Don’t Bring Back Fox Hunting

Target: Theresa May, British Prime Minister

Goal: Do not vote in favor of allowing foxes to be chased down and viciously killed once more.

Since 2005, fox hunting has been illegal in England and Wales thanks to a ban which has protected these animals from this cruel and unnecessary blood sport. British journalists have now revealed a plot involving various fox hunting masters and politicians to overturn this ban following upcoming general elections.

Should the ban be repealed, foxes will once more be driven to death through exhaustion or ripped to shreds by hounds trained to kill them. It is worth noting that dogs are also frequently injured, sometimes seriously, during fox hunts as they struggle with their hapless prey. The tradition of fox hunting may go back centuries in England, yet it remains no less barbaric today than it was in medieval times.

The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, has been vocal in her support of lifting the ban and has promised to offer a free vote in its favor. This is in sharp contrast to the over 80 percent of people polled in England who are aware of the practice’s cruelty and do not support its return. This is not the first time British conservative politicians have pushed for the ban’s repeal, but given the current political climate, it is feared that it may have a greater chance of success than it did previously in 2015. A single vote could potentially make or break the ban’s chances of remaining in effect.

Sign this petition to urge the Prime Minister to not support any proposals which would repeal the ban so that thousands of innocent lives are not put at risk. This “sport” is violent and savage and has no place in the 21st century.


Dear Prime Minister May,

In interviews, you have stated that you support lifting the ban on fox hunting and would provide a free vote for its repeal should it brought up again in Parliament. Now that it seems likely that this may occur following upcoming general elections, I urge you to reconsider your position.

Fox hunting is a cruel and barbaric practice which results in the mutilation and killing of innocent animals. In many cases, dogs are harmed alongside their intended quarry. There is nothing to be celebrated about a tradition which is based in harming, torturing and killing living and sentient beings.

I urge you to listen to the vast majority of Britons who do not favor bringing this abhorrent practice back and to retract your support.


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Photo Credit: Keven Law

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  1. Sonja Beyer says:

    No animal deserves such a horribly cruel death! This is only a bloodsport for the very rich and should be banned for all times.

  2. Kathryn Irby says:

    To chase down foxes, to be killed horrific deaths is nothing short of Blatantly Inhumane!! Do not allow this cruel practice to be carried out yet again!! All Animals deserve to live, just as all people do!!

  3. Barbarian Elizabeth May and her sadistic friends should NOT be allowed to force an overturn of this fox hunting ban.
    It’s horrifying that there are such savages in positions of power.
    Fox hunting is extremely barbaric and should never be allowed or tolerated anywhere. Anyone who would want to fox hunt has got SERIOUS mental health issues, which include sadism, lack of conscience and lack of compassion.


  5. lee whitehall says:

    While I will sign, I think we will also need to use the power of our vote.

  6. Mark Betti says:

    Great Britain was right to ban fox hunting. Please do not take a step backwards by lifting the ban now. This cruel “sport” is barbaric and should never be allowed under any conditions.

  7. people who do this are sadistic and blood thirsty. This “blood sport” is barbaric and doesn’t need to brought back. What is wrong with people who
    get pleasure from animals being killed in a horrible way. Why don’t we hunt
    the hunters down. Give them a head start and then let a pack of dogs chase
    them down and maul them to death. Lets see how these cowards feel.

  8. Theresa May, British Prime Minister:

    What the heck would you gain by allowing foxes to be chased down and viciously killed once more??????????? Why would you support any proposals which would repeal the ban so that thousands of innocent lives are
    put at risk???????????

    Thanks to this WORLDWIDE PETITION, people are keeping an eye on this situation. Do not vote in favor of allowing foxes to be chased down and viciously killed once more. Thank you.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  10. Always thought of her as a lady, an intelligent woman. Now I think of her as a ruthless bitch!

  11. Decent people are too easy on “hunters” , I think because we use that word along with “hunters and gatherers” which was a survival mode left behind thousands of years ago. Hunters today are sadistic people with a clear psychopathic component. Anyone who takes pleasure in destroying the beautiful God given body of a living, sentient creature with a life, and a family, and with a right to walk the earth as valid as those of its assassin, cannot be anything else but a deviant. Hunting is a business, multimillion dollar business. And that is what is behind this acceptance. That must be fought tooth and nail, all the time. Quiet acceptance is as good as being complicit.

  12. I will definitely not vote for Teresa.May if this is her idea , leaving it up to her repealing the previous vote!
    The woman has no moral’s or compassion!
    There are many foxes passing through my garden and a family that has raised their young and whom I have got to know very well through the years,infact they now trust me feeding them from a fork?

    So stay away from the foxes May!?

  13. Denise Devereux says:

    Have a human cull instead. Let these serial killers, child killers and terrorists your country is allowing to exist run and chase them down on horseback and kill them. I’ll join your shoot.

  14. Sonja Beyer says:

    Fox Huntibg is no sport – it is CRUELTY!!!

  15. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This is NOT hunting! Its rich men, sitting on their horses, and releases their packs of dogs to attack and rip to shreds a helpless fox. Disgusting and cruel beyond words! PLEASE don’t bring it back!

  16. Elaine Milbourn says:

    Just goes to show what Theresa May will do to the UK if she is returned to No.10. Even though the majority of decent people in this country are opposed to the vicious, outdated cruelty that is hunting with hounds, she is still prepared to ride roughshod over their opinions and favour her wealthy Tory backers. Shame on her. Christian? I don’t think so.

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