Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

Target: Greg Gianforte, Republican politician

Goal: Denounce the politically motivated hunt of black tailed prairie dogs, a keystone species in the western United States’ grasslands.

Greg Gianforte is a Republican campaigning for Montana’s House seat in this year’s election. In an attempt to win political favor, he took Donald Trump’s son out for a prairie dog hunt. Donald Trump Jr.’s love for hunting is well documented; there are photos of him with dead elephants, leopards and crocodiles. The hunting trip took place during peak breeding season for the prairie dogs.

“As good Montanans, we want to show good hospitality to people,” Gianforte said. “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?”

Prairie dogs have a fascinating language, and are said to have quite developed cognitive abilities. They’re often killed by ranchers and farmers, but research as to whether they actually harm crops overall is inconclusive. Some studies show that they have positive effects on grazing land. The black tailed prairie dog is also a keystone species, and up to 40% of vertebrates that live in their range depend on them. Innocent creatures should not be shot regardless, but it just adds insult to injury when, like in this case, many of the animals were pregnant. Sign this petition to denounce Greg Gianforte’s cruel politically motivated hunt with Donald Trump Jr.


Dear Mr. Gianforte,

I was saddened to learn about your prairie dog hunt with Donald Trump Jr. The black tailed prairie dog should be protected, since it is a keystone species and many other animals depend on it for survival. There’s no scientific evidence that they harm farmland, and they don’t attack people. There is no good reason to hunt these creatures, especially during a time of the year when the females are likely to be pregnant. Prairie dogs are very intelligent, and they have special calls for different types of predators, and even communicate to each other how fast the predator is approaching.

Your statement that “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?” indicates a sick and cruel view of the world.

When shot with high powered ammunition, the animals almost look like they’re exploding. To you and Donald Trump Jr., this might be funny, but I can assure you that it is not funny. Surely there could have been other ways to curry political favor, apart from the slaughter of small animals. It is not something someone concerned for his state would do, since the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Park has listed the prairie dogs as a species of concern and their population has declined by 95%. Shame on you for slaughtering the black tailed prairie dogs just for a photo opportunity with Donald Trump Jr.


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  1. this is what pretend ‘men’ with inadequacy issues do. Real men don’t behave like this nor do they need to ‘bond’ with other inadequate ‘men’ whilst killing animals with guns for absolutely no reason. Truly pathetic and the news coming from the USA since the tangerine tyrant was elected as president just shows what a seriously shit hole country the USA is. Absolutely full of horrible people. The USA is a show case of how not to be as a society in general.

    • Well said and so VERY VERY true

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Jackie: You’re very wrong about every point you attempted to make. Real men have been the providers for their “tribes” or social groups since the days of the cave men. Men were judged on their abilities to provide food for themselves and others. If a man couldn’t provide, he became an outcast and his seed died out. No woman chose to mate with a man who couldn’t provide.

      Your “inadequacy issues” is a completely different and unrelated subject. You’re obviously one of the childish, Trump haters who have “inadequacy issues” of your own! You think you know everything, but you don’t. Prairie dogs do a great deal of damage to the grass prairies and would render them to nothing but sandy deserts if they were left unchecked. Prairie dogs also dig burrows that can break the legs of cattle, horses and other large animals, if they step into the mouth of the den. Saving grass prairies and protecting large animals from breaking their legs in prairie dog holes is sufficient reason for shooting prairie dogs. That’s a far cry from shooting them “for absolutely no reason!”
      If Trump isn’t your president, why are you wasting your time ridiculing him? You obviously have more issues than just “inadequacy!” You seem to have preferred that we had elected an excessively corrupt, lying, traitorous, power hungry hag!

      Your intelligence is greatly lacking, so I won’t concern myself further with your idiotic opinion of our country. Enjoy your sour grapes!

  2. I enjoy going out to shoot prairie dogs once they have become over populated in the grasslands. I have seen the devastation that these little guys can do in in just one year. They will destroy a grassland so fast that it will make your head spin and what is left for the cattle to graze on is nothing…unless you’ve been out and see with these little guys can do and beat you out of your hard-earned efforts to make a living ranching then don’t bother making a post. Once the grass is gone the winds will unleash the sand in it takes years to recover. I shoot everyone of them that I can see. I would love to take Trump and his followers out and all you that are against it can come to me in the sand storm and we’ll talk about it.

