Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

Target: Greg Gianforte, Republican politician

Goal: Denounce the politically motivated hunt of black tailed prairie dogs, a keystone species in the western United States’ grasslands.

Greg Gianforte is a Republican campaigning for Montana’s House seat in this year’s election. In an attempt to win political favor, he took Donald Trump’s son out for a prairie dog hunt. Donald Trump Jr.’s love for hunting is well documented; there are photos of him with dead elephants, leopards and crocodiles. The hunting trip took place during peak breeding season for the prairie dogs.

“As good Montanans, we want to show good hospitality to people,” Gianforte said. “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?”

Prairie dogs have a fascinating language, and are said to have quite developed cognitive abilities. They’re often killed by ranchers and farmers, but research as to whether they actually harm crops overall is inconclusive. Some studies show that they have positive effects on grazing land. The black tailed prairie dog is also a keystone species, and up to 40% of vertebrates that live in their range depend on them. Innocent creatures should not be shot regardless, but it just adds insult to injury when, like in this case, many of the animals were pregnant. Sign this petition to denounce Greg Gianforte’s cruel politically motivated hunt with Donald Trump Jr.


Dear Mr. Gianforte,

I was saddened to learn about your prairie dog hunt with Donald Trump Jr. The black tailed prairie dog should be protected, since it is a keystone species and many other animals depend on it for survival. There’s no scientific evidence that they harm farmland, and they don’t attack people. There is no good reason to hunt these creatures, especially during a time of the year when the females are likely to be pregnant. Prairie dogs are very intelligent, and they have special calls for different types of predators, and even communicate to each other how fast the predator is approaching.

Your statement that “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?” indicates a sick and cruel view of the world.

When shot with high powered ammunition, the animals almost look like they’re exploding. To you and Donald Trump Jr., this might be funny, but I can assure you that it is not funny. Surely there could have been other ways to curry political favor, apart from the slaughter of small animals. It is not something someone concerned for his state would do, since the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Park has listed the prairie dogs as a species of concern and their population has declined by 95%. Shame on you for slaughtering the black tailed prairie dogs just for a photo opportunity with Donald Trump Jr.


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  1. Good Lord in Heaven is looking at as,are we the US citizen that is time and sport taken in killing defenseless living creatures for Goodwill and sport”. Really? May we please,just stop killing things?… peoplw, environments, animals for sport and geed?

    • Shoot the damn rodents. They are nothing but a disease infested varmint.
      Good target practice to. Keeps my spring ability in track.
      As for Trump, keep up the good work. I think he’ll make America great ?

  2. Want to shoot little rodents, start with Baby Trump.

  3. I read a lot of these comments and the OUR president didn’t have nothing to do with this shooting of prairie dogs and how true is it anyways? Does anyone have proof that Donald Jr. was partaking in the shooting? Or are we to assume that the picture Automatically says Trump? I’m a person that’s wants facts not just a picture of a exploding dog and no one in sight.

    • cheryl gausel says:

      Its renowned as one of his favourite’sports’!!!! Trophy hunting and killing beautiful creatures who are worth so much more than himself – just because he can – and is a small, weak and pathetic human.
      Re your last sentence – I guess it was difficult to find someone prepared to stand in the picture next to the dog being ‘exploded’ ?? All these ‘hero’s’ are obviously at the firing end of the proceedings….

      • I still need proof before I condemn the guilty. Does anyone have a photo of Trump Jr. shooting prairie dogs in Montana? These comments sounds like 1930 Mississippi finger pointing to me where a person is lynch before the trial.

      • Everyone has phones and I’m pretty sure someone was standing NEXT to him.

    • Isn’t it the Trumps in the photo or don’t you know what they look like.

      • Isn’t it the Trumps in the photo or don’t you know what they look like. There a photo of them with dead elephant and I believe a cheetah a little while back.

        • I deal with wildlife in my profession every day and i can’t tell you all enough how great full I am not to work alongside humans because we suck!

          • Gigi Middlebrook says:

            Very true Mario. At least you do realize that. But by the way Trump isn’t my President and will never be. What he has done to our country and the wildlife in it is a crime. He should rot in hell for what is doing to our country.

        • But no prairie dog? Hmmm

      • No Elaine,Nobody’s was.

    • He was actually bragging about how much fun it was to kill these innocent prairie dogs. This idiot and his brother love to trophy hunt innocent, defenseless animals. Where have you been?

      • Just like everything else, hunting exotic animals is a big business and I can tell you that a price tag for Dall Sheep will fetch a price tag of about $250,000. plus license. Next time you decide to have a house built in a new subdivision, think of all the wildlife your removing from their habitat. It’s all about the money!

    • Gigi Middlebrook says:

      Yes and it is TRUE. So deal with it.

    • Trump raised his kids with his values – or the lack thereof – so in a way, he has something to do with the hunts.
      It is a well-known fact that two of the Trump brothers love hunting and killing animals.

  4. michelle taylor says:

    The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters!

  5. Silver wing says:

    One would think D. Trump Jr. would possibly be an improved version of D. Trump the original model. Alas,same bad breed …

  6. Heathen Steven says:

    I am from Montana and hunted prairie dogs and other rodents get a grip tree hugging liberals f_ _ k off.

