Get U.S. Troops Out of Somalia

Target: U.S. President Donald Trump

Goal: Withdraw all US military personnel from Somalia.

A U.S. Navy SEAL recently died in the war-ravaged African nation of Somalia. According to US Africa Command (AFRICOM), the SEAL was killed in action during a firefight with insurgents from al Shabaab, a militant group that once controlled vast swathes of the country. This death is unquestionably tragic, but what was a US soldier doing in Somalia in the first place?

According to AFRICOM, the SEAL was merely advising Somali government forces. If that’s true, then how did an adviser end up on the frontlines with al Shabaab? Many critics argue the term “military adviser” is often used by the U.S. military as little more than a euphemism for limited troop deployments. Whether this is true or not, the fact remains that U.S. soldiers are dying in a country we have nothing to do with.

The United States isn’t at war with Somalia. In fact, Somalia has been at war with itself for more than two and a half decades, since the fall of the brutal Barre dictatorship in 1991. Since then, the U.S. has occasionally waded into the conflict; and every time it’s been a disaster. The most famous case was in 1993, when 18 U.S. soldiers were killed and more than 70 injured while fighting rebels in Mogadishu. The massacre inspired the film Black Hawk Down, and today is remembered as a military disaster. President Donald Trump is now poised to again throw American lives into the Somali quagmire, after quietly signing a directive declaring chunks of the country as an “area of active hostilities” just after he took office.

We’re already involved in wars in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. If you believe Trump has no business sending American soldiers to needlessly die into yet another unwinnable war that has nothing to do with us, then sign this petition calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops in Somalia.


Dear President Trump,

AFRICOM recently admitted a U.S. Navy SEAL died fighting the insurgent group al Shabaab in Somalia. This death is tragic; not only because it represents another American life lost, but also because this loss was totally unnecessary and avoidable. Somalia is a country that’s been at war for two and a half decades, making it one of the longest running conflicts in the world today. It’s a complicated mess of rival militias that makes Syria look like a cakewalk. After 26 years of almost uninterrupted fighting, there’s no reason to believe the war will end anytime soon. This is a quagmire where victory is almost impossible to define, yet alone achieve. Therefore, the U.S. has no business throwing itself head first into this chaotic mess of a war.

We therefore urge you to immediately withdraw all U.S. military personnel from Somalia. This is a war we have nothing to do with, nothing to gain from, and no good reason to send our brave soldiers to fight and die in. U.S. troops should be fighting to protect the American people, not dying in obscure corners of the world for no reason. Do the right thing, and bring the troops home.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: USDoD Handout/Aaron Patterson

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Stop practicing War Criminality/Mongering NOW!!! Get our American Troops OUT OF SOMALIA NOW!!!

  2. What about the innocent Somalian civilians killed by American troops?
    And yes, just what exactly IS America doing in Somalia? Don’t believe the government – research it for yourselves.

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