Indian Woman Killed After Gang Rape Deserves Justice

Target: Shiavax Jal Vazifdar, Chief Justice of Haryana State

Goal: Prosecute men accused of gang raping and killing woman for refusing marriage.

A young female laborer in the industrial northern Indian city of Sonipat was reportedly gang raped by a jilted lover and several of his companions. After the woman threatened to tell authorities about the abuse, her skull was smashed in using bricks and she was left to die in an open field. Local authorities have arrested two men in connection with the attack, but it is believed that as many as six others may still remain at large.

According to police, one of the men may have pressured the young woman into marrying him against her will. The victim’s mother claimed that the dispute had been resolved, yet it is believed that this may have been the motivation behind the reported gang rape. As many as eight men have have assaulted this innocent woman, who courageously fought back and threatened to report the incident only to be further attacked and beaten.

The young woman’s body was discovered in a field, already partially eaten by wild dogs. She is believed to have died due to her horrific injuries, which included the trauma to her head as well as mutilation to her genitals.

Indian officials need to step up and take action to severely punish these men if found guilty, so that future acts of violence against women may be deterred. All responsible attackers must be apprehended, and if convicted, they must be given the maximum penalty for their crimes. Sign this petition to urge the Chief Justice of Haryana State to seek justice for this innocent woman.


Dear Chief Justice Vazifdar,

A large group of men are accused of gang-raping a young woman in Sonipat, after she refused to marry one of the attackers. When the victim threatened to report this abuse, it is believed she was brutally beaten to death using bricks and left in a field. We, the undersigned, demand that these men be brought to justice and that the maximum penalties be sought against them if they are found guilty of this heinous crime.

In India, it is believed that a woman is raped every 22 minutes. It is clear that more must be done to protect vulnerable women who should not have to fear reporting their attackers. We ask that these men be severely punished if convicted, to set an example and to deter future attacks.


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Photo Credit: Simon Williams

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  1. Joan Martin says:

    It’s one of many countries in that sick pervert infested region of the world that are so backwards it isn’t even funny. The “male” populations of pretty much every country in the area are like this. Every single one of the sick bastards needs to be executed. To hell with a trial!!!! The governments don’t care about “ANY WOMAN’S” rights. I would love to see a biological disaster wipe pretty much all of them out. When I mean wipe out … I mean every sick ass ego inflated, pervert scum male that does this type of thing or who thinks it’s ok to do.

  2. Gang rape is gang rape weather it was for marriage refusal or not. Death penalty,
    nothing less.

    • To be fair after they are in the hands of authority they should be put in a prison to be sodomized by others many times. Than the victim family should beat them and castrated in cold, just cutting their penis and stuffed it through their mouths and finally they should be burn alive slowly. This was justice for gang rape victims. The guy though to rape her, to make her marry him, she refuse and the mistake was telling them she would complain, because it seems she was killed because of that. So women in front of them nothing say, or say you will say nothing, you are terrified etc also why the indian didn’t start giving to women those things to put inside vagina, which in case or rape, can only be taken at hospital and i hope they destroy the penis, at least i would have done it with that intention. To let it quite unrecognizable.

  3. Absolutely disgusting and appalling treatment of women and a shame of a justice system.

  4. Tricia Welch says:

    The ONLY punishment appropriate for this, and crimes like it, is DEATH. Put these scumbags to death, and they’ll never rape again. Keep doing this until they get the message.

  5. Let the punishment fit the crime. Justice for Indian women, please.

  6. It’a time women carried guns, it seems to justice dept. does not seem to be able to handle this.

  7. What sick stupid men would commit such a barbaric act by brutally attacking and raping this young woman causing her death. These bastards need to be brought to justice and need to be castrated.

  8. Caroline Burton says:

    Since the Indian government is doing nothing to stop this culture of violence against women, perhaps vigilantes should look for the perpetrators. The monsters who rape and kill women do not just do it once; they spend their lives hurting others and to date continue doing so with impunity. Perhaps if they thought vigilantes would punish them, they might consider self discipline! Castration comes to mind; something so painful they will think again before inflicting the same suffering on others.

  9. These fuckin scum should ALL be put to death.Anyone who is involved in pack raping a man or a woman should be given the death penalty. Can you imagine what that woman went through,it would have been absolutely horrific. The fact they ended up killing the woman as well,that just proves to me what gutless scum they are..putting them to death is the only answer to this.if they are let out they will only do it again and again,they are the scum of the earth..

  10. Gene Sengstake says:

    Eight men (if you can call them that) need to be found and executed on the spot. Seriously – they do not deserve to live in a decent world – if you can call what we live in a decent world. But they do need to be “gone” – – –

  11. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi
    But the way they treat women?

  12. Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

    I read this story elsewhere and was overwhelmed with disgust over what they did to her after they raped her! Her parents had to identify her by the clothes she was wearing because her face was unrecognizable after the beating they gave her. Just sick AND it seems acceptable!!!

  13. Cynthia Mattera says:

    My God, truly evil what is being done to woman in India. This is disgusting and needs to stop. These men should get the death penalty for torture, rape and murder!!!!

  14. Nena Miller says:

    I cannot think of any reason to EVER enter this country. These people are mentally ill and sociopathic. I cannot imagine that this happens and is considered socially acceptable at any level.

  15. dirk baeke says:

    give them the death penalty by hanging… upsidedown

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