Drain the Swamp

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Keep campaign promises to remove the influence of big business from government.

During his campaign, President Trump swore to drain the swamp of Washington politics of its business and lobbying influences and restore federal government’s commitment to serving the American people. In the months since his inauguration, he has proven that this was mere campaign rhetoric to attract voters, and has stocked his cabinet and administration with the same breed of bankers and lobbyists he decried. Now he and his staff work tirelessly to sign orders and advocate policies that heavily favor corporate interests (including his own) and neglect the needs of the people who elected him, betraying the fundamental duties of his office. This petition is simple – we merely ask that the president follow the slogan he inculcated in the minds of the American people he now serves and, ecological flaws notwithstanding, drain the swamp.

Since his election, President Trump has hired former Goldman Sachs bankers to serve in many positions throughout his administration. Two of them, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn, recently introduced Trump’s plan for tax reform, filled with major cuts for the richest Americans like himself and pass-through entities like the Trump Organization. Fossil fuel companies donated over 10 percent of the total contributions for Trump’s inauguration, and the oil and gas industry has increased its lobbying efforts by 11 percent in response to the new administration. Perhaps not by coincidence, President Trump has signed numerous executive orders that benefit the fossil fuel industry and repeal environmental protections in the name of that Sisyphean “energy independence.” This is not the mark of a populist president fighting to make America great; it is the harbinger of creeping plutocracy. We can either stand up to Trump’s lies, deceit, and corruption, or find ourselves responsible for the downfall of our democracy.


Dear President Trump,

During the presidential campaign, you won over many voters by promising to remove the influence of big business on our government and work to elevate the needs of everyday Americans. However, since entering the White House, you have made many staffing and policy decisions that are objectively counter to the demands of those you serve, in ways that directly benefit multinational corporations and rich individuals like yourself. As a proud citizen of this great nation, I will not allow the U.S to fall subservient to corporate greed, and demand that you finally “drain the swamp” and use your position to help everyone who calls the U.S. home, not just the wealthy ones who helped get you elected.

As president, you have filled the White House with the same Goldman Sachs bankers you lambasted in your campaign speeches, demanded many tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthiest Americans (especially you), and accepted millions of dollars from fossil fuel companies, then showered them with beneficial policies that put U.S. lands and people in danger. These decisions and so many others run diametrically opposed to solving the problems everyday Americans face, and leave many of us to conclude that your promise to “drain the swamp” was an empty promise offered solely as a means of attaining office to profit from the further subordination of the lower and middle classes. I write to you today in the quixotic hopes that you will see the error of your ways, and use the rest of your time in office to do what’s right for the public good, as your new job entails.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Americans, stop believing politicians, PLEASE. They ALL lie to get in power. Please stop being so naive.
    Trump knew very well before becoming president just WHO the swamp is. He named the Jewish bank Goldman Sachs. Then he turns around and completely kowtows to this bank and the Israel lobby AIPAC – who ALL suck the money out of Americans by the MANY BILLIONS to make themselves richer AND to support the brutal military occupation of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.
    Trump has become a servant of Goldman Sachs, the Israel lobby and big business. It’s questionable whether he can drain this powerful swamp.

    • James Sampson says:

      “Jewish bank Goldman Sachs”??? Your hatred of Israel and its policies is clearly influenced by your antisemitism and subscription to conspiracy theories. Sad that some on the left are inflicted with the same nasty hatred of Jewish people that so many on the right similarly posses today.

      • So me saying that Goldman Sachs bank is Jewish is anti-semitic?? What a bizarre accusation. The Goldman Sachs family is a family of Jewish German descent. Is that fact anti-semitic?
        Another thing, I am neither left nor right. I’m just interested in truth and integrity in all politics.
        The problem I have with Israel is it’s ongoing 69-year long ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and it’s egregious human rights abuses against not only Palestinian adults but children as well.
        I don’t hate Jewish people. I hate corruption. There are many Jews who are also speaking out about Israel’s brutal regime, including an organization of Jewish ex-soldiers called Breaking the Silence, the organization Jewish Voice for Peace, and others.
        Trying to shut people up by calling them anti-semitic just really doesn’t work very well anymore. People are too aware of the issues now. The cat is out of the bag.

        • You’re anti-semitic.

          • Because I’m protesting against corrupt people who happen to be Jews?? What does that make all JEWS who protest against corrupt Jews?
            I protest against ALL CORRUPT PEOPLE of whatever race and nationality, doesn’t matter – if they are corrupt, I have an issue with them.
            As well, Palestinians are SEMITES. How can I be anti-semitic if I am defending semitic Palestinians??

          • BJ Williamson says:

            B Denno, your Trumpian logic is silly. Words have meaning, despite your circular and Orwellian attempts to obfuscate it.

            Whether you call it antisemitic or anti-Jewish, the adjective certainly applies to you.

            And yes, calling Goldman Sachs “the Jewish bank” is certainly antisemitic. Goldman Sachs is owned by around 400 different partners, the majority of which are not Jewish.

            Furthermore, to attribute ill motives to a bank because it is “Jewish” is textbook antisemitism, which makes you a textbook antisemite… or in words you’ll better understand, anti-Jewish.

          • Anti-semitic is a false accusation and I have every right to defend myself against false accusations.
            About 60% of Goldman Sachs members are Jewish or have Jewish spouses. Jews comprise about 2% of the American population. Therefore Jews are hugely over-represented in Goldman Sachs. Jews – AND Christians by the way – overwhelmingly support the brutal occupation of Israel. I AGREE WITH and SUPPORT the Jews who OPPOSE Israel’s military regime and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. I love Jews who don’t hate Palestinians and who are not Jewish Supremacists. I am not anti-Jewish but anti-corruption, as I said.
            Are you ok with corruption?

    • susan smith says:

      president trump did not lie…stop attacking this man…you assholes full of demons, you hate him because he is getting rid of the pedifiles. and all the evil muslims…

  2. Jacqui SKill says:

    I never believed Trump for a second. lying was part of getting himself in..I signed the petition but it wont make him change..he belongs in jail1

  3. Jacque skill, if President Trump belongs in jail where does that leave Hillary/ obama? Maybe we should take them out and hang them! Look at the millions the two have spent and were so much better and further now than in the last 8 years. Give the man a chance unless your an Hillary/obama supporter and then I understand your ignorance!!

  4. Kathryn Irby says:

    Drain this Country of Donald Trump–IMPEACHMENT!!

  5. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    drain the swamp? you’re just being fooled by ignorant people!

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