Suspend License of Veterinarian Accused of Abusing Dogs

Target: Dr. Darrell Dalton, Registrar of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Canada

Goal: Do not allow veterinarian accused of having neglected and hit dogs under his care to continue his practice unless charges are dismissed.

An Edmonton vet currently faces criminal charges alleging that he confined two dogs at his clinic for over nine months inside a tiny kennel with little food or water. The veterinarian, Dr. Jun Yang, allegedly kept the canines as “office dogs,” yet instructed staff not to interact with the animals beyond allowing the dogs to leave their kennel twice a day for five minutes at a time for a bathroom break. Police investigators seized the dogs after employees finally broke their silence. Photographs taken as evidence show that the dogs were malnourished, with their ribs and hipbones clearly visible.

Yang’s staff reported that they felt intimidated by their boss and were reluctant to speak out regarding the mistreatment they witnessed despite knowing what was occurring over many months. One former employee stated that Dr. Yang had punched one of the dogs — a Staffordshire Terrier named Tiggor — in the ribs with a closed fist. During testimony, Dr. Yang’s lawyer stated this was merely a “training method” that the veterinarian employed.

While Dr. Yang’s trial continues, he is still able to practice veterinary medicine at the clinic he owns despite the mounting evidence which shows that he has little concern for the animals under his care. While the legal process must be allowed to continue to hear both sides, the suspicions of mistreatment should warrant a suspension of this veterinarian’s license.

A vet who considers long-term confinement and punching to be an acceptable means of handling or training an animal must not be trusted with the care of beloved family pets. Sign this petition to tell the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association that Dr. Yang must not be allowed to continue his practice unless all charges are eventually cleared.


Dear Dr. Dalton,

An Edmonton vet who has been accused of beating and neglecting two dogs under his care is still practicing at the clinic he owns. Dr. Jun Yang faces serious charges that he confined the dogs in a cramped kennel and denied them access to adequate food or water. He is also accused of having punched one of the dogs as a means of “training.”

While the legal process must be allowed to determine Dr. Yang’s guilt, the photographic evidence showing that the dogs were malnourished and the testimony from the clinic’s staff should warrant a temporary suspension of this vet’s license until these charges can be cleared. Should Dr. Yang be found guilty, his license must be permanently revoked to ensure that no other animals are harmed under his care.


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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Suspend the license of this animal-abusive quack NOW!!! Unfit to practice!!!

  2. Lock him in a cage for 9 months with very little food and water.
    Revoke his license ASAP.

  3. Suzanne Casterlin says:

    A veterinarian is supposed to nurture and heal animals,not abuse them.This man should be stopped immediately,take his licenseNOW!!!!!!This is disgusting.Act quickly before he harms any more innocent animals.

  4. Revoke his liscence! An Ontario vet is allowed to practice after being caught abusing pets under his care. Why are they allowed to get away with this.?
    What is going on. Are pedophiles going to be allowed to work at daycares? It appears the laws are in place to protect the perpetrators. Veterinary laws must be updated. An automatic suspension and loss of liscence should be mandatory.
    This is what he got caught doing, what’s he been doing when no ones been looking!

  5. C Friedrich says:

    Can we all punch this so called vet and say it was just a ” training method ” This Quack needs to have the license taken away permanently !

  6. Kumar N. says:

    What vet school did this guy go to? UNFIT to practice.

  7. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This man does not care about animals. Please, take away his license before he kills one of the animals! Glad his staff came forward!

  8. As long as he is being investigated, he should NOT be allowed to practice. He could be a SERIOUS DANGER to animals, and very possibly is still presently abusing them.

  9. Cleared or not, his license should be pulled. The fact that ANY animal in his care is found in the condition the dogs were found in says he isn’t treating them the way they should be and he should be removed from ANY care of future animals. A monster masquerading as a vet. Really sick HUMAN. Put him in jail and forget him.

  10. This person can not call him self a vet – he needs to be stripped of his license and never ever be allowed near animals again

  11. michelle taylor says:

    I dare this POS to make face to face contact with me as I will ensure that the required PERMANENT payback is enacted!

  12. Take his license permanently as he doesn’t deserve to be called a vet. ONE WHO CARES ABOUT ANIMALS NOT TO ABUSE, TORTURE AND HURT THEM.

  13. The good doctor belongs in a teeny-tiny kennel. For two years.


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