Save the Threatened Flying Fox from Extinction

Target: Sin Lan Ng Yun Wing, Director of Environment of Mauritius

Goal: Do not cull Mauritian flying fox populations.

Farmers are demanding the government slaughter local flying fox populations, in order to protect their profits.

Flying foxes are a hugely important group of bats, providing crucial pollination and seed dispersal in tropical ecosystems across the globe, but their populations are in peril on the island of Mauritius, a revered biodiversity hotspot. There, fruit farmers concerned with the effects of the bats on their crops have encouraged the government to engage in mass killings of flying foxes, and in 2015 and 2016, the Mauritian government killed over 40,000 of them. This is despite the fact that its local species, Pteropus niger, is considered vulnerable to extinction and faces threats from not only culling campaigns, but also hunting and habitat destruction. As flying fox species around the world face devastating losses that drive them towards extinction, it is crucial for conservationists to demand an end to the slaughter to preserve biodiversity and the sustainability of human society.

Island populations of flying foxes are far more likely to be threatened by extinction, as the geography leaves them with nowhere to escape human predators. Unfortunately, while there are some local laws in place to protect flying foxes, as well as international ones limiting trade in these species, they are not often enforced, and in fact “conservation of the bats is actually worse than it was 30 years ago,” according to a researcher who studies flying foxes.

As more and more flying foxes are killed, their ability to rebound from population losses is limited, as females only become fertile at two or three years old, and even then usually only have one baby per year. In Mauritius, flying foxes are the only important pollinator and seed dispersers left following the extinction of numerous other species, and without them, the island’s ecosystems would likely collapse, along with the fruit crops on which many farmers depend. Sign this petition to ask the island’s Director of Environment to protect flying fox species from this planned slaughter.


Dear Mrs. Ng Yun Wing,

For the past two years, the Mauritian government has engaged in culling campaigns that exterminated over 40,000 flying foxes on the island at the behest of fruit farmers. This is despite the fact that flying foxes are the only remaining key pollinator and seed disperser in Mauritius, which makes them crucial for the survival of not only your nation’s beautiful and diverse ecosystems, but also the fruit farms on which many Mauritians depend. As hunting and habitat destruction already hurt flying fox populations, culling campaigns represent another unnecessary and counterproductive threat to their existence, and in turn that of your nation’s people.

Flying foxes pollinate flowers in both natural and agricultural environments, playing a critical role in the ecosystemic functioning of Mauritius’ biodiversity hotspots and the fruit farming economy alike, but because of their slow reproduction cycle, the bats are left very vulnerable to the destructive human footprint. These animals are already vulnerable to extinction and culling campaigns are diametrically opposed to the mission of the Department of the Environment, so today I write to urge you to use your position to protect the remaining flying fox populations to preserve the health of Mauritius’ ecosystems, economy, and society.


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  1. Alison Pope says:

    These poor animals keep being culled these animals don’t do anything wrong ,these humans don’t think before they act,we need to stand up and take pride and put the animals first. we need courage and everything in our heart.My 8year old niece wrote this all on her own,see even an 8 year old child gets it why don’t the morons allowing this to happen get it..




  3. Stop all killing. Find another way. No more killing

  4. Sheila Mills says:

    Farmers can only see immediate gratification money. They can’t see the overall good that these animals contribute to the environment. The world must fight for the survival of the flying foxes.

  5. We found Mauritius overall to be very uncompassionate towards animals. This confirms it…sadly.


  7. Con Trump como ejemplo de ganar, ganar, ya nadie va a pensar en los seres indefensos, ahora es cuando debemos luchar más por preservar en vez de extinguir, hay muchos nefastos en el poder, nosotros somos la única esperanza para los indefensos.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared

  9. Susan Fong says:

    Not only are bats helpful pollinators, they eat insects which harm crops. They should not be killed because of farmers misconceptions that they are harmful. Why can’t farmers learn to co-exist with nature instead of destroying a species in the name of profits? Animals have a right to live too. Our world will be depressing and deprived of eco-diversity if the selfish, greedy people have their way. Stop them!

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