Demand States Provide Nesting Grounds for Birds of Prey

Target: Jeff Trandahl, CEO of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Goal: Create a nationwide bird of prey nesting ground protection program.

Birds of prey are losing their habitat as housing developments expand. Many birds are no longer able to find nesting ground or even find mates.

Many hawks and other birds of prey are decreasing in population due to a lack of available nesting grounds. With the expansion of housing developments, many birds are struggling to find mates and safe places to nest. The lack of trees and rise in noise levels are deterrents to raptors as they look for a suitable place to build a nest. Even with available trees or nesting structures, if there is too much noise pollution these birds won’t stay.

Every state should create a nesting area for raptors. These nesting areas would be designated as natural areas and could not be developed on or be near housing developments or businesses. Human traffic would be minimal in order to decrease as much noise as possible. Trails would be accessible to people but would give the birds plenty of space so that they wouldn’t feel threatened. Setting aside natural areas would help to increase the bird population and encourage them to find nesting areas. Birds that migrate in order to find nesting space would find safe and quiet homes.

This would also provide states with opportunities to teach their residents about the importance of conservation. Residents could also get involved in monitoring the birds during nesting seasons to aid in population counts. With as many animals currently facing extinction, it is important to focus on conservation efforts in all areas. Please sign this petition to urge the creation of nesting areas for raptors.


Dear Jeff Trandahl,

Birds of Prey are losing their habitats as housing developments expand all across the United States. These birds are in danger of declining as they struggle to find suitable nesting areas.

Many raptors are giving up their valuable nesting grounds due to noise pollution, and there are many others that have no nesting grounds at all. Areas that once were home to many raptors are now housing developments. This lack of space is driving many birds of prey to travel elsewhere in search of homes. Some birds cannot even find mates because their meeting grounds are no longer there.

By creating natural areas dedicated to preserving raptor populations, states would be aiding in conservation efforts and giving these birds a fighting chance at recovery. These natural areas would be away from the noise of cities and towns and would be on federally protected land that could not be used for development. Trails would be accessible to people and would allow birds and humans to coexist peacefully. Residents of every state could also participate in population counts during spring time. Getting everyone involved would create a sense of accomplishment when the bird populations began to rise.

There are many animals facing extinction due to human causes, I urge you to not let birds of prey be one of them. Please create a raptor nesting program across the United States, and help to ensure that these magnificent birds continue to soar in the sky.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Aero Icarus

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  1. When will humans learn that animals, birds all wildlife need living space and their habitats left in tack. Every green space doesn’t have to become a housing development, a business, a parking lot.

    Let the air breath and all wildlife live by keeping the forests and natural living spaces free from humans who no longer know what true beauty is.

    • Stacy Gardner says:

      I agree 100%. The greed of people with money is disgusting. I’m tired of seeing forest after forest and field after field being destroyed for housing or medical offices. The houses normal people can’t even afford and the medical buildings unless since the space the doctors came from was more then adequate. The whole thing disgusts me.

  2. Without birds of prey, we may ind up swimming in several feet worth of mice, voles, and other pests!


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