Don’t Ban Abortions After 13 Weeks

Target: Sandra Williams, Ohio Senator

Goal: Don’t pass bill outlawing second trimester abortions.

Second trimester abortions are at risk of being banned by the Ohio Senate. This would be accomplished by outlawing D&E abortions, which are the ones usually used after the first trimester and also in the case of some miscarriages. There are already enough hoops to jump through in order to get this medical procedure done — women do not need to be restricted to such a short amount of time to make this difficult choice. Banning abortion is known to lead to women’s deaths as they try to make the right choices for their lives in spite of the law.

Ohio is pretty restrictive when it comes to abortion already. None are performed after the fetus is deemed viable, or after 20 weeks. There is a 24-hour waiting period and medicaid will not cover abortions except for rare instances when the mother’s life is in danger. Women have reported feeling judged at their consultation appointments. All of these issues hinge on being able to reach a clinic, which may also prove difficult for some Ohio women. Ohio is the 7th most populous state, with a few bigger cities, but is mostly rural otherwise. There are less than a dozen abortion clinics left in Ohio to serve 11 million people, but accessibility won’t be an issue if this bill passes and second trimester abortions are effectively made illegal anyway. Sign this petition to keep second trimester abortion safe and legal.


Dear Ms. Williams,

Women’s rights are attacked on a regular basis. One such instance of this is Senate Bill 145, a bill that would limit abortions in the state of Ohio. The anti-choice group Right to Life is hoping to overturn Roe v. Wade, and in their minds, this is just one more step toward that. We can not allow men to legislate women’s bodies anymore. This bill will not save fetuses, it will only force women to use more dangerous methods of terminating their pregnancies.

The D&E abortion method is quick and much safer than any attempt at abortion by a non-medical professional. It’s ideal to end a pregnancy as early as possible if that’s the choice the woman’s made, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Sometimes things get caught up legally and take a while, or women may not find out they’re pregnant for a few months. It’s no one’s place to judge the reasoning, and if the woman and doctor agree that termination is her best course of action, that should be allowed. Please vote no on Senate Bill 145 and help keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible.


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Photo Credit: Debra Sweet

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    if they want abortions fine!

  2. Not signing this petition.
    People want D&C abortions? Please research for yourself and find out just what a D&C is. Watch or listen to any former abortion doctor or worker describe the horrors of that procedure.
    Sadly, people have been fooled by the cleverly designed abortion semantics promoted by Planned Parenthood and the medical industry. George Orwell’s “Newspeak” template has been used. “Fetus” to obscure the fact that it is a baby; “Women’s right to their bodies” to obscure the fact that there are 2 bodies involved, not just 1: “Your rights” to obscure the fact that with abortion the baby has no rights; and so forth.
    Ask yourself – In the abortion industry, WHO PROFITS? Planned Parenthood and abortion doctors, or women and their babies?

  3. After 13 weeks if you still want an abortion, all the more reason to have one.

    • Don’t understand your reasoning, unless you work in the abortion industry and stand to gain financially from abortions.
      Abortions after 13 weeks have a higher risk of complications for the mother. So that’s one LESS reason to have one.

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