Mandate Jail Time for Animal Cruelty Cases

Target: U.S. Senate

Goal: Make jail time mandatory for animal cruelty offenders.

Animal cruelty and abuse has become an epidemic in the United States. Lawmakers fail to see the severity of this problem, and our judiciary takes an equally lax stance to punishing animal abusers nationwide. We must make jail time mandatory for all animal cruelty offenders, in order to deter more citizens from hurting animals.

Animal cruelty needs to be updated to a felony. A slap on the wrist by prosecutors only sends the message that it is okay to torture, rape, mutilate or kill innocent animals. Statistics prove a strong correlation between animal cruelty and violent crimes against people. Most serial killers’ original violent tendencies started with torturing animals. The people who commit these kinds of crimes are a real danger to society.

Incarceration is not just a punishment, it is a means to prevent a criminal from committing more crimes. A means to rehabilitate him or her. And with such a strong correlation between animal cruelty and later crimes against humans, this period to prevent future crime is critical. Some may suggest that making animal cruelty a felony would equate animals to humans. This is not true. Instead, making animal cruelty a felony would force courts to ask when they rule in an animal cruelty case: What kind of person would hurt a defenseless animal, and what else might they be capable of?

We must make jail time the minimum punishment for animal cruelty cases.


Dear U.S. Senate,

Animal cruelty is strongly correlated with later crimes against humans. Relaxed sentences against animal cruelty cases teaches these offenders that it’s ok to hurt defenseless animals. These are the same people who statistics show will go on to rape, torture, and murder human beings. The people who commit these type of crimes pose a sincere danger to our society. And incarceration for these offenders allows us to prevent future crimes from these individuals, and even rehabilitate them. Jail time must be made the minimum punishment for animal cruelty cases.


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  1. debby rodrigues says:

    Humans are embarrassing

  2. The petition should be re-formatted to start with the relevant statement that Congress might actually care about: Statistics prove a strong correlation between animal cruelty and violent crimes against people. And cite your sources, or find some related literature.

    All proposals that are seriously considered have strong rationale. Even though it seems to go without saying that violent criminal behavior should be severely punished there seem to be many (broken) people who find it irrelevant when it doesn’t pertain to them. Likewise, our lawmakers are like so many others that want to believe that humankind is unique, exceptional and exempt, despite the constant empirical evidence to the contrary. Make them understand that what goes on in their communities effects them. And that abuse is a cycle that doesn’t end on its own.

  3. Demorou muito tempo pra começarem a defender os animais, quantos já sofreram e continuam sofrendo crueldades sem tamanho e sem explicação??? Até quando??? CHEGA, BASTA…

  4. Stephanie says:

    The human race will never advance until living things that cannot defend themselves will be able to depend on the supposed superior intelligence of the human mind to care for them. If laws were to make it crystal clear that all life is to be respected.. including, pets and animals, it is then common sense to realize that the result would be enhanced repaect for children, elderely etc. Animal abuse of any nature should have mandated jail time, and counseling. Until we learn how to treat the most defenseless of creatures with respect, we will never get the message that there is no excuse for any type of abuse towards any living thing.

  5. Daniela Bress says:

    Death penalty for all „fun“-murderers regardless of wether their victims have two or four legs, fur, skin or feathers – the unsolvable and not treatable problem is their pleasure in tormenting and killing, such people even have more fun with human victims; the only reason why some of them just take animals for their pleasure is their fear of a prison sentence.

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