    • Anytime you’re ready, little man with a small dick.Brainless twit

    • Guess what, mr. self-entitled rancher? NOTHING and NOBODY has destroyed grasslands (or wetlands, or forests, or jungles, or waterways) like man’s plague-like intrusion and heavy hand has. These humanly-genetically-over-manipulated cattle (as is) that you “farm” and “harvest” were never a natural part of these ecosystems, and their currently destructive, vast numbers were also NEVER part of Nature’s more intelligent balance. Farmed cattle (and other farmed animals) and the vast amounts of natural resources wasted to use and exploit them, are among the TOP reasons our planet is in such deep doo-doo today. In the face of all the evidence we already now have, hypocritical and ignorant whining about what and WHO really causes deserts is laughable! And scapegoating other sentient and intelligent creatures’ families and communities is just another example of mankind’s outrageously destructive hubris.

      How about we instead shoot most politicians and ranchers, and then watch how Nature’s advanced intelligence so elegantly and wisely repairs all THEIR previous damage, huh?

      • Maurice Robison says:

        D. M. : Self-entitled rancher??? Who elected you to jump to such conclusions about someone you don’t even know? Maybe Chad worked for what he has! I’m not a rancher, but I know that being a rancher involves many different facets of life. Being a rancher is a continuous education in a multitude of interwoven subjects.

        Chad wasn’t trying to impress anyone. He stated a few simple facts of ranching, as he has learned them over the years. You stepped up on your soap box and began to orate and expound to us about things that were far beyond the scope of necessity for this discussion.

        Chad hasn’t destroyed any wetlands, forests, jungles or waterways! He’s a hard-working man who works under artificial light after the sun goes down; because the work dictates that he do so. I’d imagine he’s supporting a family and also takes time to support his community. He operates his ranch to the best of his abilities. He HAS to take care of the land, because it’s the land that supports him and furnishes all his needs.

        Yes, man has been the ruin of vast resources, but it’s not the men like Chad. It’s the men who are all too willing to break the law, to supposedly get ahead. They quickly exhaust one resource, only to find another and exhaust it too. They leave behind a wake of devastation that will take others years to rebuild. It’s always the honest men who suffer because of the unscrupulous deeds of others. There is a clear difference. Let’s not blur the lines. Let’s go after those who break laws indiscriminately and make them pay for their crimes. NOBODY should be above the law!

        Just as you suggest shooting most politicians and ranchers, there are also those who would gladly shoot you and your ilk. Perhaps you should come down from your soap box before you fall, (assisted or not) and be more tolerant of others. The very least you should do is to make sure that you have the correct culprit before you start dishing out your brand of justice!

    • Audrey Arbogast says:

      Au Chad : vous êtes vraiment ridicule, il y a des gens qui pensent être au dessus de tout, des lois, de la nature, de Dieu, de l’univers aussi et vous et vos semblables qui pensaient être mieux et plus méritants que des animaux vous trompez sur toute la ligne ! Un seul chien de prairie vaut 10 000 êtres aussi vils et tordus que vous ! De plus, votre raisonnement est totalement stupide : si on devait tuer tous les êtes qui “abîment” la nature, les humains seraient les premiers à tuer, et des chasseurs sadiques comme vous en premier. Shoot, shoot, kill, kill, never use a… brain ? ce sont vraiment des mots que des américains prononcent en pensant être au centre du monde car appuyer sur une gâchette est bien plus facile que d’utiliser son cerveau (à moins que vous n’en soyez dépourvu ?), vous êtes tout aussi ridicule et stupide que votre président, et soyez sûr que presque toute la planète le pense !!! la planète se porterait tellement mieux avec des personnes dotées d’un coeur, d’un cerveau et de sensibilité plutôt que d’abrutis sadiques qui n’agissent qu’avec de la testostérone et un flingue (car le cerveau et le coeur en option c’est trop…)

    • I don’t know what to say or how to respond. I am just sitting here, amazed. NO offense, but you really need to stop being so naive. We are the intruders. And lucky for me, I stopped eating meat. Never been better.

  3. Killing is not a sport. Killing is not a game. But if D.Trump Jr.thinks it is: buy him a computer game and he can kill everyone and everything in it.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Pat: Look around Pat. Killing has been made into a sport or a game. The knock-out game has taken several victims and killing on our streets over drugs or whatever is no more than a game to the perpetrators. They have de-humanized everybody. It’s all about what THEY want and how they are going to get it. It’s just an arcade game to them. They don’t care about anybody but themselves.

      We had/have Obama stirring up trouble everywhere and forbidding innocent people from protecting their families from illegal drugs and the people who make them available to everyone. Donald Trump Jr. is the very least of our problems! You’re an idiot!

