Cop Who Body Slammed 12-Year-Old Girl Must be Fired

Target: Michael Hinojosa, Dallas Independent School District Superintendent

Goal: Fire school police officer who broke a young girl’s clavicle after body slamming and pepper spraying her.

A school police officer was captured on camera body slamming a 12-year-old girl so violently that he broke the child’s clavicle. Mariana Benton had gotten in a school yard fight with another female student. After the fight was broken up and ended, the officer grabbed Benton, lifted her into the air and slammed her small body onto the ground. In the video, after being body slammed, the victim is seen lying almost lifelessly still as the officer handcuffs her. Benton says that the officer also pepper sprayed her in the eyes. She told news outlets “I couldn’t open my eyes because it was burning me.” Despite this extreme violence against a defenseless 12-year-old girl, the officer was only placed on administrative leave. The school district have refused to release the officer’s name, something that’s common in cases where the officer isn’t going to be penalized.

This incident should’ve been handled in a manner that didn’t result in severe injuries to the children involved. The fight was already over and the officer decided to introduce new violence into the situation. It’s appalling that this officer could be left in the school system to put more young children at risk. Please sign this petition demanding that the officer be fired permanently, if guilty.


Dear Mr. Hinojosa,

A school police officer body slammed a 12-year-old girl, breaking her clavicle. According to the little girl, the officer also pepper sprayed her in the eyes. This violence all took place after a school yard fight involving the girl had already been broken up.

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to put the safety and well-being of these young children first. Please see to it that this school officer is fired for using such extreme force against this young student.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: BET

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  1. Jerry Marz says:

    First when did this happen second what lead up to this, let’s get the whole story, granted he shouldn’t have done things the way he did unless there was a real reason, why did he feel the need for handcuffs? Kids now a days can do some really weird things example was there a knife involved? As someone else said this was a year ago…why now….are liberals just trying to start trouble? I personally am sick and tired of all this BS , He did this she said that who gives a heck we’ve been living like this for years and years, we all got along to a point. Let’s quit this snowflake crap, grow up. All our grandparents got along, now we have socialists starting trouble where there really isn’t any. There will always be disagreements ,let’s keep them under control . Don’t let the trouble makers run our lives or how we think and act, the people of this country are better than that! What ever color you are God Bless.

    • Right. Cop attacks viciously 12 yr. log girl. No trouble at all. Right.

    • Now just to get this right. He is not a police officer, he is a undisciplined psychopathic security man working for a school. He is on film lifting a 12 year old girl into the air & slamming her into the ground. Anyone who does this to an unarmed child should be charged by the real police who are properly vetted & trained. I cannot believe that you are actually defending these actions. What if that were your child.

    • Trish Ryan says:

      “He shouldn’t have done things the way he did unless there was a real reason”???? Are you fucking kidding me? When is there EVER a reason to do that to a 12 year old girl Jerry? What kind of fucking abuser are you? Social Services should be watching your ass!

    • Al Ridley says:

      You end this ridiculous rant by saying “God bless”? You are a complete idiot. Liberals trying to stir up trouble? Give me a break. “Snowflake”? Try having an original thought for once in your life you parrot.

  2. Theda J Gallegos says:

    I think we need more information also. If it’s on video then it should be shown. Have not seen this in the news at all! So much fake news going around the last couple of years. We do need more information then what you have provided!

  3. micaela montgomery says:

    This appears to have occurred a few days ago in Dallas. There is a grainy cell phone video of this posted on youtube. The officer grabs the girl after both girls who were fighting have broken up.He bodyslams her as if she is a pro wrestler. Everyone who is calling this fake news or asking for video proof should check out the video on youtube.

  4. This cop was fired back in April 2016.

  5. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    This is one of the news links with the video…It was logged 18th May 2017
    He didn’t just spray her eyes he sprayed all the girls watching to fight. He was the one breaking up the fight.

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