Fire Cop Who Allegedly Forced Dog to Maul Man for Moving Too Slow

Target: Anthony Hovanec, Police Chief of Beaver, Pennsylvania

Goal: Fire cop who allegedly beat a man and forced a K-9 officer to maul him for not moving fast enough.

Dash cam footage shows a police officer brutalizing an innocent man before forcing his K-9 partner to attack him. In the footage, Officer Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems runs up to victim James Cicco’s car, jerk his door open, and immediately begin beating him. According to the victim’s lawyer, the officer was on a non-emergency call and felt that Cicco didn’t move out of his way fast enough, so he pulled him over.

Even though Cicco remains in a non-threatening position after being pulled over, Officer Wijnen-Riems puts him in a painful wrist lock for no apparent reason. He then leaves Cicco unattended, without handcuffs, while he retrieves his K-9 partner, who then viciously attacks Cicco, leaving him with gaping wounds.

Despite the unnecessary attack, Cicco still received multiple charges, but fought the charges and his case was brought to trial. The result was a mistrial, but Cicco is now suing over the civil rights violation and use of excessive force. In just the last week, five brutality complaints have come against Officer Wijnen-Riems. The lawsuit states that despite notifying Officer Wijnen-Riems’ superiors regarding the multiple cases of civil rights violations and brutality, they did nothing to stop it.

If the officer didn’t feel the need to handcuff the victim, he certainly shouldn’t have felt the need to force his dog to attack him. He even leaves the victim unattended and unrestrained as he goes to retrieve his attack dog. This just goes to show that the officer used unnecessary force. Sign this petition to demand that the officer be severely punished and fired indefinitely for using such extreme force.


Dear Chief Hovanec,

Dash cam footage shows a police officer attempt to break a man’s arm with a wrist lock before forcing his K-9 partner to attack the non-threatening man. The victim was left with gaping wounds all over his arms and back. The reason the officer stopped him, according to the victim’s lawyer, was because the victim didn’t move out of his way fast enough while he was on a non-emergency call. Throughout the disturbing footage, the officer can be seen leaving the man un-handcuffed and unattended to retrieve the dog. Reports say the officer can be heard making jokes about the damage he and his dog inflicted.

This disgusting case of blatant brutality was blown off and the officer wasn’t even scolded. This is an officer who has another lawsuit against him regarding five other cases of alleged human rights violations and excessive force. The lawsuit states that his superiors were notified and the reports were always ignored. We are appalled that this extreme level of abuse has been allowed to continue so long. We, the undersigned, demand that this officer be fired indefinitely and punished severely if found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Beaver Borough Police Department

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  1. The fact that Officer Wijnen-Riem’s superiors knew of his alleged civil right’s violations and brutality, and did nothing about it, shows their corruption and their toleration of brutality by their own police officers. Corrupt and brutal police are a danger to society.

  2. Kathryn Irby says:


  3. michelle taylor says:

    Terminate the employment of this repulsive corrupt oinker pig cop immediately and impose a maximum prison sentence.

  4. Fire this pos and then throw his sorry ass in jail for a long time

  5. TruthSeeker says:

    Poor police dogs. They are being abused too! So are the wives, and ex wives of police. I know a lady jailer/ sheriff (retired) who has an ex husband cop, who is a damned asshole. Some cops murder their wives, and not only that, there was a horrible female cop or sheriff, who abused her husband so badly, that she drove him to suicide. That bitch even told him not to make a mess on her carpet when he blows his brains out. I hope that when he killed himself, that he made a real mess, poor soul. I hate evil, violent TRASH!

    • The law enforcement profession seems to attract violent and abusive people. It’s a way to be cruel and violent and get away with it. It’s a way to make themselves feel powerful and important.

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