Ban Cruel Dog Training Tools

Target: Michael J Massey, CEO of PetSmart

Goal: Ban the sale of choke chains, spiked collars, and shock collars.

Dog training methods have gone through some major changes. Most trainers advocate for positive pet training that doesn’t punish the dog for incorrect behavior, but rather, rewards positive behavior. What hasn’t seemed to change much, is the use of painful training tools such as choke chains, shock collars, and prong collars. These behavior modification tools are cruel and ineffective.

Shock collars are painful tools used to keep dogs from escaping yards. Rather than putting in a fence or relying on positive training methods, people place these collars on their dogs and set a boundary line. When the dog crosses the boundary line they receive a painful shock to their neck. Shock collars are not effective forms of training. They provide the dog with no understanding of what the desired behavior is. Not only that, but these collars cause anxiety and pain.

Choke chains and prong collars are equally dangerous for dogs. These collars are used to keep dogs from pulling on the lead. This is a rather simple behavior to modify with proper training. Training that involves helping the dog to understand the desired behavior rather than cause the dog pain. Dogs can get seriously hurt with these products, even the name choke chain says exactly what these products do.

Stores should not sell these dangerous and abusive products. Instead, they should work with customers to find other training tools and recommend dog trainers and classes. There is no reason for a pet store to sell products that can seriously injure an animal. Please sign this petition to urge the ban of dangerous and abusive dog training tools.


Dear Mr. Massey,

PetSmart is one of the leading pet supply companies in the United States, and as a leading company, your products should reflect your commitment to providing safe and effective pet training supplies. Choke chains, prong collars, and shock collars have no place in a pet-friendly store.

These training tools are cruel and ineffective when it comes to training a dog. The only thing that these collars do, is punish the dog for behaviors it doesn’t understand. By using these collars, owners are simply punishing their dogs rather than actually training them and creating a trusting relationship. Dogs learn best when they are comfortable with their trainer, and that cannot be accomplished when the dog is suffering from anxiety because it keeps getting shocked.

It is unacceptable that these outdated and cruel tools are still sold in stores that brand themselves as pet-friendly, especially when these stores offer positive training classes for their customers. I urge you to ban the sale of these cruel collars.


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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    I am absolutely shocked and stunned that PetSmart would even think of selling such abusive crap relative to animals!!! I will never shop at PetSmart ever again!!!!

  2. Please be advised that I/we will NOT shop at Pet Smart again until these items are removed from your inventory. I am sure you can resell them to some other company that brutalizes animals .

  3. PetSmart has a terrible history of abusing animals. They have been caught torturing, gassing, freezing and otherwise abusing animals in their stores. Look it up for yourselves. And please don’t shop there anymore.

  4. Pet Smart killed a dog here in Indiana by a groomer. They will never see me in that horrible place.

  5. I have a tendency to ‘vote’ with my dollars, one of the few avenues open to most of us as our national representatives are known for caving to any and all special interest groups. Until PetSmart takes these items off their shelves, including their internet inventory, I will buy my pet items some place else. I have been a PetSmart person for a decade, but I have other choices and will use them. Wake up PetSmart, it’s smart to be anti-animal abuse when you sell products to animal owners.

  6. Christina L says:

    It would be nice if any of you would do your research before you got behind a cause you don’t know about. Prong collars and e collars ( if that is what you are referring to as “shock collars” ) are not abusive . Any tool can be used the correct way or the incorrect way. 7 million dogs are being killed every year because they have issues. Many if these issues can’t be fixed with a Clicker and a treat. Do you think that only positive discipline should be given to children? For every choice there are consequences. This goes for children adults and dogs. Tools such as prong collars and e collars are communication tools and when used correctly help the dog understand what behavior is expected . They are dogs they can’t be sat down and explained to how and what you like or dislike about their choices . They are not humans. They need guidance and consequences just as children and clinchers and treats can’t do it all. If petsmart won’t sell them someone on line will . Get behind a good cause if you feel you need to find one like banning kill shelters and do your homework .

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