  4. Jana puckett says:

    Try to understand that Trump and his followers are tiny dicked men who believe shooting unarmed animals with high powered assault rifle make then “manly”. Total douchebags

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Jana puckett: You obviously know nothing about Trump or his followers. You seem to think that shooting off your uneducated mouth makes you intelligent. Nothing could be further from the truth. The more you say, the more obvious it is that you know nothing!

      Would it make you feel better if we armed all the animals before we shot them? Let’s just stick to things we know about. I bet you don’t even know what an “assault rifle” is, so keep your mouth shut about that, and if that’s any indication of your knowledge base, things should be silent from your side. I carried an assault rifle during my tour of duty in Vietnam, so I can speak about them all I want. You do nothing but call people names, but since you don’t even know any of us, your whole posting is nonsense!

  5. simon rickman says:

    nasty bastards – trump and his family make me sick. sooner he is inpeached the better. sooner his idiot murdering sons die the better.
    i am praying for this, for the sake of all the animals.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      simon rickman: YOU make me sick! The sooner you’re dead and gone, the happier I’ll be! You were fine with that Muslim POS who usurped our presidency, so you’re a traitor. I guess you just can’t wait to bring America down to a third world country, so you can have a goat for your wife.

      Trump’s sons are NOT idiots, nor are they murderers, in the legal sense of the word. YOU are a deranged wacko for PRAYING for the death of Trump’s sons, because they kill ANIMALS. Who do you pray will die, to avenge the murder of millions of human babies? Get some perspective!

  6. Cecelia Nelson says:

    This is APPAULING!!!! WHY? WE are the WORST animal on this once beautiful planet. WE KILL & DESTROY whatever we want. WHY, because we can. SHAME ON US!!!

  7. For the sake of God, get another hobby — FIND another target — leave these animals alone — SHAME on you! — let’s be rational, compassionate, understanding — even if you lack these attributes, THINK of the science behind it all and HOW our planet needs these lovely animals who do way more good for our earth than bad. — STOP YOUR DANGEROUS KILLING!

  8. Estas personas no conocen la misericordia para los seres vivos, son crueles y disfrutan haciendo sufrir, son enfermos.

  9. Donald Trump Jr. should be ASHAMED of himself for killing ANIMALS. First it was killing majestic and iconic Leopard and Elephant in Africa. Now it is the killing of our wonderful and sweet and VITALLY IMPORTANT TO OUR ENVIRONMENTS, Prairie Dogs!! Can he not FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH HIS TIME BESIDES GO OUT TO KILL OUR WILD ANIMALS???!!! These are just trophies to him and people like him who have no regard for what harm they are doing to our landscapes and our environments. This is inexcusable, unnecessary and JUST PLAIN WRONG.

  10. Alice Knight says:

    This is definately atrocious behavior. All for publicity?
    Mr.Trump Jr you you have a young brother that may be looking up to you. You have a responsibility to be a role model. Killing animals of any kind for pleasure is not a commendable trait. Show your compassionate side toward all living beings. Remember we are not the only beings here.

  11. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    The Trump family are without a doubt the most vile people on this earth. They and their stupid followers will one day pay for all of the damage and pain they have caused. How sick they all are.

  12. I will never understand the desire in mankind to kill for the thrill of it. The big cattle ranchers must have a hand in this. All wildlife works in harmony. Mankind is totally responsible for taking wildlife habitats and then slaughtering these animals it when they supposedly become a threat.

  13. boy isn’t he the brave one his name is Donald Trump Jr so what charge him and put him away his name doesn’t mean a thing if it’s animal cruelty just cause your names Trump doesn’t give you the right for this sick pervertion

  14. Lesley Rodgers says:

    So, Trump’s son and Monatanians love to shoot small defenceless pregnant animals and mothers of young babies. All to allegedly save a few crops?
    Some ‘hospitality’ ! I suggest avoid Montana if that is one of their favourite pastimes. Leave these creatures alone, there is plenty of room and believe it or not you do not need to anhialate other living creatures, rodents or otherwise, besides the extreme pain and suffering it causes to the animals, and their babies (yes, they ARE babies) in the nest who will starve to death.
    How do these ‘brave’ men feel about that?

  15. Gene Sengstake says:

    I believe Donald Trump has already shown himself to be a piece of human garbage – so anyone associating with him must be of the same sickening demeanor – nothing at all to be proud of – – –

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