The History Channel Must Stop Airing “Swamp People”

Baby Alligator

Target: The History Channel and the producers of “Swamp People”

Goal: Convince the History Channel to discontinue the reality TV show “Swamp People” and all other shows that advocate hunting and killing animals.

Killing animals is not an acceptable thing, nor should it be televised as a reality TV show. It is clear that the History Channel and the producers of Swamp People are solely interested in making money wherever possible and they clearly have no regard for wildlife. Swamp People is a reality TV show that the History Channel airs which documents the Cajuns, or swamp people, that live in Louisiana in the swamp areas who hunt and kill innocent alligators during alligator season in order to make a living. In doing so, these “swamp people” go around on a boat looking for alligators to slaughter. Usually, the alligators are not easily killed with one bullet shot, so it usually takes several shots. Sometimes the alligators are seen trying to swim away but they cannot because they are injured and suffering from the pain of having been shot. The alligators never get away because they are captured by the swamp people. In other cases, the swamp people lay out bait with sharp hooks that get caught on the mouths of alligators. These alligators have to endure the immense pain sometimes for hours before the swamp people come to kill them. What is even more sad is that while the swamp people are killing the alligators, they are laughing and joking about it. While the swamp people are not torturing and killing alligators, they are seen hunting and killing other innocent animals for fun.

There is certainly nothing funny about killing and torturing animals and it is such a tragedy that even the History Channel would support it by airing such a barbaric thing. This TV show depicts cruel and inhumane behavior toward animals and what is sick about it is that it is not only supported but encouraged by channels such as the History Channel. Killing innocent animals in their natural habitat and making money off of it not only should be illegal and discouraged, but be made a crime to televise such cruelty for entertainment and money. On top of that, this show and others like it continues such myths that alligators are bad and dangerous animals. They are no different than you or me; alligators, like all animals are only trying to survive. It is obvious that humans kill far more alligators and other animals than animals kill humans.

In the same manner that shows like this continue the myths that alligators are dangerous so supposedly it makes it OK for people to hunt and kill them, it also makes the younger generation think that it is OK to hunt and kill animals. By airing this show, the History Channel is giving a bad influence to kids who might watch this show. This show does absolutely nothing to educate the younger generation about wildlife, living in harmony with animals and having an appreciation for them, but rather, it continues to promote killing as a solution which is never a solution. Killing will never solve any problems, it only continues them.

Shame on the History Channel for promoting such cruel, horrific and heart wrenching behavior and for not really educating the younger generation about wildlife, but only educating them about killing. Shame on the state of Louisiana for allowing this kind of thing to happen. The Cajuns claim that alligator hunting is a tradition of theirs that dates back to several hundred years ago. So supposedly that makes it OK for them to continue killing innocent creatures? Living in a modern country, why would anyone allow such barbaric things to continue on, tradition or not? Times change, people change, things change and laws change. I say that hunting and killing animals needs to be 100% illegal and that this show be taken off the air for good. It is time that people become educated about how valuable wildlife and nature are and that we should respect them.

Please sign this petition to demand that Swamp People be taken off the air and that animals should not be treated in such cruel ways, that it is not OK to make money off killing innocent creatures.


Dear History Channel and the producers of Swamp People,

While your reality TV show Swamp People may be entertaining to some people, it is highly offensive to others. It also does not even talk about history, so it really does not make sense for you to air that show. Swamp People does nothing to educate people about history, it only promotes killing. It is very immoral to air a show that depicts people torturing and killing animals. This is no way to live and the fact the people actually make money on killing animals is barbaric. I am very ashamed that you, the History Channel, would ever support such a horrible thing, much less encourage it. I urge you to think about it and to realize that killing animals or any living creature is not acceptable and should not be shown for entertainment and profit.

You should be concerned about the kind of people that may watch your show, such as kids, and the kind of effect it may have on them. This is not a good influence for kids and should not be dismissed as if it were. Promoting killing as a hobby or as a solution to any problem will never solve them, it will only continue the violence and killing and continue to make this world a horrible place to live in.


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  1. We LOVE Swamp People. Choot em

  2. Leave the swamp people on.

  3. Eddy Turner says:

    Save swamp people show! It’s human nature. No worse than watching deadlist catch or wicked tuna or deer hunting or duck hunting shows. Many people make their living from alligator hunting. It’s a way of life for these people!Its better than kids watching cops and robbers on TV!

  4. Get real. Hunting animals for food or profit has been going on since the cave man. I guess next is killing vegetables, which are living things also , is in humane also !!!

