Take Toxic Chemicals Out of Household Cleaners

Target: Rakesh Kapoor, CEO of Reckitt Benckiser LLC, makers of Lysol

Goal: Make homes safer for children and pets by removing toxic ingredients from Lysol.

Lysol is intended to help people feel clean and fresh after using it in their homes, and contribute to a healthy environment. The label even says that it kills 99.9% of germs, but there are ingredients in Lysol that are harmful to people, especially children, and to animals. Phenol is both toxic and corrosive, and has led to death when ingested by mistake. When it comes to something people are literally rubbing on the surfaces in their homes, we have a right to demand that all ingredients are safe.

Phenol is a white powder with a hospital-like smell and it can be absorbed through inhalation or skin contact. If it comes into contact with skin at high enough concentrations, the person will be lucky to only suffer from severe burns and numbness. Some of the other effects include coma and death. If it gets into a person’s eyes it can lead to permanent blindness, and when ingested can cause convulsion and shock. These are unlikely to happen from contact with Lysol, but inhalation is almost guaranteed when it is used as a cleaning solution. Inhaling phenol can lead to nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Sign this petition to take dangerous chemicals out of Lysol products.


Dear Mr. Kapoor

I recently found out that Lysol cleaning products contain phenol, a harmful corrosive substance commonly used as a disinfectant. Phenol is very flammable and has been proven to be dangerous. Inhalation can lead to vomiting, sore throat, and unconsciousness. This is not the kind of substance people want in their homes, especially since it’s unsafe for pets as well. Cats are particularly sensitive to it, and they can suffer from paralysis, seizures, liver failure and eventually death after phenol builds up in their system enough.

The CDC recommends to avoid inhalation of phenol mist, and to wear protective gloves when touching it with your skin. It’s unlikely that most people are taking proper precautions when spraying Lysol or wiping down their furniture with it. I know that most people would prefer for any cleaning products they use in their home to be safe for them and their pets. The fresh lemony scent is not worth our health. Please discontinue the use of phenol in Lysol products, for the health of consumers.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no more toxins!

  2. Carol Green says:

    What is worse is that they still use animals for testing their toxic products. They know all the effects their products “may” or “can” do because they’ve killed or maimed plenty of dogs, monkeys, rats, etc. in the testing of their poisonous garbage. I only use distilled vinegar and water for cleaning surfaces around the house. I’d rather smell vinegar for a short time (the smell dissipates quickly enough) than smell “hospital” for several hours (or at all).

    • Imagine how much the animals tested suffered and continue to suffer. I’m afraid that petitions to “ensure” toxic crap is safe will result in MORE testing! There are plenty bio natural vegan products out there but people are lazy and just want convenience!

  3. Denise Kastner says:

    Not only are these harsh chemicals harmful to humans and animals, pet birds are especially in danger. Birds die every day from respiratory failure due to fumes and odors from chemicals. A short list: Teflon coated cookware, candles, perfume, hair spray, Freebreeze, plug in air freshener………. if it kills them what does it do to us and our pets in the long run. I use diluted vinegar. It kills all bacteria except Staph. We are too germ phobic which has caused MRSA.


  5. ditch all toxic chmeiclas now.

  6. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Ha,ha,ha don’t worry we all are going the most right way to kill ourselfs anyway…
    The tonnes of chemicals been produced every each day speak by themself and don’t let for doubts of anybody that the crazy world of people who don’t care about anything and always have underestimated the natural life on this planet!

  7. Aside from that, you are testing on animals, and for that reason, I will never buy your products. I will continue to buy cruelty-free products such as Mrs. Meyer’s, or use items such as vinegar and water.

    • Katja Budliger says:

      I do the same. (We don’t have Mrs. Meyer’s here in Switzerland, but also cruelty-free products.)

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared

  9. Patricia Dumais says:

    If it can poison you if you swallow it then you should not use it around your home.

  10. Barbara Gyoerfi says:

    Why people simply don’t stop using household cleaners? Lemon and vinegar clean most of things. It’s natural, and people who don’t use cleaners, have much less allergies.

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