Tell President Trump Not to Attack North Korea

Target: President Donald J. Trump

Goal: Do not risk innocent lives by launching an attack on North Korea.

Launching a strike against North Korea for its nuclear and missile programs could have catastrophic consequences and cost millions of lives, according to experts. America is currently putting up a show of force in the hopes that North Korea will back down, and although if they don’t America would likely win, the cost will be extremely high for both sides.

According to Sen. Jack Reed of the Armed Services Committee, “A comprehensive strike on nuclear facilities may precipitate a catastrophic retaliation against the civilian population of Seoul, or against our bases and service members in South Korea or Japan.” Seoul has the largest population of any city on the planet, and America’s anti-missile batteries are essentially useless against North Korea’s more old-fashioned rockets once they are launched. Admiral Harry Harris, head of the pacific command, said this is the worst crisis he’s seen, and in a crisis one miscalculation is all that is needed to start a war. Sign below to urge our government not to make that miscalculation, and protect millions of innocent lives.


Dear President Trump,

The situation regarding North Korea and its nuclear and missile programs is incredibly precarious and must be met with caution. Difficult as it may be to reach a diplomatic agreement, thousands of innocent lives–on both sides–are at stake.

Experts have pointed out that if we continue goading North Korea and they strike back rather than backing down, it could result in a strike against the civilian population of 25 million in Seoul, or against America’s bases in South Korea or Japan. And our anti-missile batteries would be no help against North Korea’s more old-fashioned missiles once they are launched. I urge you not to risk millions of lives by attacking North Korea.


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Photo Credit: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Matthew J. Haran, U.S. Navy

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Stop Provoking North Korea into WWIII, and Learn what “Diplomacy” Actually Means, NOW!!

    • Gillian Miller says:

      Diplomacy assumes that Kim Jong-un is sane and able to cope with the idea that he isn’t god! The people are dying of starvation and are regularly put into camps that feed them some 250 calories a day.

      Kim Jong-un may respect that there is a force that is responding to his strutting megalomania, something Obama didn’t do. By respecting this force, Kim Jong-un may back down a little or even negotiate. You may not remember the threat during the Cold War but it was the fear of war that stopped it.


  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    stop the war now!

  4. Trump is a warmonger, evidenced by the huge increase in his military budget, at the expense of myriads of social and environmental programs.
    There is absolutely no need or reason for war with North Korea. Trump is just itching for a fight. Attacking Syria has done wonders for his popularity. America is addicted to warmongering, and Trump is feeding that addiction. Sorry, but it’s true. See the article America’s Addiction to War by Andrew Mitrovica in Al Jazeera News. And/or do your own research.

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