Praise Ban on Barbaric Ritual Animal Slaughter

Target: André Antoine, Head of Walloon Parliament

Goal: Applaud ban on cruelly cutting conscious animals’ necks and allowing them to bleed out.

Halal and kosher slaughter methods have been banned in Belgium’s largest territory by legislation passed unanimously by the environment committee of the Walloon Parliament. These methods involve cutting the throats of fully conscious animals so that their blood can be drained while they are still alive.

Though religious groups are calling this an affront to their rights, kosher and halal meats will still be available for purchase. The import and sale of this type of meat has not been banned.

In regular slaughterhouses, the animals are at least stunned before they are killed. Rights groups say that this is the most humane way to go about slaughtering an animal, so that they do not experience the immense pain and fear associated with halal and kosher slaughter.

Undercover videos taken at halal slaughterhouses show animals being forcefully loaded onto conveyor belts. After their throats are cut, they are seen screaming and struggling in pain for several minutes before they finally die.

There is no doubt among legislators that this ritual slaughter is incredibly cruel and causes immeasurable pain and distress to animals. By banning it, legislators will save hundreds of thousands of animals each year from this type of torturous death. Sign the petition below to applaud the decision, which was made with the best interests of animals at heart.


Dear Mr. Antoine,

Belgium’s largest territory has recently banned kosher and halal slaughter methods, where animals are brutally killed while still conscious. Undercover videos taken at halal slaughterhouses show animals being roughly loaded onto conveyor belts where they then have their throats slit. The animals suffer for several minutes as they bleed out.

While religious groups are calling this move an affront to their rights, this is not the case. The import and sale of halal and kosher meats has not been banned, allowing those who want the meat to still purchase it in stores.

This move has put the rights of animals in the forefront, pushing cruel and outdated slaughter methods to the wayside. By banning these slaughter methods, hundreds of thousands of animals in the Walloon region will be saved from torturous deaths. We, the undersigned, applaud this decision, which will set a positive example for other regions in Belgium and all over the world.


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Photo credit: Sanitarium

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  1. Sonja Beyer says:

    Let’s not let animals suffer this kind of death – even in the name of religion – surely God does not want his creatures to suffer!

    • I agree. If there is such a thing as a good God, he/she/it/they would NOT want innocent creatures to suffer. The fact that these religious people – Muslims and Jewish people – do this cruel killing in the name of religion is horrifying and repugnant.

  2. Muslims and Jews are calling this ban “an affront to their rights”?! They have the right to torture animals? Further, their gods commanded them to torture animals?
    I appeal to every Jew and Muslim – if your god is ok with the torture of innocent animals, please, seriously, ASK YOURSELF if your god is REALLY god and is REALLY loving. I know you’re supposed to have faith and not question, but don’t you have a pang of conscience about this?


  4. This horror is commited in the name of God, but since when is a good God in the “torture business.”

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