Protect Feral Cats From Heat and Cold

Target: Wade Troxell, Mayor of Fort Collins

Goal: Provide feral cats with shelter areas.

Community cats, also known as feral cats, are a common part of many communities. These cats are generally not taken to shelters because most of them would be considered unadoptable. Trap, neuter and return programs are put into place in order to keep the populations from growing, while still allowing the cats to live their lives mostly human-free. While these cats prefer life without homes, they do still need basic shelter during extreme weather. Creating feral cat shelter clusters would give these cats some much-needed security.

Community cat shelters would be simple structures that would provide warmth in the winter time and give cats a bit of relief from the hot sun during summer months. Creating shelters that were relatively simple would mean that they would require minimum upkeep. Simple insulation could be added during the fall to keep the shelter warm and during the summer the insulation could be removed. Alternatively, there could be two different models of the shelters. The summer model would mainly be to provide shade from the sun, while the winter model would be fitted with insulation for warmth.

Creating shelters would also help to keep feral cat communities in designated areas, rather than having them living all over communities. This could reduce potential conflicts between feral cats and pets and could potentially reduce wildlife conflicts. It would also provide some added safety for the community cats by keeping them away from heavy traffic areas and heavy human use areas.

While feral cats may not be loved by all communities, it is important to provide them with a shelter to keep them safe and keep communities relatively conflict free. Please sign this petition to help create community cat shelters.


Dear Mayor Troxell,

Feral cats are in need of some housing shelters to keep them safe. While they are mostly accustomed to being outside, extreme weather can still be a danger to them.

Providing feral cats with shelters would benefit not only the cats but the community too. Shelters would be grouped together in designated areas that would keep the feral cats away from heavy traffic. This would also cut down on potential feral cat and pet conflicts as well as wildlife conflicts. The shelters would be relatively simple boxes that could be easily changed to fit with winter weather or summer weather. This would require minimal maintenance and would leave cat colonies mostly undisturbed.

Creating shelters for feral cats would help them to continue living alongside communities. Feral cats don’t need to be removed, they just need to be maintained in a way that reduces conflicts. I urge you to create feral cat shelters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Boksi

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  1. can I use this letter for boston mayor walsh

  2. Steve Brockopp says:

    I just wish you folks put as much effort into taking care of homeless veterans and others in our community as you do these worthless cats. Trap and dispatching the cats also helps to curb the feral cat population ….

    • What would a vet do with less than 1$ a week? Vets are the responsibility of the government and the society that sent them to fight. We, those who pay taxes, at least, are already paying for them. The pittance that a cat meeds is not taking away from. The Vets. It is in addition to the Vets.

    • It’s not an either-or. True compassion isn’t species-limited. And you are a jerk.

    • Worthless cats! Are you an idiot ? The animals they can’t speak for themselves, people can get over yourself!!

      • Get over yourself!!

      • Don’t EVER SAY “WORTHLESS CATS”. GOD put ALL these animals here for US to take care of-apparentenly you never read the Bible! If you feel that way, keep it to yourself (like, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!) The point is to sign this petition- so I’m not sure what you are doing by being so negative. All of the uthers writing stuff seem to love cats: keep your opinion to yourself.

    • It doesn’t help to kill feral cats!
      How many rats and other rodents would run the streets if you got rid of all feral cats?
      Maybe if you donated time to helping homeless vets instead of running your mouth here, both would be helped.
      Remember, vets have a voice cats don’t!

    • Most of us are quite capable of dealing with more than one issue at a time Steve. What do you do for your local facilities established for veterans in need? You’re dealing with apples and oranges.

    • How cold can u b ? What a jerk, cats r not useless.u r !

    • Steve, if someone is worthless, it’s definitely you. My husband is a veteran and trust me, I am passionate about helping vets. But every living being needs kindness. Besides, those cats are in that situation because of ignorant people in the first place.
      We do have 2 cats and they give so much unconditional love. They are a God send for me and my husband,yes one of those vets that you pretend to care so much about, who is struggling with the aftermath of being sent to war.
      Go adopt a pet and find out for yourself how precious they are and then you can comment on animal issues.

    • One thing that cats are not is worthless… Since your knowledge is ridiculously limited I must inform you that a cat kills about 30 mice a year let say there are 5 million cats that is 150 million less mice … Mice multiply from a couple to 2000 in 2 years the damage to agricultural and human food resources is going to be many billions of dollars …. Worthless???

  3. B. Eric T. says:

    Cats are a pest species responsible for more bird, small mammal, and herp deaths than any other human introduced factor. Spay/neuter programs haven’t proven effective to curb population growth. European Starlings have been the target for mass extermination and Eurasian Collared-doves can be hunted year round and those species have limited impacts on limited species. I know I will be hated by many for these comments but the fact is feral cats have virtually an entirely negative impact on wildlife and the health of domestic cats who are cared for by a loving family. Do not support such nonsense please!

    • JoAnne Miller says:

      I beg to differ, Pinellas County adopted a TNVR program 3 years ago, it has PROVEN successful. It’s only common sense that if cats can’t breed, they produce No kittens! Yes, they Do instinctually hunt small wildlife, but this also includes vermin. If ferals are being fed in a colony, they hunt less for food, it’s quite simple really. Ferals are also vaccinated before being released, the fact is, they are here anyway,TNVR is a proven strategy in reducing the population, Killing them is simply barbaric. I also advocate for Vets and Human Rights,being quite capable of dealing with more than one issue at a time, how about You, Steve?

  4. Annie English says:

    Try to remember it’s about the feral cats here, not all the issues people are trying to make it. If you won’t to help veterans then go to a site that is set up for that. Having compassion isn’t just limited to humans, hope all the negative people about these cats don’t have pets.

  5. Annie English says:

    Here again, man is making the choice between the wildlife and feral cats. Yes these program’s do work I have seen the work of many people helping and the number of feral cats has been greatly reduced. Killing one species for another isn’t the answer at all… I have both inside cats, outside cats, and yes I feed the birds….

  6. Steve looking for attention give him none? He doesn’t count..

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