Justice for 30 Dogs Used for Dog Fighting

Target: J. Schuyler Marvin, District Attorney for Webster Parish, Louisiana

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the men who allegedly neglected and starved over 30 dogs and used them for dog fighting.

Over 30 dogs were reportedly neglected and used as part of a massive dog fighting ring. The dogs were reportedly in poor condition and some were seriously ill. We demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Pictures, reportedly taken at the scene, showed one dog lying down under the heavy weight of a logging chain. The chain was attached to a post hammered into the ground. Another picture showed a dog with bite marks on its ears. Dog fighting equipment was reportedly found at the scene. Deputies seized the dogs from three different locations, some of them only puppies.

An animal rescue group has stepped up to rehabilitate the dogs. Laracco T. Batton, Randall L. Tims, and Ketrick Deaunte Frazier have all been charged with various counts of animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that they receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Marvin,

Over 30 dogs suffered tremendously, allegedly at the hands of three members of a dog fighting ring. Some of the dogs reportedly had untreated medical conditions that could still kill them. We demand that justice be served for these innocent dogs.

Among the 30 dogs seized, seven of them were just puppies. The puppies reportedly suffered from parasites so severe that they may not live. Some of the adult dogs were reportedly kept outside without access to water and many of them were malnourished.

This horrific crime cannot go unpunished. We demand that you take a stand against dog fighting and seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[You Name Here]

Photo Credit: ASPCA

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  1. tina robertson says:

    Exterminate the filth who commit animal cruelty. They do not need to keep living.If you wont do that then throw them in prison and let them be used as bitches til they are dead. Just look the other way. Let them serve their purpose.

  2. tina robertson says:

    The person who said the demand for this is a problem… Yes u are right. Punish not only the actual abusers as murderers, punish every single person who likes to watch as an accomplice to murder. Punish the shit out of ppl until its not in demand. Exterminate the abusers. Exterminate ppl who like to watch too. Fry them all.

    • And the higher ups that choose to turn their backs at what is going on. They are just as bad as the ones doing the crimes !!

  3. All those spineless pieces of shit in power that can stop Animal torture, abuse, rape & horrendous slaughtering continue to turn a blind eye, probably because there is no $$$ in it for them. They are just as useless & worthless to the world as all the trash committing these evil depraved CRIMINAL ACTS OF ANIMAL TORTURE & KILLINGS. When will some folks with some backbone get into power??? And rid society of rotten, unredeemable criminals breaking the law when it come to violence against innocent, helpless Animals. Animals NEED PROTECTION just as much as humans do,,, this is out of control as far as criminals breaking the law & hardly nothing is done about it!

  4. TruthSeeker says:

    Death to ALL theses sick, disgusting excuses of human beings. I personally know of a very dangerous psychopathic, gas lighting sociopath, with serious narcisstic personality disorder. Not to mention his bi- polar schizo problems. Despite his violence, the police do NOTHING at all. He is too intelligent for them, and a pathological liar to boot. He has even killed before, and his own family is much too stupid, and in denial. Nobody, neither animals, nor humans, are safe from monsters like these.

  5. Louisiana must be a real filth hole, as I keep reading about all the scum of the earth that live there, mistreating animals left and right. How about with this scumbag, we just chain him up, open a few wounds on his worthless carcass and allow his dogs to have at him. 🙂

  6. HANG THESE LOW LIFE BASTARDS Laracco T. Batton, Randall L. Tims, and Ketrick Deaunte Frazier !!!!!!!!!!!!! MAX PENALTY!!!!!! FOR THESE DISGUSTING S BASTARDS!!!!!!
    ROTTEN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dawn Pettinger says:

    Hang the bastards who do these wicked crimes against innocent animals. The scum called people , who watch this horror should be eradicated by firing squad.

  8. Kill anyone who uses a poor helpless fur baby like this. That is the only way we are going to stop all this animal abuse!! I would gladly cut the rope.

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