  5. You idiots its a hunting season with regulations, you people need a life,, i love swamp people choot em ! Heck yeah

  6. You know what, y’all are full of it!!! For one thing alligators are not innocent. This, above some other shows on the History channel IS HISTORY!! This is the way the “Swamp people” support their families. This is also a way of keeping the alligator population in check. The ones that talk against it are people that don’t have to deal with alligators eating their pets or their children. Well you say,”don’t live there.” Well many people don’t have a choice. That is why this is true history, because the Cajun people have lived this way throughout history. You people that don’t want to watch it have a remote, so if you don’t want to watch this show, watch something else. But we that love the true history of different cultures want to learn. You are the type of people that took the land away from the Native American Indians!! Shame on you!!!

  7. Why do people look at this show in a negative why,There are too many of them they eat your pet and your kids if you are not careful they are over populated and they provide food for people.Are these animals more valuable than humans? How about you people that think this show is so bad number one Don’t look at it and
    number two if you are looking for a cause and this is a good one find a way to feed the millions of humans that don’t have enough to eat

  8. LETS START A PETETION to have The History Channel to keep the show going…..I myself don’t want it to end….go fight a cause that’s worth your time instead of taking food from the swappers mouths…

  9. This is bull shit if this is the case I want all the hunting and fishing shows taking off the air too I see shows where they gut dears skin fish and rabbits all you pussy ass cry babbies turn the fuckin chanel its not like you have to watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Patrick Dickerson says:

    this is life and if you don’t like it we should hunt you instead that would make for some damn good Entertainment.people like you are just stupid your not worth the air you breathe.what really gets me is you don’t see what this show brings to the world is family teaching their upcoming generation family values keeping them off the streets not doing drugs and killing people so with that KISS MY A$$!!! keep it going America

  11. LEAVE THE SHOW ALONE! This is necessary for controlling the alligator population. Also, this is part of their livelyhood. I totally agree with the comments that have been made. If killing the gators is so bad, what about hunting,, deadliest catch, wicked tuna, etc. …only to name a few. So yes, another petition to keep the show should be started.

  12. Cliff Fulmer says:

    The show Swamp People is more than just killing for fun! If you believe that it is just for fun, then how about have a gator charge you, what are you going to do just sit there and let them eat you. See people think they can make them pets and just feed them once in a while, but if you don’t continue and if you try too continue, they are going to expect it all the time till they will follow you home an then eat you. Trust me if there isn’t any controlling them there will be a problem. That is why there is a season for them and other animals that have seasons.
    The show also shows what people forget about. People helping people. Now these days all you see on TV is people taken lives of other people, not helping other people. I know I am tired of hearing and seeing that, maybe we need to have a petition for that as well.
    If this show offense people, then people killing people offense me and it is time to stop showing that as well! That means the News channels, NCI LA, and any other show that shows this needs to stop as well. This can be solved just like I handle the other that offend me, just turn the channel and watch something else.

  13. Mississippi Bill says:

    This just shows how uneducated these tree huggers really are they do not know the difference between a reptile dangerous at that and a true innocent animal they just want to be part of something they know nothing about and to have their 15 minutes of uneducated fame, why don’t these folks take there kids and ‘innocent’ pets to play with these. Dangerous reptiles and when they get eaten then make their decision if these creatures are innocent !!! thank you

  14. Trying thier best to put us on the bottom of the food train. Life is not all lollipops and gum drops. Some of us hunt to eat. We do not kill what we do not eat or share with a needy family. Smh economically certain areas of our country are lacking teach my children to survive always . economic downfall and I know a few pansies that are gonna starve to death. Praying America will return to her greatness. Very patriotic and very real. As far as my kids are concerned I’d rather then watch this than spongebob. Call me a redneck I’ll wear it with pride. Just because some people eat lettuce and carrots doesn’t mean there aren’t some MEAT and potatoes people living here as well. I say pay attention to what your kids watch be a parent you don’t want your kids watching it cool block that program with a secure code. But don’t punish us because u can’t handle it. Love the show #teamswamppeople

  15. Judith Meeks says:

    Leave “Swamp People ” on History channel! ! The show is good to watch, it is history. If you not like the show,change your station, there’s alot of programs on that people can watch. If alligators are not controlled, they be coming up more and more on land. Snack on land animals, your pet(s). Do you eat chicken, pork, bacon or sausage? ? What about steaks,or hamburger? ? Even your favorite restaurants serve animals. Alligators are a part of the dinosaurs,they need controlled. Do you have a pet alligator in your home?? Get real people! ! Leave “Swamp People ” ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL! ! Watch something else,maybe the other fishermen, or crab fishermen, shrimp fishermen. This includes you eating fish too. Keep “Swamp People “ON! !

  16. Jo Anne Foster Bruce says:

    If you don’t the show then don’t watch it…Swamp people is the only show that I watch on history channel..this is there way of life…hell of a lot better than watching Bruce Jenner turn into Caitlyn Jenner..who gives a rats ass about that…I sure don’t..leave swamp people alone

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