Help Minnesota Fight Measles Outbreak

Target: Michelle L. Fischbach, President of the Minnesota Senate

Goal: Grant emergency fund to help Minnesota Health Department combat deadly measles outbreak.

The largest outbreak of measles in three decades in Minnesota presents even more of a threat because the state does not have enough money to effectively combat it. The deadly disease is expensive to treat because each patient requires thorough follow-up appointments, and because the virus can linger up to two hours in a space even after the infected person has left, so is very contagious.

If exposed to the disease, about 90% of unvaccinated individuals are likely to contract it, which means the state has a huge task in tracking down and treating the disease. Of the 51 confirmed cases, only two had been fully vaccinated. The Health Department said it cannot continue to divert funds from all other important health issues to use it all on “disease outbreaks and threats,” but it is vital for the Department to have the means to fight the outbreak. Sign below to demand that the legislature grant the state’s request for an emergency fund.


Dear Senate President Fischbach,

The measles outbreak in Minnesota is extremely dangerous, and ensuring that the state is able to combat it effectively must be a priority. The Minnesota Health Department’s budget for outbreaks is already stretched thin with screening travelers and pregnant women for the Zika virus, as well as treating syphilis and tuberculosis.

The measles outbreak puts Minnesota’s children at risk, and is the largest in three decades. It is deadly and extremely contagious, so will only continue to spread without the proper resources to contain it. I urge you to protect Minnesota’s families and grant the Health Department’s request for an emergency fund to fight the measles.


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Photo Credit: Dave Haygarth

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  1. In America in the past 20 years, there has been less than 1 death per year from measles. A child’s risk of dying from measles is almost zero%. There is a lot of unnecessary hype about measles.

    • Please share your sources. I have to disagree with you. I’ve seen research that disputes your comments that are reputable. Just sharing your views doesn’t make it so.

      • Journalist Michael Specter reported in The New Yorker on July 3, 2015, “The Washington State Department of Health announced on Thursday the first confirmed measles death in the United States in more than a decade.”

        • The word confirmed changes that statement from 1 in decades to 1 confirmed in decades. Michael Specter has also written a book called Denialism. Here’s the first thing he said on NPR.

          Nearly 20 percent of the families in Vashon Island, Wash., aren’t getting their children vaccinated against childhood diseases. At the Ocean Charter School near Marina del Rey, Calif., 40 percent of the 2008 kindergarten class received vaccination exemptions. Author Michael Specter says the parents in these upscale enclaves are prime examples of what he calls “denialism.”

          That’s also the title of his new book, . “We can all believe irrational things,” the author of Denialism tells NPR’s Scott Simon. “The problem is that I think an increasing number of Americans are acting on those beliefs instead of acting on facts that are readily present.”

          Now it’s possible he changed his mind but here’s the rest of the article you cited and left out.

          Nearly two hundred thousand children in the developing world died from measles last year. The number of deaths worldwide has fallen dramatically over the course of the past decade, as a result of an intense vaccine drive led by the Gates Foundation and GAVI, the global vaccine alliance. Most Americans, however, have never seen a case of measles, and neither have most practicing pediatricians. That has made it difficult to convey the dangers of avoiding vaccination.

          But those dangers are real, and unless other states follow the example of Vermont and California, there will be many more cases of this totally preventable illness and more deaths as a result.

          There is more than the US and he also stated the CDC says there are probably more but they were not diagnosed.

          He also spoke about the herd immunity. Once the vaccination rate drops below 90%, that immunity goes away.

          You didn’t research that article very well. Reading past the first paragraph disputes the anti-vaxxer platform you are spreading.

          Biased and close minded also applies to you. You have picked and chosen only what you are looking for. As far as that impeccable research of other anti-vaxxers, please do show it to me.

          Hope they did more research than you. I take it you take issue with that statement, too.

          • I was giving you a reference to PROVE the fact of the number of deaths from measles in the U.S. I did not misrepresent anything, or take anything out of context as you are implying.
            I am not taking on the whole issue of vaccinations. What I was addressing was the issue of measles IN AMERICA.
            If you want more info on vaccines: the book Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History, by Suzanne Humphries, M.D. and Roman Bystrianyk; the book Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement and Government Betrayal at the CDC by James Ottar Grundvig; the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

        • Again, the word confirmed makes a huge difference. Let’s ignore that, though. Do you really think there can be no infection carried from those 200,000 children in those developing nations. There is such a thing as an airplane, but I guess that can never happen. No one in a developing nation can afford air transportation? A little presumptuous? I’d say so but you will close your mind to it. Close-minded? Surely not. I have done research and did not find anything to support your statements. And, yes, that first paragraph alone does not give a full view of your point. I take offense that you think you are the only group that can do research. An implication that I am unable to do so because I have not been swayed by pseudoscience. Again, you said most implying not all survived measles. Healthy people are the only ones who deserve protection?Sounds like a contradiction to me but what do I know? I would not want my great- grandchild to be exposed to someone who was not vaccinated. He is not healthy enough to be vaccinated which means he is not healthy enough to survive measles. It is not your decision to make. Get over yourself and realize these children need to be protected from people like you.

