Stop Cruelly Raising Rabbits in Tiny, Cramped Cages

Target: Christian Schmidt, Minister of Food and Agriculture

Goal: Help bring rabbit farm cruelty to an end in Germany.

Rabbits kept on German farms are being raised in incredibly cruel conditions according to the German animal welfare group, Deutscher Tierschutzbund. They are kept in cramped metal cages which lead to injuries as well as extreme emotional stress.

The rabbits will often develop abscesses on their paws and experience digestion problems because of the terrible diet they are being fed. Rabbits are social creatures that like to hop around, chew on wood and interact with other rabbits. Being unable to do any of that is what brings on their emotional stress. These leads them to start acting aggressively because they are so unhappy.

German consumers purchase around 30 million rabbits every year. A quarter of that number are slaughtered and eaten while the rest are sold as pets and presents. This number often hits its peak around Easter and it did so this year. But rabbits do not make good pets for children. The constant lifting and stroking that young children do with their pets cause the rabbits even more stress.

The current law in Germany only dictates the size and structure of the cages rabbits are kept in. It also only requires farmers to check on the rabbits two times a day for signs of illness. However, even with these regulations rabbits are still kept in cramped cages and are getting sick. Sign this petition to demand that legislation is created to ensure better living conditions for these animals.


Dear Mr. Schmidt,

Rabbits are purchased by consumers in Germany in large numbers, but the conditions that rabbits are being kept in on German farms are cruel and damaging to the animals. The cramped metal cages are inflicting injuries that take both a physical and mental toll on the rabbits — including hurt paws and emotional stress.

Current German law only dictates the size and structure of the cages the rabbits are kept in and only requires farmers to check on them two times a day. These laws are not enough and the rabbits are still suffering.

Rabbits are social beings that like to hop around, chew on wood and freely interact with other rabbits. Their living conditions need to be improved to meet those needs. We encourage you to create legislation that will enhance rabbit living conditions and give them the better quality of life that they deserve to have.


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Photo Credit: John Hifi

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  1. Kalliope M. says:

    It is high time to generally change the shameful conditions with which animals like this poor rabbits, but also all other animals, which are usually raised on factory farms are treated in Germany. The treatment which they have to bear much too often because of long distance transportations, at slaughterhouses and factory farms is so very poor, pathetic and needless! It is already bad enough that they have to be slaughtered to satisfy our meat consumption! For this we owe it to them to treat them much more humanly, respectful and so we should change our behaviour against this animals as soon as possible!

  2. Suzanne Casterlin says:

    I Am so tired of reading about animal abuse.It must be stopped,it has been proven that people abuse animals also have the capacity to abuse humans.A steady diet of meat is not healthy It is much better to have a plant based diet.

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Shame on this place. The poor bunnies cant even turn around! Please give them more freedom to roam and interact with other bunnies. Do the right thing!!!

  4. All animals should be treated kindly and humanely. Abuse for any reason is NEVER acceptable. The horrible treatment of these poor rabbits is INEXCUSABLE.
    I think that veganism is one of the best ways to fight animal cruelty. Please consider going vegan.

  5. I am disappointed and appalled to think that Germany, a modern, advanced country have the inhumanity to keep sentient creatures in such dreadful, cruel and thoughtless conditions. Does the decent man in the street know that this goes on behind closed doors in their country? Not something to be proud of, is it? Thank goodness we are getting out of this awful union!

  6. Kathryn Irby says:

    Absolutely Unacceptable!!! Animal Welfare Over Profits!


  8. Lasst endlich die Tiere in Frieden. Tiere sind kein Spielzeug und keine Lieferanten für Pelzbekleidung und zum Fressen auch nicht.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  10. That rotten SOB should be locked up in solidarity for the rest of his useless life!

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