The History Channel Must Stop Airing “Swamp People”

Target: The History Channel and the producers of “Swamp People”

Goal: Convince the History Channel to discontinue the reality TV show “Swamp People” and all other shows that advocate hunting and killing animals.

Killing animals is not an acceptable thing, nor should it be televised as a reality TV show. It is clear that the History Channel and the producers of Swamp People are solely interested in making money wherever possible and they clearly have no regard for wildlife. Swamp People is a reality TV show that the History Channel airs which documents the Cajuns, or swamp people, that live in Louisiana in the swamp areas who hunt and kill innocent alligators during alligator season in order to make a living. In doing so, these “swamp people” go around on a boat looking for alligators to slaughter. Usually, the alligators are not easily killed with one bullet shot, so it usually takes several shots. Sometimes the alligators are seen trying to swim away but they cannot because they are injured and suffering from the pain of having been shot. The alligators never get away because they are captured by the swamp people. In other cases, the swamp people lay out bait with sharp hooks that get caught on the mouths of alligators. These alligators have to endure the immense pain sometimes for hours before the swamp people come to kill them. What is even more sad is that while the swamp people are killing the alligators, they are laughing and joking about it. While the swamp people are not torturing and killing alligators, they are seen hunting and killing other innocent animals for fun.

There is certainly nothing funny about killing and torturing animals and it is such a tragedy that even the History Channel would support it by airing such a barbaric thing. This TV show depicts cruel and inhumane behavior toward animals and what is sick about it is that it is not only supported but encouraged by channels such as the History Channel. Killing innocent animals in their natural habitat and making money off of it not only should be illegal and discouraged, but be made a crime to televise such cruelty for entertainment and money. On top of that, this show and others like it continues such myths that alligators are bad and dangerous animals. They are no different than you or me; alligators, like all animals are only trying to survive. It is obvious that humans kill far more alligators and other animals than animals kill humans.

In the same manner that shows like this continue the myths that alligators are dangerous so supposedly it makes it OK for people to hunt and kill them, it also makes the younger generation think that it is OK to hunt and kill animals. By airing this show, the History Channel is giving a bad influence to kids who might watch this show. This show does absolutely nothing to educate the younger generation about wildlife, living in harmony with animals and having an appreciation for them, but rather, it continues to promote killing as a solution which is never a solution. Killing will never solve any problems, it only continues them.

Shame on the History Channel for promoting such cruel, horrific and heart wrenching behavior and for not really educating the younger generation about wildlife, but only educating them about killing. Shame on the state of Louisiana for allowing this kind of thing to happen. The Cajuns claim that alligator hunting is a tradition of theirs that dates back to several hundred years ago. So supposedly that makes it OK for them to continue killing innocent creatures? Living in a modern country, why would anyone allow such barbaric things to continue on, tradition or not? Times change, people change, things change and laws change. I say that hunting and killing animals needs to be 100% illegal and that this show be taken off the air for good. It is time that people become educated about how valuable wildlife and nature are and that we should respect them.

Please sign this petition to demand that Swamp People be taken off the air and that animals should not be treated in such cruel ways, that it is not OK to make money off killing innocent creatures.


Dear History Channel and the producers of Swamp People,

While your reality TV show Swamp People may be entertaining to some people, it is highly offensive to others. It also does not even talk about history, so it really does not make sense for you to air that show. Swamp People does nothing to educate people about history, it only promotes killing. It is very immoral to air a show that depicts people torturing and killing animals. This is no way to live and the fact the people actually make money on killing animals is barbaric. I am very ashamed that you, the History Channel, would ever support such a horrible thing, much less encourage it. I urge you to think about it and to realize that killing animals or any living creature is not acceptable and should not be shown for entertainment and profit.

You should be concerned about the kind of people that may watch your show, such as kids, and the kind of effect it may have on them. This is not a good influence for kids and should not be dismissed as if it were. Promoting killing as a hobby or as a solution to any problem will never solve them, it will only continue the violence and killing and continue to make this world a horrible place to live in.


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  1. Are you people nuts? Sorry that’s obviously a retorical question. You do realize why the state issues tags to hunt them right? They over populate. Just like humans living off taxpayers these animals find a female and bang her. Result happy gator until diease or food runs out. They don’t vote so a certain political party doesn’t support them and they die horrible deaths. You probably didn’t know this but theydn’t have health insurance so if not thine out by hunters diease spreads fast. It’s really simple just look at our country.

  2. Wil Nieves says:

    Don’t know who are the idiots petitioning to cancel the show ? Obvious people with low I Q ‘s & no common sense . Please find something to do other than bitch about things you cannot change or control !

    • Obviously I have much more intelligence than you dumb rednecks that aren’t able to spell or speak correctly. I do have a college degree and I’m a retired nurse. It is extremely cruel the way these rednecks kill alligators. This show must be removed from television and the killing stopped. Are you aware that crowded population’s of humans spread disease faster than animals, reptiles, fish, bugs, or birds? I don’t see anyone advocating to kill off humans to stop over population. So educate yourself and help stop this needless, disgusting show of uneducated killing. Also I am from the south, so we aren’t all idiots or rednecks.

      • Let me ask you something, are you also against the killing of mosquitoes, rats, skunks, possums, ants, spiders, and snakes?

      • You are one dumb cunt! Go eat a dick!

