaigners say these machines can extract as much as 11 liters of blood in a single setting, and this can go on for week after week, month after month. The mares that become too weak to stand are beaten, with some eventually being left to die, according to the AWF.

It’s hard to imagine how such a practice could be tolerated within the European Union. Indeed, most of these so-called “vampire farms” are located in Uruguay and Argentina. The eCG hormone is later exported to Europe, where it can be used to put sows back into heat almost immediately after giving birth.

This entire, disturbing process needs to end. Although the balk of the nightmare takes place outside the E.U., it’s European pig farmers who benefit. Likewise, it’s European consumers who eventually end up with pork products made using this disturbing practice.

As head of the EFSA, we therefore urge you to endorse a ban on the importation of eCG. We can no longer be blind to the horrors that fuel the European pig industry, and it’s time for an end to this inhumane system.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: AWF

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  1. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Sounds like things the Nazis did – and they were caught and hanged.

  2. Despicable. Humans are masters of cruelty and evil! How can you even like them?

  3. Stop & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!

    BARBARIC, GREED AND BRAINLESS and not able to think human, this is worse scum and deserves not to live within civilized societies.

    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be banned on an island for their whole lives! Or not?

  4. this abuse needs to be stopped. The European Food Authority needs to be
    punished by law. This is barbaric and calloused and only done for greed and
    nothing else. Strict laws needs to be made and enforced. People who do this
    are scumbags that are sadist and need to be stopped. All farms need to be
    shut down and fined heavily. These scumbags blood needs to be drained and
    then allowed to die. They need to be put in solitary confinement for the rest
    of their lives with no privileges whatsoever.

  5. I feel ashamed of humans and when I try to tell people about such cases of Animal abuse and cruelty people just don’t care and make fun of me for caring about them and I have become a vegan since some months and they deliberately try to eat meat to tease me
    I really feel Animals are much better than humans

  6. Elaine Milbourn says:

    This sounds like something from a horror story and we are meant to be civilised human beings? Absolutely sickening.

  7. Beth Marie says:

    Bernhard Url is a veterinarian!?? Does Dr. URL have zero empathy for these animals, it’s unacceptable. Spread the news, this barbaric practice must be stopped. The European Food Authority should be investigated, charged with animal cruelty. This is insanity. What is wrong with these people.

    • This is so true and so very sad. They definitely should be charged. People are very sick and evil today.

  8. ihr sollt verrotten in der hölle – sofort
    it is very difficult my true feelings and thoughts to describe here.
    it is not possible with just a few words to comment on such an exorbitant animal cruelty emotionally or to be / judge.
    I know you should not judge, but to this fiendish, insane in unbearably high degree and not tolerable, in a barbaric and infernal animal torments followed by series animal mass-murdering, it is very difficult to find the right words,
    Because my heart cries and I have to puke.
    afflict animals and kill other animals live in large mass to generate such monstrous evil have these human animal killer be (money power hungry and angry) that come to this barbaric thoughts and make this bloody deed or rendered, whether by human animal killer.
    killer without heart and emotions.
    you shall rot in hell – immediately
    pitifully of great atrocity, Noxious

  9. Jacinta Copeland says:

    FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHEN WILL ALL THIS ANIMAL ABUSE STOP?! This is absolutely insane and wrong!!! We are far from above animals. All the terrible things I read, I think they are above us.

  10. The human race and the lengths we go to to exhort other species is just beyond words.
    Intelligent race are we ?? Not very – we are more cruel even though we are supposedly more intelligent. Intelligence has certainly not made us a nicer species.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Piece of sh!t bastards❗️😠
    Signed & sharing😡

  12. Evil swine how could anyone be ok with this horror .. some folk may stop eating meat at least not everyday small things can make a big change that and sign and keep n signing such petitions as this..
    To Sony those whom laugh first always end up keep saying your piece God bless!

  13. People who ARE STILL..HUMANS< which I'm beginning to believe are NOT the Majority..but those of US Who Are, need to MAKE & HOLD RESPONSIBLE the ACTS OF TORTURE, CRUELTY, ABUSE & NEGLECT OF ALL THE SPECIES, WHO ARE UNABLE TO DEFEND, HELP, PROTECT & TELL..FOR THEIR OWN SURVIVAL..USED FOR MORE DISGUSTING PURPOSES AFTER ANOTHER..WE AS A SO-CALLED..HUMAN RACE?? ARE NOT AT ALL..HUMANE TO OTHER SPECIES Much Less Our OWN, But Especially to those who are totally HELPLESS, & DEFENSELESS & Without a VOICE TO TELL OR TO SCREAM OR TO SAVE..THEMSELVES..The MORE SADISTIC & BARBARIC & CRUEL WE HAVE BECOME, the MORE WE HAVE TO "PAY FOR"..One Way or ANOTHER..& SO Will the Next Generations..I Continue to become More & More Disgusted at the CRIMES AGAINST THE HELPLESS, & DEFENSELESS..Especially the Children & ALL The ANIMALS..Disgusting, More & More Disgusting. IF WE ARE "BREEDING THESE BEASTS, & NO NOT..Talking about the ANIMALS, I'm talking about the so-called HUMANS Who are Obviously NOT..Human at all..they've Morphed into SADISTIC, BARBARIC, NO SOUL, NO HEART, NO COMPASSION, NO CONSCIENCE, Just GREEDY & VOID of The BASICS..a Heart..& ANY Emotions of GUILT For THE CRUELTY THEY INFLICT & THE LIVES & TORTURE THEY Continue to Commit, ALL CRIMES AGAINST ..NATURE ITSELF. WE WILL Pay the Price..Someday for NOT Taking ACTION..For Always looking the other..way. These animals, all BEINGS, Deserve to be Treated like the Treasures They Are, Not Worse than the GARBAGE WE THROW AWAY. SO they HIDE this & I'm Sure Other CRIMES in the South Ameruca's, I'm sure, Since in the RURAL Areas of ALL COUNTRIES, & Some NOT SO RURAL, ANIMALS & PEOPLE Are Routinely TORTURED, & Worse..again, someday..

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