Stop Cruel Monkey Rodeo

Target: Fernando Aguirre, Owner of the Erie SeaWolves

Goal: Cancel cruel “cowboy monkey rodeo.”

A minor-league baseball team, the Erie SeaWolves, is planning on hosting a “cowboy monkey rodeo” in which a small monkey is strapped onto a dog who sprints around a track. It is a terrifying ordeal for the animals involved.

During a “monkey rodeo,” a capuchin monkey is strapped to a dog who is trained to sprint, stop suddenly, and make quick turns. These jerky movements are painful for the monkey and can cause serious injury. In addition, this event is held in an overcrowded, loud stadium which only makes things more stressful. Wild Thang Productions, the company that operates the rodeo, has been cited numerous times by the USDA for violating the Animal Welfare Act.

Sign this petition and demand the Erie SeaWolves cancel its plans with Wild Thang Productions. These monkeys belong in the wild, not in cages and baseball stadiums.


Dear Mr. Aguirre,

Your baseball team, the Erie SeaWolves, is planning on hosting a “cowboy monkey rodeo.” This event is terrifying and painful for the monkeys, and I urge you to cancel this event.

During a “cowboy monkey rodeo,” a capuchin monkey is strapped onto a dog who runs around the stadium. The dog sprints, makes quick turns, and stops suddenly. These jerky movements are incredibly painful and can cause serious physical injuries. The event is incredibly stressful and causes severe mental trauma due to the excessive noise, lack of control, and the large crowd. The company which operates the rodeo, Wild Thang Productions, has been cited by the USDA numerous times for violating the Animal Welfare Act, including by not providing proper shelter for the animals and failing to clean their living space.

Please consider canceling your plans with Wild Thang Productions. These animals belong in the wild, swinging from trees and soaking up sunshine. Instead they are caged and forced to put on scary performances for human entertainment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: KellyK

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:


  2. Wild Thang Productions has a record of violating the Animal Welfare Act. Why has it not been shut down?
    And by hosting this cruel monkey rodeo, this baseball team is promoting and perpetuating animal cruelty, as well as teaching it’s child baseball players that animal cruelty is ok and fun. Disgusting.

  3. Clearly, the USDA is a failure! If Wild Thang Productions ignored their warning once, than it must be shut down for good the second time!
    Thang is Vietnamese – what else can I say….Asian abusers. Even if they are born in the USA their abusive, non-caring genes seems to persist!
    Activists don’t stop protesting! Animals are not entertainment tools for a bored society!

  4. What a tiny minded idea! Whoever thought of this ridiculous so called entertainment needs a boot up the backside and a brain transplant. What’s so amusing about terrifying small animals? You really are pathetic. Why don’t you grow up and attempt to be men instead of morons?

  5. Patricia Dumais says:

    All ‘rodeos’ are animal cruelty.

  6. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    From my experience in Jr High and High School, a lot of the jocks enjoyed pulling cruel pranks on shy/”different” kids, and anyone new on the team. Please grow up, and leave the animals out of it.

  7. Lynne Cameron says:

    Only people with the mentality of a brick could find his entertaining. Sick, evil deranged morons. Give me animals any day. People suck.

  8. What is wrong with these people! Outlaw this horrendous animal cruelty

    WHO IS IT?

    Stop & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!
    BARBARIC, GREED AND BRAINLESS and not able to think human?
    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be banned on an island for their whole lives! Or not?

    It’s time hold all those responsible for authorizing and overseeing the implementation of torture against fellow EARTH inhabitants & creatures accountable. A special prosecutor is the most comprehensive way to do that.  

  10. I would also like to burn this whole pack of animals alive and torment a lot more to death. It is no longer enduring like these poor animals must suffer. These are all feeling cripples of these monstermen.
    They should be extinguished. So much exorbitant brutality and absolute cruelty is no longer to be surpassed.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & sharing

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