Save Problem Wildlife From Being Killed

Target:  Robert Broscheid, Director of Colorado Division of Wildlife

Goal: Implement a three part system of dealing with repeated wildlife-human encounters.

When wild animals wander too close to humans, they are viewed as dangerous and a problem. These animals are usually relocated to a new area, far away from human developments. But if they return to residential areas, they are killed. Wild animals get one chance to avoid returning to an area, but are given no deterrents to help them stay away.

When humans and wild animals repeatedly encounter one another, it usually ends up poorly. Predators, such as mountain lions, have been known to wander into residential areas and lodge themselves under porches. While the mountain lion may mean no harm, it’s a rather disconcerting thing to come home and find a large predator under your house. Once the Division of Wildlife has been called, the animal is relocated to an area away from humans. This seems like a win-win situation. That is, until the animal returns. At this point, the animal is killed because it is viewed as being too acclimated to humans and a danger to the area.

The Division of Wildlife needs to create a program that gives wild animals more chances to choose to leave a human area. The first step would be to engage in humane hazing methods that would discourage the animal from returning. These methods would include unpleasant noises, unpleasant smells and if necessary some form of safe projectile that would startle but not injure the animal. This would allow the animal to make the decision to leave the area, rather than to be removed by force.

The second method would be forced relocation, but this would only occur after the hazing method was used and then found ineffective. If the animal refused to leave on its own, then the Division of Wildlife would be able to safely transport the animal to a new area that was far away. If this method was also found ineffective, then the animal would be moved to a sanctuary. Sanctuaries would eliminate the need to kill the animal by providing it with a home.

This three step system gives the animals the option to choose for themselves while also keeping people safe. Animals shouldn’t be punished for trying to find ways of coexisting with humans, and people need to learn how to effectively and humanely deal with wildlife. The management of wildlife should always focus on the animals and should always try to humanely solve problems. Please sign this petition to urge the Colorado Division of Wildlife to implement a more effective and humane way of dealing with human-wildlife conflicts.


Dear Mr. Broscheid,

Wild animals are bound to run into human developments. Wildlife territory is shrinking every day as more people build houses and towns expand. However, this does not justify killing animals that get a little too close to towns. Giving curious wildlife only one chance to stay away from humans isn’t fair nor is it practical. They need more chances to decide for themselves that getting close to cities or houses isn’t a good idea.

The Division of Wildlife should use a three part system that would encourage wild animals to make the choice to leave. This would involve a humane form of hazing, discouraging the animal from staying in the current area. If this method proved ineffective then a forced relocation would be used. In cases where an animal just kept coming back, it would then be moved to a wildlife sanctuary, rather than killed. Sometimes an animal becomes dangerous because it loses its fear of humans. In this case, all three steps could still be used or the animal could simply be moved to a sanctuary right away.

Wild animals come into human populated areas for many reasons, and most of these reasons aren’t threatening. Humans can inadvertently draw animals into residential areas with garbage or other sources of food. A hungry animal shouldn’t be killed because it thought garbage looked tasty. Instead, the animal should be given a chance to choose a better option. I urge you to implement this three step program to effectively and humanely deal with wildlife.


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Photo Credit: K Fink

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Prevent Any and All Problem Wildlife from Potential Harm Relative to Stupid Human Beings, who can’t stay within THEIR OWN Environment!!! Animal Welfare Over Profits!!

  2. the wildlife has a right to exsist now.

  3. The proposed three part system sounds intelligent and humane. Killing wildlife should be banned. All the trigger-happy wildlife management staff should be replaced by humane animal advocates – people who are willing to implement positive changes and solutions for wildlife.

  4. Waltraud Usahanun says:


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