Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

Target: Greg Gianforte, Republican politician

Goal: Denounce the politically motivated hunt of black tailed prairie dogs, a keystone species in the western United States’ grasslands.

Greg Gianforte is a Republican campaigning for Montana’s House seat in this year’s election. In an attempt to win political favor, he took Donald Trump’s son out for a prairie dog hunt. Donald Trump Jr.’s love for hunting is well documented; there are photos of him with dead elephants, leopards and crocodiles. The hunting trip took place during peak breeding season for the prairie dogs.

“As good Montanans, we want to show good hospitality to people,” Gianforte said. “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?”

Prairie dogs have a fascinating language, and are said to have quite developed cognitive abilities. They’re often killed by ranchers and farmers, but research as to whether they actually harm crops overall is inconclusive. Some studies show that they have positive effects on grazing land. The black tailed prairie dog is also a keystone species, and up to 40% of vertebrates that live in their range depend on them. Innocent creatures should not be shot regardless, but it just adds insult to injury when, like in this case, many of the animals were pregnant. Sign this petition to denounce Greg Gianforte’s cruel politically motivated hunt with Donald Trump Jr.


Dear Mr. Gianforte,

I was saddened to learn about your prairie dog hunt with Donald Trump Jr. The black tailed prairie dog should be protected, since it is a keystone species and many other animals depend on it for survival. There’s no scientific evidence that they harm farmland, and they don’t attack people. There is no good reason to hunt these creatures, especially during a time of the year when the females are likely to be pregnant. Prairie dogs are very intelligent, and they have special calls for different types of predators, and even communicate to each other how fast the predator is approaching.

Your statement that “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?” indicates a sick and cruel view of the world.

When shot with high powered ammunition, the animals almost look like they’re exploding. To you and Donald Trump Jr., this might be funny, but I can assure you that it is not funny. Surely there could have been other ways to curry political favor, apart from the slaughter of small animals. It is not something someone concerned for his state would do, since the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Park has listed the prairie dogs as a species of concern and their population has declined by 95%. Shame on you for slaughtering the black tailed prairie dogs just for a photo opportunity with Donald Trump Jr.


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  1. Eye for an eye. Let’s do the same to these pathetic tw*ts and see how they enjoy it.

  2. Murdering innocent creatures for FUN is evil and sick!!!

  3. Cynthia C. says:

    This is no hospitality…it’s murdering innocent animals! Stop killing them for no reason!!

  4. absolutely pathetic!!!!!!

  5. Only a complete douche would find this entertaining! Sick Fucks!

  6. yeah, what can be more fun than shooting the innocent and the defenceless? it’s been happening in iraq too (with dogs and cats)

  7. Roni Friedman says:

    Politically motivated ? It is heinous. What if his children saw movies of their dad murdering little prairie dogs? Nightmare material. Does he really NEED to murder ? Why add fuel to the fire under his father? Don Jr: find another hobby other than killing animals.

  8. Thats what rich white trash does

  9. Heather Brophy says:

    Greg, We don’t pay you or your toad friend to Mutilate, Torture and Kill innocent animals so get it together or get your overpaid ass out of office now!

  10. Anyone inflicting fear ,horror, pain, suffering and death on any innocent creature or human should suffer the same for themselves and their families. One an only hope their Karma takes care of them.

  11. KAREN TIPPING says:

    Sick cruel and barbaric acts like this are only enjoyed by sadistic minded people. Trump jnr looks a nasty little snotty, I’d like to fire a bullet up his arse see how he likes it.

    Theresa May UK pm has shown her true colors by supporting fox hunting and wanting to repeal the ban. Hatchet faced bitch, how would she like to be torn to pieces by fired up hounds after she’d ran for her god damned life over fields and hills to the point of total exhaustion. Cunt.

  12. It is a nasty family, God!
    And have followers…

  13. Richard Kingery says:

    Hey I have a great ideal, let’s put trump and his lowlife son and all the others out in a field and hunt them down. Ahhh such pleasant thoughts….

  14. Aren’t you a brainless, mealy mouthed coward! Taking the boss’s little blood loving son out on a killing spree to curry favour! Is there any lower you could stoop? Will you take me next time? I’m not much of a shot and could easily mistake your little willy for a prairie dog, you pathetic apology for a man!

  15. Sad and gross to see!!!

  16. Wendy Morrison says:

    Stop This SLAUGHTERING OF PRAIRIE DOGS & ALL OTHER ANIMALS too IMMEDIATELY! When this RICH BRAT kills another ANIMAL fpr any reason throw his rich butt on prison!!!!

  17. Strange how men seem to bond and cooperate best when they’re killing. Ugly!


  19. Lisa m Fera says:

    Disgusting humans. That’s what the grossly privileged humans do. The Yrump boys are big game trophy hunters. The scum of the earth.

  20. Lisa m Fera says:

    I mean the Trump boys. Repulsive. Repulsive. Repulsive.

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