Demand Justice for Unjustly Euthanized Baby Bison

Target: Yellowstone National Park,

The people at Yellowstone should have the responsibility to take care of wounded young Bison, not just take the easy way out and euthanize them. From ” Bison calves typically nurse for at least seven months. Reid said she did not know how old the deceased calf was, but she said it was “certainly dependent on mother’s milk.” Park officials did not consider feeding the calf until it was able to feed on grass, she said, in part because it’s not terribly unusual that calves separated from their mothers starve to death or are killed by predators.

“In Yellowstone, it’s not a zoo,” Reid said. “We don’t manage for individuals; we manage for ecosystems.”

An intelligent comment by Adam333 states “A key question that needs to be answered. Why did the baby bison need to be killed? There is no doubt that the people that handled the animal were wrong, and created a problem. I wonder how many others might have taken the same actions.

It should be also clear that the Park Rangers had options, and choose poorly. I have personally responded to, signed petitions, and funded Internet causes. I am sure that I am one of a huge number of people who would have funded this bison.

It appears that a quick decision was made, and it was not the best choice. I hope that the decision to kill the baby bison was not a publicity ploy to convince people to not interfere with the wild animals. That small animal could have been saved without wasting a penny of the Park Service budget, without taking away from one important animal for another.

A little time, and a little thinking outside the box would have been all that was required.”

Please sign this petition to show Yellowstone that we are against ending the lives of the baby bison and that the park needs to explore more options than just euthanasia.

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