          • I have no idea why you’re so hostile and accusatory about this. I’ve had my share of abusive people and so I will end this conversation with you.

          • I’m hostile and accusatory because you are taking away every other parent’s rights to protect their children. That is abusive but I’m sure you won’t deign to see it that way. You may be speaking directly of measles but you are forgetting others that are passed by unvaccinated children. You may think my grandson is unimportant. I love him and do not. We can agree to disagree because I think you are totally irresponsible with other’s children. You believe there is a conspiracy. You won’t convince me and I won’t convince you.

          • I will say one more thing IN DEFENSE of myself, and after that I am finished with having any more conversations with you. Your accusations against me are false. I am not taking away any parents rights and I am not abusive. I am just trying to look at the facts. Your hostility and nasty accusations make it impossible to have a rational discussion with you. I have learned from experience to remove myself from communication with such irrational abusive people.


    • Measles causes less than 1 death per year in America. Measles only causes death when people are severely malnourished or their immune systems are already compromised by other health issues. The CDC and medical community are fearmongering.
      What people need to do is to educate themselves about these issues. Do the vaccine corporations stand to gain by fearmongering and causing people to get vaccines? Do they really care about people, or their own profits?

      • Again, provide reputable sources. Anti-vaxxer sources don’t apply.

        • See my reply above. There is much more information available on this issue for those who are willing to do some research.
          I take issue with your statement against anti-vaxxer sources. Many anti-vaxxers have impeccably researched information. To just dismiss them like that is biased and close-minded. Please open your mind a bit. I used to be very pro-vaccine but changed my mind after doing a lot of research.

  3. Parents should be given full information for and against measles vaccination so that they can make an informed decision. I would say target the programme to those who may be vulnerable to the disease (malnourished, sick etc..) except that those are the ones with the least ability to cope with side effects.

    • If you don’t want your child vaccinated, home school him, no activities outside the home, no friends over that aren’t vaccinated. You get the idea. You don’t get to make the decision to expose children for parents of children who are unable to be vaccinated due to age or health.

      • Again, this is fear-mongering. Almost every child got measles when I was young, and survived it just fine. For most healthy children, measles is not life-threatening.

        • Fear- mongering? For most healthy children? Are those children who are not healthy important? Don’t they deserve a life? Heartless.

          • No I’m not heartless. I am saying that in countries such as the U.S. where children are generally healthy, it’s not really an issue. In undeveloped countries where there is a lot of malnutrition obviously getting measles would be more serious.

  4. Helen Barton says:

    Every person has a right to choose their own and their children’s health care. Be careful of manufactured consent – whereby your rights as a human beings are gradually eroded away with the pretext that it is for the good off all. This scaremongering over once common and non-feared illnesses is part of the process of taking away your rights. All you people who support mass vaccinations – do us all a favour and (if you can get hold of one) read the list of ingredients in these vaccinations and wake up your stupified mind. Or is a lack of critical thinking the first thing to disappear when you are vaccinated? If not try educating yourselves with an ingredients label and ask yourself “why”?

    • Critical thinking is SO important. Government and vaccine corporations are not god. They do NOT deserve our mindless faith and obedience. We need to question, research and think for ourselves.

  5. Helen Barton says:

    By the way – for those still capable of critical thinking (unfortunately probably only the unvaccinated) complete lists of ingredients in all types of vaccines can be easily found on the internet – which often include pictures of the vaccine insert.
    Have a look and wake up!

  6. “One reported death”. Yep, doesn’t matter UNLESS IT’S YOUR CHILD! Add to the grief a parent feels and knowing if they had vaccinated their child, it wouldn’t have happened. I remember polio, mumps, chicken pox, measles – I had them all except polio. We didn’t have vaccinations then. I made sure my kid was vaccinated so she wouldn’t have the scars and misery.

    • Nobody’s saying one death doesn’t matter.
      Children have died from GETTING vaccines too, you know.

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