Stop Police From Forcefully Catheterizing and Violating People

Target: Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell

Goal: Ban the cruel practice of police forcefully catheterizing people for urine extraction.

A man woke up in handcuffs with a mesh bag over his face and his pants pulled down as four police officers pinned him down on an exam table while a fifth officer filmed. The victim, Dirk Sparks, recalled the pain he felt as a technician inserted a pencil sized catheter tube into his urethra. For days after the incident, Sparks said it felt like urinating razor blades. After responding to a domestic dispute at the victim’s home, police accused Sparks of being “fidgety.” When he declined to take a drug test, police obtained a warrant to forcefully taken the victim’s urine, according to reports. The victim described the incident as degrading. “I felt like my civil rights were being violated,” Sparks said. He also added that the event has caused him to have nightmares and an “extreme fear of police now.” Sparks said he sat in jail for four months and eventually took a plea deal so he could get out and take care of his children.

This isn’t the first time police have violated someone’s civil rights and had them forcefully catheterized because they either refused or couldn’t produce a urine sample. This sick practice has becoming increasingly common among police officers, and to make the practice even more barbaric, it’s performed without anesthesia. In 2012, one man sued police after they forcefully catheterized him and took a urine sample. Even a 3-year-old boy has reportedly been the victim of forceful catheterization by officers as part of a so-called child welfare investigation.

Police should not be allowed to forcefully insert anything into or remove anything from a person’s body. It’s appalling that police can claim they smell marijuana or accuse an innocent person of being “fidgety” and that’s reason enough to violate and traumatize them. Please sign this petition to demand that this sick practice of bodily invasion be banned immediately before more people are traumatized and violated.


Dear Leader McConnell,

Police handcuffed a man and put a hood over his head while forcefully catheterizing him. According to the victim, there were five officers, one holding down each of his limbs, and another filming the traumatizing event. The victim described feeling excruciating pain that lasted for days.

This is just one of numerous known accounts where police have used this sick practice to forcefully obtain someone’s urine. Victims subjected to the practice are left with both physical and psychological trauma and suffering. We are calling on you to take immediate action to ban this unnecessary, cruel, barbaric practice of bodily invasion.


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  1. RoseMarie Dorer says:

    As long as humans walk the earth, I’ll believe in MONSTERS.


      I stand firmly for freedom but this person refused a drug test and the police obtained a legal warrant so what’s the problem? This is a good example why everyone should obey a legal order from the police. We are a nation of laws and the police protect our customs, culture and civilization as a society. I am the first to want the severest penalties for rogue cops but not when they are following the law. If you don’t like the law vote, call your state and federal reps, the media etc. but don’t bitch or whine if you are not actively participating in our beloved democracy. Thank you.
      Howard Alexander Stafford
      Ocala, Florida 34482-6838

      • Piotr Grabowski says:

        With all due respect, don’t you think you forgot that there’s also a spirit of law to follow? There’s a big difference between the letter of law and the spirit of law. The second overrides the first. The will and ispiration to do what feels right even if it isn’t written anywhere or even if the letter of the law says a bit differently – this is a human spirit in action. Humans acting without a human spirit might easily become just human robots.

        Besides, taking urine sample doesn’t mean it has to be done in a worst and most traumatising possible way. Wouldn’t you agree?

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Amen, Mr. Grabowski. An antiquated and bias justice system, social media, hatred and entitlement have turned America into a society of thoughtless, inhumane, common sense-less, automatons that have lost all capacity to think, feel or reason with rationality.

          • Will all due respect, I agree that this is not right and there are problems in the justice system as in all systems but I do firmly believe in Law & Order. We have chosen a society for America where we have rules and regulations that must be followed and when they are not, there must be consequences. If not we could easily become a society of “do what we want when we want or we will shoot you such as has been the attitude in Russia.” They went to far I agree however if the person was not breaking the law to begin with and then topped in off in a refusal to submit a urine test thereby breaking the law a second time then this would never have happened.

      • Bram Hengeveld says:


        Let that question sink in.

        Let’s get a law in to action. Doesn’t matter what. Once it is a law, we are good. Does the name Neurenberg ring any fucking bells?
        I’ve inserted a whole lot of urinary catheters, but NEVER would I want to do it to someone who objected and/or without medical necessity. The thought alone makes me sick.

      • Trish Ryan says:

        In other words, Howard believes in bending over and taking it in the ass! Cowards like Howard are what we do not want in society, while politicians are the biggest criminals the rest of us are to be treated like this??? Hell NO

      • Just because something’s considered “legal,” that doesn’t mean it’s right. Torture is torture.

        • Police don’t understand this. Police are not known for their insight.

          It doesn’t surprise me we have military officers who are more humane and considerably more dangerous than cops on the beat.

          Police are always compensating for something lacking in their loser lives.

