Justice for Dog Allegedly Burned Alive

Target: Scarlett A. Wilson, District Attorney, Charleston County, South Carolina

Goal: Punish children accused of chaining a dog up and burning it to death.

A group of children is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly burning a dog alive. The kids, two 12-year-olds and one 13-year-old, have been charged with felony animal cruelty, ill treatment of animals and unlawful burning. A witness who found the dog claims that he saw the group of children walking away from the still-burning corpse when he found it.

The dog, a medium-sized dog with light brown fur, was so badly burned that investigators could not determine its breed or sex on sight. Officials say that the animal was tied up by its muzzle, legs, and torso. Investigators also found ligature marks on the dog’s neck. So far, it is suspected that the restraints were there to keep the dog from escaping as it was burned alive, though only a necropsy will reveal the true cause of death.

According to Pet Helpers’ president Carol Linville, it looks like the dog may have trusted whoever captured and chained it. She went on to say that “the betrayal of trust is haunting.”

The alleged abuse of animals by such young children is alarming. The brutalization and torture of animals by children can be a sign of more serious mental health issues, and those who abuse animals in their youth are likely to escalate their violence later in life, possibly even to violence against humans. Sign the petition below to demand that if any of these children are found guilty, they are properly punished and subjected to appropriate mental health screenings.


Dear Mrs. Wilson,

Three children have been charged with felony animal cruelty, ill treatment of animals and unlawful burning after reportedly burning a dog alive. The dog was found chained by its muzzle, legs, and body, and was still burning when a witness found it. The witness said that he saw a group of teens fleeing the scene when he arrived.

Animal abuse by children is alarming. The torture and brutalization of animals can be a predictor of escalating violence later on in life. In order to protect both animals and humans from similar violence, it’s imperative that this case is taken seriously. If the accused are found guilty, we ask that you seek to punish them harshly as well as ensure that they undergo appropriate mental health screenings.


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Photo credit: Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

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  1. They need full force of the law no different to an Adult older enough to know. Tie them up and burn them see how they feel . What do the parents think of there children doing this brutal crime.

  2. You have Monsters living in your town. The next will be a child. This poor animal suffered unbelievable torture at the hands of these preverted evil thugs.

  3. Sick little neanderthals! Should be charged as adults to the maximum penalty

  4. Absolutely Angry says:

    Disturbing kids feel this is okay! They need punishment of jail time and some serious therapy while they are in custody and not to be released until proven fit for society just like adult criminals. South Carolina needs to check is law books for some updated penalty time to fit the crime. This behavior is mentally challenged as their actions deem premeditated! DISGUSTING YOUTH!!!

    • Virginia Denninger says:

      The only therapy they need is to be shot. We don’t need such twisted individuals free and roaming about, in this society, looking for their next victim, person or animal.

  5. Beth Marie says:

    Another horrific abuse in SOUTH CAROLINA, what’s wrong with your state. Obviously you don’t prosecute and care less about animals as you are always in the news for horrifying abuse. Right, give these little monsters a warning and let them walk away like the other abusers. You have big problems.

  6. “IF they are found guilty.” “IF”? Depraved “children”. Only because I am posting this to my business social media am I restraining myself as to what I really would like to say.

  7. Laurie Miskell says:

    These are your serial killers in the making…you MUST do something, make them pay for their for what they did, you might even save a life.

  8. Why wouldn’t this witness, who was close enough at the time to SEE this group of little monsters walking away, have chased after some of them, so they might have KNOWN who at least some of them are, and likely could have ferreted out the rest as well??!! Even if this person wasn’t immediately sure what (who) they’d burned (though the smell alone would have been a good clue), surely to god there are ordinances against lighting fires in public spaces, so that alone would have been reason enough to catch one of them so they could be charged! Why are people so freaking gutless???

    And yes, what “IF” could there possibly be, unless the authorities are brain-dead?!?! PARENTS there should now be on HIGH ALERT to listen up for any clues about who these sick little bastards are, and report ANY hints or evidence straight away! But come on, there were probably tracks or other pieces of evidence that could aid in finding these dangerous kids.

  9. Dixie Denis says:

    Nothing coming from this bland ignorant generation can surprise anymore. What,they must be thinking, are the rest of the fashionably c**p gonna think if we don’t do something crass on a regular basis??? Seems like humanity is regressing instead of progressing and everething we fought for in the 60s & 70s has gone full circle right back where we started from.

  10. Anna kerruish says:

    This breaks my heart! Hell! Who do these kids belong to?!!!! What have the parents taught them?! ARE they learning this type of animal abuse from them? Are these kids being abused? They need to be punished… so not let them go. THIS IS SICK! GET THESE LITTLE THINGS SOME HELP!

  11. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Wow, very disturbing to see kids torturing and killing an innocent, helpless animal. They knew exactly what they were doing and should be charged as adults! They clearly have no souls and need extensive psychiatric therapy. What kind of parents do they have? My God…please prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. This poor dog trusted them, and look what they did. He suffered horribly until he passed away. HARSH punishments for these monsters!!!!
    Rest in peace poor lil dog. You are safe now, I Gods care.

  12. Alice Knight says:

    These teens knew exactly what they were doing and may have even found pleasure executing this act of animal cruelty . They should be punished severely and not have any access to any pets.
    I realize there are people who will not agree with me, and that’s fine. Theses kids were aware of everything they were doing. I do agree all three of them need some sort of mental evaluation.
    This dog deserves justice.

  13. I can’t imagine children finding any “fun” in this atrocity. That’s because these are not children. they’re horrible, subhuman monsters that need to be put down before they decide to try this with a child or another animal. These are future serial murderers in the making. Stop the creatures now!

  14. Katja Budliger says:

    Unbelievable. My heart is aching.

  15. Fuck that! These little slimebags should be tied up just like the innocent dogs and set afire!!! They’re useless pieces of shit anyway. We should off them now! They’re not that young and deserve the same punishment I’d have meted on adults!! Ugh, how I thoroughly despise such filth!!!

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