Cancel Plans to Kill Dogs in Cruel Experiments

Target: David Shulkin, United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Goal: Don’t kill 18 dogs for cruel medical experiment.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to kill over a dozen dogs in a cruel experiment. The 18 narcoleptic Dobermans would be given antidepressants or methamphetamine before they are killed. Scientists would then try to measure how the drugs affect the production of histamines in the brain. Experts hope that this experiment will help determine whether heightened histamine production in those with narcolepsy is a response to treatment or a part of the disease itself.

It is currently unknown to lawmakers whether the experiment is in planning stages or already underway. The only reason the experiment was discovered was due to a Freedom of Information Act request by rights group the White Coat Waste Project. It has also come to light that the VA may be misrepresenting the nature of its experiments, with this particular test being labeled as “observational.”

Some members of Congress, including Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), who represents the area of West L.A. where the VA is located, have announced plans to stop these cruel experiments. According to a letter from him and other lawmakers, “without access to FOIA documents, we would not have known the VA was providing misleading information or that dogs were even being used in these experiments.”

Not only is this type of experimentation barbaric, the apparent coverup of information on the testing is concerning. Sign the petition below to ask that these cruel experiments are immediately put to an end and that more transparency about animal experimentation is introduced.


Dear Mr. Shulkin,

Lawmakers have recently exposed the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs’ plans to kill 18 narcoleptic Dobermans as part of a cruel experiment. The dogs would be injected with drugs before being killed so that scientists can measure histamine levels in their brains and how these levels may relate to narcolepsy. These experiments seem to have been misrepresented and covered up by the VA, being labeled as “observational.”

These experiments are cruel, and the lack of transparency surrounding them sends up red flags. We, the undersigned, demand that these tests are immediately cancelled and that in the future, the VA is honest with lawmakers and the public about all animal testing.


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Photo credit: Michelle Tribe

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Just when one thinks one has heard everything!!! The notion of killing/murdering dogs, regardless of the number, is nothing short of Blatantly Inhumane!! DO NOT even think about killing these 18 dogs for the sake of your “experimentation!!” Unacceptable!!!
    Respect a life, whether it be an innocent animal or a human being for God’s sake!!!

  2. This is one “science” atrocity that has been exposed. How many more horrible “experiments” are being carried out by deranged sadists that are kept covered up? It’s horrifying to think about.
    Thank you to all those people who exposed this dog “experiment” and are fighting to stop it.
    We the people demand that this cruel sadistic “experiment” on innocent dogs be stopped immediately and permanently.

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      Unfortunately there are many more experiments on dogs and other animals globally. Practically every household item or cosmetic product has been tested on animals. We have to fight on against this barbarity.


  4. I reckon these ‘scientists’ already know the answer, they just like torturing animals.

  5. Wendy Morrison says:

    STUPID PEOPLE wanting to experiment on innocent DOGS befkre these idiots KILL these DOGS! These STUPID PEOPLE should experiment on THEMSELVES and NOT ON INNOCENT DOGS or any other animals for that fact!!!!

  6. Heather Brophy says:


  7. And how did these poor dogs BECOME “narcoleptic” in the FIRST place?! These rat bastards obviously already MADE them that way, in order to FURTHER experiment on them, and THEN take their lives!

    I hate all these researchers who exploit, use, then STEAL AWAY nonhuman beings’ lives, AS IF they weren’t equally as sacred as human lives. Mankind has to get off its high horse and stop PRETENDING it’s somehow “better” than all other life forms, when it clearly is NOT! NO other life form on this planet would, or has, deliberately subjected another to this kind of heinousness, not EVEN those who DO have “opposable thumbs”!

  8. I don’t know if everyone realizes it, but federal funds support this experimentation. That means my tax dollars and yours are being used. This has been exposed many times but to no avail. The only way this will stop is if we can convince Congress to defund this barbaric use of our tax dollars.

  9. Absolutely must be stopped. Dogs are our best friends. This is disgusting.

  10. these so called “scientist” are sadist who like to torture animals and do
    because they can get away with it under the disguise of “science.” They
    are a pathetic class of people. They know dogs brains and humans brains
    don’t process drugs the same way. How stupid are they? There needs to be
    a laws made and enforced that put a stop to this abuse. If they are so hung
    ho about drugs why don’t they get some of their own people and experiment
    on them. Just because animals don’t have a say about what humans do to
    them doesn’t mean you should be able to do what you want with them.They
    are not fodder for humans to abuse and destroy. They are not possessions.

  11. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Shulkin, you hypocritical govt parasite, drugs that work on animals seldom work on people, and if you don’t know this, it’s because you have no qualifications for the job my taxes are supporting!


  12. Anyone who has a dog as a companion knows their worth has no measure. Stop this insane sadism.

  13. Stop this now you bunch of cruel fucking mongrels what’s wrong with this world. Do it on abusers. These scientists got no feelings or compassion for life. Do it to them see how they feel your nothing but of arseholes.

  14. Lisa Zarafonetis says:


  15. Seems from an scientific and intelligent point of view not much has been learned over the last decades! Still resolving to draconian research! Many scientists have stopped to “upgrade” their knowledge, the certificate on the wall is enough to get grants aka Golden Goose Nest Egg until they retire.

    Activists must protest outside the facility & public places.

    Narcolepsy is an old disease! I would like to recommend that one of the learned gentlemen volunteers so that the induced drug can be studied properly.

  16. lynn woods says:

    this has to be stopped what the hell is wrong with country to allow this cruelty

  17. Julie Bates says:

    Typical… Humans think they rule the world…..shame shame shame what we do to animals in experiments…….the suffering is continuous and so UNNESSARY .in planet of the apes…we humans felt the pinch,sometimes I wish these dr.would be thrown into that zone.

  18. michelle taylor says:

    Experiment on yourselves and your loved ones bastards and leave the dogs alone OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!

  19. tina robertson says:

    There are plenty of shitty people to experiment on. Murderers and child molesters and people like you who torture animals. You dont even need to use animals for testing because theres plenty of vile garbage like yourselves who need to be exterminated anyway. Save taxpayer money. We dont want ppl like you to live anyway.

  20. tina robertson says:

    To the people who take part in these experiments- I am not alone in believing that all involved should be given a number in place of your names, then experimented on until you are no longer useful, then disposed of with no grave bc you do not deserve to be remembered as people. All of your remaining living relatives need to be forcibly sterilized regardless of age. Your genetic material needs to stop spreading. Theres enough filth already. And I sincerely hope you vile shits take the place of lab animals. Im sure human guinea pigs would make your “studies” more accurate and applicable to humans unlike what you do now. If you have souls then they are rotten, you just need to be exterminated.

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