  7. Animal killing piece of SHIT! Why don’t you get a grip “Heathen Steven”! Redneck conservative white trash!


  9. Denise Devereux says:

    What an absolute Coward Monster Donald Trump Jnr. is and his bum buddies. It is no point talking to the Law makers as your own president is doing all he can to stop animal activists sighting any form of animal cruelty. Check it out. The world is full of narcistic cowards. USA has the greatest number of serial killers in the world. Most of whom started out with abuse, torture and killing animals. May the wraith of God come down on the perpetrators and enablers and hurt them and theirs where they will hurt the most. You have a target on your back and when you least expect it you will get yours. Satan is waiting for you where you will burn in a sea of fire, receive no mercy and your pain will be constant. Dead Mene Walking.

    • Denise the worst that I’ve seen comes from China and the slaughter of dogs. Talk about souless! These people seems to have a good time killing these dogs the very ones that we call pets. The people of China have a twisted mind and think the slower the death the more tender and I’m not kidding. If your right about Satan waiting, well he’s going to have a lot of company.

      • Denise Devereux says:

        Hi Mario,
        Yes I am aware of the horiffic torture and slaughter of animals in China and Korea. I am aware USA is not the only country committing these atrocities
        My own country is disgusting also with their live animal export, culling of 1 million kangaroos etc. etc.
        God’s wraith will come down on all countries that abuse, torture and kill other species. I’m on this forum every day. Write to ministers in my own coutry and worldwide but Western Countries like USA and Australia are supposed to be civilized but their God is the almighty dollar.

  10. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    Donald Trump is a scumbag and it didn’t surprise me that he likes to kill animals. I have seen many photos of him with endangered animals that he has killed he probably has their heads hanging in his home. What a piece of shit he is. He will have to answer for this to God one day and I hope he gets sent to hell.

    • Gigi… The whole Trumptard clan will be burning in hell where they belong! I’ve never in my life disliked anybody this much. I hope that all of the people that voted for this racist, lying moron realize that their the ones that are going to be hurt the worst by Trumps agenda.

  11. What’s the difference between Donald Trump Jr. and guys like Jim Shockey, Chuck Adams and Jackie Bushman and the rest of the hunters and their shows that are on the sportmans channel? Nothing except that the name Trump .

    • Ever heard of Theunis Botha Mario? He’s a big game hunter and last week he was crushed to death by an elephant as it was falling from a fatal shot. KARMA! Don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. Another trophy hunter was eaten by a crocodile not long ago while out killing innocent animals. KARMA! Wildlife or any animal for that matter are not ours to kill period…

      • I agree Alicia and with big game hunting every hunter knows that he on the chopping block as well but I just researched every media outlet and this story is all propaganda has no merit, no pictures. Surely when your doing any kind of campaigning you’ll want camera or some kind of reporting going on. Read some of these comments, pure hatred and nothing to be mad about Trump Jr.

        • All you have to do is google it Mario. Donald Trump Jr. hunted prairie dogs on “Earth Day” of this year in Montana and got alot of backlash for it. Most likely some of the females were pregnant. SAD!!!

          • I did Google that but all it showed was little cute prairie dogs but not one picture of Donald Jr. and two news agency said pretty much the same thing.

  12. Ruth Tranquillo says:

    Please do NOT KILL innocent animals! You have NO right to do that!


  13. Sophia R. Dixon says:

    Wouldn’t it just suck if you LOST the House Seat and you killed all these innocent animals for nothing??
    Do you really think real Republicans who support animal rights will support you???
    I don’t think so.

  14. If these creatures could only shoot back, there be no so called brave hunters, might it be we teach a few of them, we could use a good house cleaning.

  15. EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! I just researched every media outlet and there’s no photos of the Jr. Trump shooting anything in Montana. With every human being owning a cell phone and reporters with telescopic lenses on there cameras and with Donald Trump Jr. campaigning for a candidate, wouldn’t somebody get even a partial picture. It really not funny to read all the heart hated comments on something that didn’t happen and believe in them. If you tell a lie long enough you’ll start to believe in them. That’s brainwashing. Properganda work extremely well in North Korea.

  16. Wow. Currying favor with hunter-boy Trump Jr by killing for fun. How manly and brave. Constituents will take note when you run for re-election.


    • Have a brain?! Smart enough to become President and beat the odds. Jealous!

      • Just like the wizard of oz cast Eliane, Donald Sr. had the courage of the lion to get into the race, he had heart to see it through and he had the knowledge to beat the odds and WIN! Remember being president isn’t a seat at the throne, it’s a electric chair, it drains the life out of you but he did it because the voices of the middle class went un heard from the elite of Washington D.C.

  18. Donald Junior must be a Psychotic, mentally deranged Lunatic. He is one Evil, unworthy statistic, on this planet. How on earth this man get so vicious and cruel to such innocent, helpless poor animals? Time has come to start, shooting your own brains Donald Junior. You are Pathetic and a first class Cowardice. Leave the little rodents alone and go get your head examined…

  19. ban the cruel hunts on the prairie dogs now.

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