Save the Salt River Wild Horses

Target: U.S. Forest Service

Goal: Prevent innocent wild horses from being rounded up and captured.

There is nothing more beautiful or majestic than a herd of wild horses. Unfortunately, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) apparently does not agree with that statement, considering that they plan to round up and capture several dozen horses that live along the Salt River just east of Mesa, Arizona. The USFS claims the horses are simply feral and therefore dangerous; and, to add insult to injury, the decision was made without any public hearings, notices, or announcements whatsoever. According to several rumors circulating the media, the wild horses will be slaughtered once they are captured.

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 states that the Salt River horse herd has every right to roam freely and needs to be preserved. In addition, the U.S. government has every obligation to protect them because the horses are one of the last symbols of the Wild West and a true representation of liberty in a world where liberty is very difficult to obtain. There is still time to protest the capture of these horses while the U.S. Forest Service spends time researching the overall herd population and ways of removing them. Tell the USFS that their motives are deplorable and disgraceful. Sign the petition now to save the herd and the freedom they represent.


Dear U.S. Forest Service,

I write to you in regard to the Salt River wild horses that are in danger of being rounded up and captured in Arizona. I would like to inform you that according to the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, the Salt River herd has every right to roam freely, and you have an obligation to protect that right. It is my understanding that you decided to round up these horses without any public hearings or notices. This leads me to question your motives behind removing such a prominent herd.

The horses that have lived along the Salt River for generations have just as much a right to freedom as you or I. They are the true symbols of the Wild West and a reminder to mankind what freedom truly is. Many people visit the Salt River just to see them and look upon them in awe. How will you explain to the people who come to view the horses that you rounded them up and killed them purely because they were “feral”? There is no decent explanation available to give justice to your motives.

I urge you to cease your plans for rounding up and capturing these innocent and beautiful animals, and I urge you to take measures to protect them in the future.


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  1. Hey you Big boys behind the desk were hired and on the pay roll to protect our NATIONAL FOREST. Check your history on all this . THE WILD HORSES RUN FREE, not slaughtered. The people {WE THE PEOPLE} own the National Forest That include’s you and me. Your there to protect these rights. You wear the uniform. So do your job.

  2. Erica gill says:

    Seeing wild horses in the wild is rare and thrilling! I feel lucky to have seen them. Let them be!

  3. Bridget Weber says:

    There are alot of humans taking up precious oxygen, spend that planning money on rounding those people up and giving natural selection a hand.

  4. Gloria Roberts says:

    Shame on these people that have decided to round up these horses and slaughter them. This is supposed to be a free country, animals are part of our life style. Let’s keep it that way. Maybe the people that made this decision should change jobs. How about ditch digging.

  5. Mark Lilly says:

    The Forests Service has many educated people that work for them that know a lot about how much damage wild horses or wild burros can do around water holes etc. But do they use any common sense to know that mother nature repairs that damage through the seasons and will keep repairing itself just like what happens after a fire in the Forrest. Not to mention they are breaking the laws that were put in place by men and women that could forsee that if you kill the horses they don’t grow back like plants and grass after a fire. Do the right thing and let them be, we are not talking about a herd the size that could over graze the land like the greedy cattle owners that have some of the forest service leases, this has been going on for years. I didn’t say that all cattlemen are like that because I have respect for the ones that do it correctly.
    Leave the horses alone, nature keeps the population in balance so why bother them. Very few people even know about the horses until something like this happens. If you have ever seen them in the wild you know they are something that is a privagle to have seen.
    Leave them be, don’t make the public take such measures to stop such foolish actions by our government. Go do something you can be proud of.
    Mark Lilly

  6. Hope they eavem alone, the river was thiers way before it began being ran by government , jJust like taking land away from Indians, Too bad horses cant defend themselves :(, Want to do something right get rid of the crooked officials we got in office like our county judge where I live that pulls crooked projects when your parents are on death bed and ill . , Country is in a mess and wanna mess with innocent animals,

  7. The animals have rights to those lands. The government can’t and won’t step in and slaughter or remove them. The horses have been their since the 1800s. The stopped the slaughter. We will be watching for court dates. We know the media is hiding it.
    We will not forget.

  8. Kathleen L. Turner says:

    Our wild horses are a majestic heritage and a continuing connection from America’s earliest days to the present day. One that we need to continue to be proud of and preserve!

  9. Dawn Nichol says:

    Rhymes with Stop.

    P= Power
    O= Of
    P= Prayer

    More things are wrought with prayer than anything else in this world.
    And I for one are storming the heavens with prayer “That this thought to murder this incredible herd is over come by the goodness in our world”
    United we “MUST” stand.
    …And rattlesnakes are relocated…
    God help us All.

  10. I really don’t know what to say to this misinformation. How do we solve a problem when people believe in myths?

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