Stop Attempted Revival of Travel Ban

Target: Nancy Pelosi, United States Representative

Goal: Stop another attempted revival of President Trump’s travel ban.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals plans to challenge Hawaii’s block on President Trump’s travel ban, due to the White House wishing to revive it once more. They seek to convince the courts that have already blocked the ban that their decision is “fundamentally wrong, and that the president’s order falls squarely within his duty to secure the nation’s borders,” and to allow the law to reach the Supreme Court.

Once again, we must ensure that this ban is blocked. It is not only racist and xenophobic, but unconstitutional, and President Trump’s continued attempts to pass it are not in this country’s best interests. Despite the rising international conflict, we are not currently at war, and we have no reason to think anyone coming in or out of the country is going to threaten us. The travel ban serves nobody but Trump and his own selfish agenda.

We have succeeded in blocking this ban before, and we will do it again. Urge U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to send a clear message that Congress will not tolerate Trump’s unconstitutional attack on immigrants.


Dear Representative Pelosi,

President Trump is attempting to revive his travel ban by having the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals challenge Hawaii’s block, with his lawyers giving the excuse that as president, he has the duty to keep our borders “secure.” The administration believes the block on this unnecessary ban is “fundamentally wrong” and seek to have the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals challenge it and hopefully overturn the block.

Do not allow this. The travel ban is unconstitutional, and there has never been a reason for it to exist beyond the president’s xenophobia and extreme biases. He seeks to “protect” America from outsiders, despite America needing no such protection. Please work within the House of Representatives to show that Congress will not tolerate this attack on immigrants and their families.


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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    The actual judiciary ban is unconstitutional not the actual ban which was signed by Presidential Order to protect the security of the American people. You may want to be killed or maimed by a terrorist but not everyone does. As you really do not understand what is happening, 6 countries out of 49 Muslim controlled ones are listed and include all people, not just the Muslims. So, this is not racist in any sense of the word. It is a temporary ban whilst the government looks into the background of people likely to be terrorists.

    I am saddened that so many people are so stupid as to fail to understand the law, the Constitution and reality just to have a dig at the president who was elected by the majority of the people. This protest would not have happened under any previous president and they also made travel bans. Grow up and get a life! I would suggest a brain cell but, as yet, we are not able to implant one.

    • Many people who oppose the travel ban are actually not stupid. You can’t just label everyone who opposes the ban as stupid.
      This ban is biased against Muslims. It is based on the propaganda that Islamic extremists are lurking everywhere waiting to carry out terrorist attacks. It is based in xenophobia and general paranoia. It promotes hatred toward Muslims, and promotes fear-based thinking. It is a diversion from the real issues that we should be looking at.
      Who was hugely involved in 911? Saudis Arabia. Why does this ban not include them, if it’s about protection from terror?
      Please stop falling for Trump’s reasoning. Politicians are not gods and do not deserve our unquestioning faith and obedience.

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