Justice for Dogs Found Decapitated

Target: John Camper, Chief of Police, Grand Junction, Colorado

Goal: Find and punish person responsible for stabbing and burning two dogs and leaving them on a train track to be mutilated.

Two dogs were recently found decapitated and mutilated. The pit bulls, named BB and Calypso, had escaped from their owner’s yard the night they were killed. The owners said that when the dogs were let out to use the washroom, they jumped over a fence and escaped the backyard. The case is currently being investigated as animal abuse.

The dogs were later found dead on a train track, in separate locations, near a shooting range. There was no evidence that they were chained or otherwise tied to the track. A passerby moved the corpses off the track to that they wouldn’t be further ravaged by the train.

So far, it looks like the train was not the cause of death — some believe the corpses were intentionally placed there in an effort to mangle them so that signs of abuse would be harder to find. The corpses also had puncture wounds and one of the dogs appears to have been burned.

The animals’ owners are devastated, and the entire neighborhood is in shock. With the potential for an animal abuser to be on the loose, many are scared for the well-being of their own pets. Sign the petition below to demand that police dedicate extra resources to finding and charging the person responsible for this shocking act of barbarism.


Dear Mr.Camper,

Two dogs were recently found on a train track, mutilated and decapitated. One of the dogs had burn marks and they both had puncture wounds. There was no evidence of the dogs being tied to the train track. Currently, it is suspected that an animal abuser may have used the train track as a place to dump the corpses so that the true causes of death would be harder to determine.

This barbaric cruelty has shocked the community, and some residents are now apprehensive about letting their dogs out. In order to bring peace to the community and ensure that justice is served to these innocent dogs, it’s imperative that the person responsible is punished. We, the undersigned, ask you to dedicate extra resources to this case in order to arrest and charge whoever is responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: maplegirlie

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Hunt Down and Find the Trash who Horrifically Abused these Two Dogs–to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!!!

  2. Helga Marr says:

    Somewhere that monster is working his regular job, interacting with normal people.. Do they know how evil he is? What will he do next?! No one is safe while he is on the loose!


  4. Wendy Morrison says:

    Find this cruel person and chain him to a train tracks and let me suffer a painful death. Tell trains do not stop even if some person is tied to the tracks.

  5. I am sickened at the extent of cruelty these poor dogs suffered. If dog lovers let their dogs out to relieve themselves, their humans should be with them and keep the dogs in sight. Building higher and strongerfences will help. Make sure to reinforce the bottom of the fence,too, so the dogs can’t dig out. Keep an eye out for the neighborhood dogs,too. I pray that the sick pos who killed the dogs is found and severely punished.

    • Exactly what I was thinking first, too. Why are people so stupid and RECKLESS with their animals’ lives in today’s world?!?! Don’t they READ anything or LEARN anything anymore??? NO animal can be considered SAFE or “well taken care of” unless PRECAUTIONS are taken to safeGUARD them, just as you would toddlers!!

  6. Gross!!! Some people are so nasty. Those poor dogs!!!

  7. Laurie Miskell says:

    There is a special place in Hell for those who abuse animals… Karma is a bitch and it ALWAYS comes back.

  8. When will we take these crimes seriously. Would the law of the land rather have vigilantism? That is what is going to happen if these people who heinously abuse an animal continue to get little slap on the wrist, “boys will be boys”, misdeameanor charges at best!
    The people who can do this to an innocent sentient being for kicks and giggles, no doubt have some broken synapses to their brain… something is indeed not firing right, and they can most definitely pose a threat to the well being of any human as we have already learned about the direct correlation between animal cruelty and murderers, and rapists!!!. please , for the love of all that is right in the world, in a sea of soo many wrongs, change the damn laws and give harsher penalties to those who are cruel to animals.. my god, someone gets more time for smoking a damn joint than decapitating a dog???? Really??? Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!( that is my attempt at an angry yell!!) I am so sick of hearing over and over again how another freak of nature hurt, maimed, killed, or tortured an animal and they catch the little cretin FREAK, only to give home 20 hours of community service and a widdle misdeameanor charge if any charge at all. Fuck these bastards, they don’t deserve any mercy whatsoever! They are the lowest of all forms of human, their domination over such creatures prove they are a cowardly threat to anyone that would not be able to fight back..Throw the whole damn book at them!!!! Once again though, all the anger will always go mute unless we change the law that an animal is a living and breathing sentient being… they are not PROPERTY!!!

  9. Anna kerruish says:

    Find the low life scumbags! This is where an eye for an eye comes into play. Please find them, prosecute them and plaster their low life scumbag faces everywhere…then place the names on the national animal abuse list. Prevent these scumbags from ever owning an animal again.

  10. This is a felony committed by a sociopath. Sociopaths have a disregard for life, which escalates from animals to humans. They are devoid of remorse and cannot be rehabilitated. Please treat this seriously.


  12. We have to use vigilante justice. The laws will never be strong enough or followed through as we have seen over and over. Get real about this. We have to torture and end the lives of these monsters. There is no othe way to deal with killers. Our legal system has proven to be a joke. Find the killers and let them die a slow death and let others know we can’t tolerate animal abuse any more.

  13. Denise Devereux says:

    The most dangerous person is one who has nothing to loose. We have nothing to loose. We are coming for you. We know who you are and are going to hurt your where you will hurt most. Think about it. You have a target on your back. Satan is waiting for you where you will burn in a sea of fire, receive no mercy and your pain will be constant. Enablers you are also to blame for these atrocities. No laws to deter we will.

  14. I lived in Grand Junction for many years, the town has turned into a crap hole, I moved to Denver, I’m 3 hours away,close enough to hunt these bastards down, I promise you won’t make it to a court room.

  15. Kill all these bastards. The world needs a clean of bastards, cowards, rapers, pedophiles, psychos, and the ones torturing and killing animals should be the 1 ones to be having the same but always, ALWAYS KILL THE BASTARDS.

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