Justice for Man Allegedly Shot in the Head by Police

Target: Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, Nigeria Inspector General of Police

Goal: Fire and severely punish police who allegedly shot an innocent young man in the head, if guilty.

Police officers allegedly shot an innocent man in the head. An image of the victim, posted to social media, shows a young man with a swollen, bloody face. Bandages are wrapped around his head and the side of his face, but the gruesome injuries that appear to extend from his head all the way to his mouth, are evident. The image was posted along with a description stating that the young man was walking home from work when “C Division Police Officers shot him with a life [sic] bullet.” The description also said that a person identified as Inspector Gyang confirmed the shooting and added that he didn’t care what length the witness went to regarding this case of alleged police brutality.

The police department has been silent on this allegation so far. The outcome will most likely be that this case of possible police brutality won’t ever be investigated and the victim will never see justice. That is why we must publicly pressure the authorities of Nigeria to investigate this case and take appropriate action. Please add your signature to the petition below to demand that this incident be investigated immediately and that the officers involved be severely punished and stripped of their badges, if guilty.


Dear Inspector General Idris,

An innocent young man was walking home when police officer allegedly shot him in the head. A photo shows the victim with gruesome facial and head injuries. According to the witness, a man called Inspector Gyang has confirmed the incident and even stated that he didn’t care.

Cases of police brutality in Nigeria are increasing at a disturbingly high rate. The reason is because justice is rarely ever served, and the victims are usually left to suffer in silence. We are calling on you to help put a stop to these disgusting crimes committed by police, starting with this recent case. We, the undersigned, demand that an investigation be conducted immediately and that the officers be punished severely and stripped of their badges, if guilty of any wrongdoing.


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Photo credit: Sani Hamidu

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Seek Justice NOW, for this man, who was shot in the head by an Officer!!!

  2. Yes this poor man needs justice, which means a proper INDEPENDENT investigation, and INCARCERATION for the cop involved if he is guilty.

  3. michelle taylor says:

    Most cops are vile,corrupt,abusive,scumbags.

  4. Oh funny it is in Nigeria and probably the officers were also black, but if it was in USA or Europe of course it would be a case of racism, of course the young man was totally innocent, but when we see videos, the facts usually are, the officers shouting to the supposed victims to stop and in return the supposed victims, not only don’t obey but usually fire against police officers and even after several warnings from police they still use the gun and never obey. Than we see petitions saying oh poor innocent black in a racism case from white officers and other lies. Black people are very violent usually it is proven by the way they try to rule the countries that white people built for them in africa, and in return they just destroy all as they are incapable of management, they always go for violence. Look the wonderful country South Africa was even with apartheid, and now with years had gone down the pipes. Others like Nigeria never leave the sewer with tons of help in all forms from white countries, where people work hard to give for them, where they invade and parasite as well as middle east. The truth needs to come out. I read thinking again and invention of racism, but oh la la it is in N with black officers doing the thing. Also there are cases of blacks many more than the opposite shooting white, raping white women and still we don’t listen them crying out loud is racism.Work instead of trying to get away with blacks doing crimes.

  5. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    I would like to know a lot more about this case rather than the small amount shown here?
    If this ‘innocent’ chap was called to stop and ignored after several warnings, this would be a different situation altogether. Wouldn’t it?
    Nowhere near enough information!

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