Demand Zoo Breeding Programs to Save Animals

Target: Dennis W Kelly, Chair of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Goal: Require that all zoo breeding programs only breed endangered animals.

Breeding programs at zoos have been mostly based on profits and the ability to trade animals among other zoos. There are numerous species on the brink of extinction that could be lost within the year. These are the animals that zoos should be trying to breed, with the goal of releasing a stable population back into the wild.

Thousands of animal populations are in rapid decline thanks to habitat loss and poaching, among other human-related pressures. While some of these animals can be found in zoos, there are others that aren’t. Animals on the brink of extinction need zoos to give a last-ditch effort to save the species. Zoos should create breeding programs that focus on endangered animals with the goal of releasing a stable population back into the wild. In most cases, zoos would focus on the endangered animals in their country. However, in cases of dire urgency, multiple zoos could be involved in the attempt to save the species.

By creating a zoo breeding program that was focused on endangered animals, zoos would be truly fighting for conservation. It would be an opportunity for the zoos to engage in community education and outreach. Visitors to the zoos would have the opportunity to learn how their zoo was helping in the conservation efforts of animals. They would also be able to find out how they could help these efforts.

In order to save these species that we are pushing to the brink, zoos need to focus their efforts on conservation. Please sign this petition to help the creation of a conservation breeding program.


Dear Mr. Kelly,

Hundreds of animal species are facing extinction, and many will go extinct this year if we don’t do anything. Zoos may be the last hope standing between extinction and the very animals we love. With the implementation of a breeding program for endangered species, zoos could stabilize rapidly declining animal populations.

Endangered species breeding programs would be created in zoos all across the country and in other areas of the world. Zoos would create a network among each other that would allow them to request help when trying to repopulate a specific species. Depending on the urgency of the reproduction of each species, most zoos would handle animals that are found in their own area. International zoos could request the aid of other zoos when it came to reproduction efforts and release efforts.

Creating a breeding program would also be a great way to get the community more involved in conservation. Zoos could post updates on their own breeding program efforts. Volunteers or zoo employees could also educate zoo visitors about conservation and different animal species specific to the breeding programs.

I urge you to create an endangered species conservation breeding program to help save hundreds of species from being lost forever.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Greg Hume

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  1. Yes, yes, yes… a zoo with Zoologists don’t know this. Do it.

  2. Karin Nelson says:

    Will not sign this. SANCTUARIES are where breeding should take place if necessary NOT zoos. Zoos are ‘for profit’ prisons for animals. We have no right to use animals for entertainment!

  3. louis gauci says:

    I am not agreeing with this petition. Zoos are no place to animals, even if they are on the brink of extinction.

  4. Katja Budliger says:

    And when they have too many, f.ex. too many males, they cannot place somewhere else, in another zoo, they put them asleep.

  5. Not signing this petition. Zoos are an awful, miserable life for animals. If animals are going to be bred just to be in captivity all their lives, well, it just seems cruel.

  6. Silver wing says:

    I am not signing this.
    A zoo is no place for wild animals, period.

  7. I will never support any zoo. Breeding programs do not belongin zoos.


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