        • This show is just another way of proving how ignorant people can be. Seriously, I’m sure these idiots can make a living doing something more productive to society. If they can’t that’s pretty pathetic. Cruelty to animals is never ok, and by the looks of the comments that are supporting the show your ignorance shows no limits. Pathetic.

      • Here is what we are gonna do, I’m not gonna sign your petition, instead I am gonna get ahold of the history channel and tell them how much you love alligators, I will let them know you want to save them, so here is how we’re gonna do it, I’m gonna tell them to stop killing them and start sending them all to you to take care of to live out the rest of there lives at your house, thank you so much for opening my eyes to this problem, I’m sure you will be pleased to have thousands of these creatures at your house helping you take care of things around there, also I would like to say sorry for your loss to your relatives in advance, thanks and have a wonderful day.

  3. Thaddeus Buttmunch MD says:

    Idiot Rednecks who Enjoy Killing! OK-so there are Too many Gators (Deer, Whatever)

    So let the Department of Natural Resources or Park Rangers take Care of it professionally, instead of your Sick Blood Fetish. And as for “Killing the Unborn” in MY Book, a Baby is not a formed Human until at Least the Second Trimester. You probably want to ban the pill, condoms and “unnatural sex” TOO, Don’t You?? Well…who will PAY to raise these Babies??

    • Telly Mcgrady says:

      Do you really think they have enough resources to do that? Hire professionally? Did it ever once crossed your mind that they issue tags to reduce costs as well as provide mean of livings to the people in the swamp? Are you that cozy in your high chair that you feel the need to take away someone else earning?

  4. Good. I hope they become extinct. I hate the damn things. Choot em! Choot em all! Lol

    • Excuse me, asshole, but alligators are from a lineage millions of years old, before the dinosaurs ever existed. And when they kill humans, although it’s awful, I would point out that Allogators are ambush hunters, adapted to snatch mammals that approach the water…they’re just doing what they do, do you expect them to sit around eating salad? They are dangerous and should be killed if they must be, but they should also be respected from a safe distance.

      • And left unchecked (they have no natural predators), they would over-populate and be forced to move into civilized areas in search of more food. Now if you want to open up your backyard to them at the risk of you, your children, or pets then walk-the-walk and step up. Otherwise, realize this is necessary to make our world safe. Besides, killing animals for food is natural, including gator meat.

  5. Frederic E Van Order says:

    Choosing ’em!

  6. Thaddeus obviously you are someone that has never had to work for a living or been in a church before god gave us dominion over all animals in the new testemant and abortion is killing so get your story straight who should be at the top of the food chain? With the terrible thing that happened in florida two nights ago someone should call you out! Get a life your probably voting for Hillary

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  8. having been raised in the south I can tell you gators are dangerous. they don’t care whether you signed a petition for their survival. they will bite you in the ass the same as a guy hunting them. get over yourself. nobody ask you to tune in to the history channel to watch. Thadeous needs a life. he goes from gators to abortion. whats that about ???? my husband and I like the show. we missed Liz and willie this past season. hope the show returns.

  9. Get a life. They have to be controlled. I don’t like killing animals just for the sake of it but I eat what I kill. And it is my understanding that if the numbers aren’t controlled the there is a genuine danger to the public. People who think that if we just leave the environment to control itself and leave it alone have no understanding in the countryside. In any country. Whether it’s elefants, deer, or alligators.

  10. Killing alligators is wrong, overpopulation is also an excuse that could be used to kill people. Perhaps killing off people like the ones on swamp people would be a favor to both people and alligators. Take this disgusting show off.

    • Why are you trying so hard to ruin these people’s livelihoods? It’s a state and park ranger sanctioned hunt that provides people with food, money, clothing and other goods while keeping the alligator population manageable enough that they won’t start moving into residential areas and killing children, adults, pets etc. If you don’t like the show or don’t agree with what they do, why do you keep watching it? Just change the channel.

    • Fuck I wish someone would shoot you in the face lady! Your a fucking nut!

    • ‘Gators are apex predators with a brain the size of a peanut. Feeding ‘gators is wrong. Tourists and other bleeding heart morons who know no better take great pleasute in feeding the beasts, causing the ‘gators to learn to associate humans with food source. I recommend finding your closest ‘gator pupolated body of water, throw then chickens on a regular sched, and we can start working on that human population contron that was duggested. By the way get as close to waters edge as possible so you don’t have to sling the chicks too far.

    • ‘Gators are apex predators with a brain the size of a peanut. Feeding ‘gators is wrong. Tourists and other bleeding heart morons who know no better take great pleasute in feeding the beasts, causing the ‘gators to learn to associate humans with food source. I recommend finding your closest ‘gator pupolated body of water, throw then chickens on a regular sched, and we can start working on that human population contron that was duggested. By the way get as close to waters edge as possible so you don’t have to sling the chicks too far.

  11. Thursday, February 16th 2017 – The new season of Swamp People premiers. Liberals everywhere lose their minds. 🖕🏼

    • I am technically a “liberal” but I also know why they issue the tags to help with population control and it allows people to earn money. I know the alligators get used for food, etc. I fully support things like this. I think humans need population control too. Not to have killing seasons but maybe like what China did for a while limiting the number of babies a family can have for a while. Please don’t lump all liberals in the same category…

  12. Ok, so if they don’t kill a gator, that gator will go on to kill numerous other animals that day. So by protecting that gator, you are sentencing numerous other animals (that can’t protect themselves) to death. Or are you going to ask that alligator to sign that petition and wait for it to bite your arm off?

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