      • I agree. He should have just given the urine sample. I’m sure there’s good and bad in all professions, but I think more often then not people cause their own problems when they refuse to comply or get an attitude with the police officer.

      • Problem is the police are not medical professionals. They are upholders of the law, not trained Dr’s.

        They leave themselves wide open for assault charges, abuse, grievous bodily harm, shall I go on?

      • Howard Stafford, I agree with everything you have stated and you are correct in everything except for the police themselves extracting urine samples. This should be done by a medical professional under sterilized conditions. This is crossing the line. A warrant should allow them to directly take them to a professional in a hospital setting or clinic setting and have it performed.

    • We’re not going to last very long. We’re too stupid.

    • Cops are losers.

      They’re not even really dangerous. They’re just losers with a little bit of training a big ego with a power trip.

      Military officers who are more humane could wipe out an entire police force if they pissed them off.

  2. this is completely unacceptable to any human being! you a monsters!

  3. Beth Marie says:

    WHAT!! Out of control, police are doing whatever they want! This practice is absolutely disgusting, what next -rape!!

    • TruthSeeker says:

      Yes! The police have raped people, as I saw it on video. However, there must be good reasons for them forcing people to give urine samples. I would have to ask if these people are felons? Do they have a history of drug/ alcohol use? This should have been done to my evil, criminal neighbor, and I wonder why the local police seemed to protect her? She claimed to have ‘ friends’ in that Department, and there were some outrageous, and criminal events which occurred. Fortunately, that particular monster is dead now, through her outrageous drug/alcohol use. She can no longer commit crimes against us.

    • and it’s against the law. They are not trained Dr’s, they are abusing their positions and can do severe damage to a person’s body.

      The police are putting themselves at risk of aggravated assault, abusive behavior and sexual assault.

      They are up holders of the law, nothing more.

  4. Kathryn Irby says:

    Cops these days have no scruples whatsoever today!!! For them, NOTHING is off the table, ranging from outright unjust killing of innocent people to such crap as this, catheterizing and violating people!!! STOP IT NOW!!!!

  5. I thought cops were big enough arseholes here in Australia but geez that’s disgusting >.< What is wrong with the police in America?? You must have to be a sadist and a racist to become a cop in the USA.

    ACAB. All Cops Are Bastards.

  6. Absolutely Angry says:

    So your telling me some jo blow cop can do these procedures without anesthesia or a medical license? This behavior called practicing medicine without a license is also illegal in all 50 states. How do these cops even have access to these materials? Wow another fear factor for the public to be terrified over because obviously that branch of government isn’t concerned if it’s happening still today! What a joke on healthcare in this country once again!

    • no anesthesia is used when normally cathing a person in the medical field. worked in nursing for decades and this was done with a licensed/registered nursing personal or a doctor and not some cop off the street. however, with the Gynoticians(politicians who are not doctors making women’s reproductive medical choices over doctors)and the police state the rest of the world sees happening in America when Americans are blind to it, this brutality is not surprising. TSA agents have forced pelvic exams on women coming into the country in backrooms at airports and they are not doctors and cops have arrested and taken people to hospitals and demanded colonoscopies be done on people they think have drug internally. I am ashamed of my country.

      • TruthSeeker says:

        After reading your post, I have decided to sign this petition. I am extremely angry over my evil neighbor situation, even though that monster is dead, but she was a convicted felon, and got away with her evil wrongdoing, while alive, anyway. Now she is burning burning burning, or will be soon enough.

    • You don’t need a anesthesia to Cath someone… and its something the police are trained to do if needed. If your asked to pee in a cup just do it! The whole story needs to be told, not just one side

  7. HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Is this really true???

  9. Um, how come there’s no good details like what city or even what state did this occur in???? And this guy just woke up to cops doing this? 1) I can’t think of any cop who would even remotely want to deal with another man’s private parts. 2) if they did need to force a sample, it would seem that they would rather take the offender to the hospital and let the professionals deal with it. If they responded to a domestic dispute, he would have been awake, especially if he was “fidgety”.

  10. I Google’d this and it said that it was actually done by a nurse at Avera St. Mary’s Hospital in Pierre.

    • Kathleen Miller says:

      Thank you, ChrisG for actually doing some research and finding some facts about this situation, rather than blindly jumping on the wagon. I never sign a petition on these petition sites without doing some background checking; only if I already know the facts of the case in point will I sign a petition without searching out more info. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.”

      • As a nurse,I would NEVER catherterize a person against their wishes as it is assault and battery. I could lose my license for doing such an act and be held personally accountable and sued for damages. Nurses are professionals that are held to a standard of care and we have a specific code if ethics and assaulting people is against the nursing practice!!!!!

    • Thank you for researching his and provide link.

      It is my opinion from the article, not enough was done to keep this medically safe and under what means we’re going to be used to obtain this

      If I woke with a bag over my head, I don’t care if it’s mesh, it’s over my head, you see one person filming you and five are holding you in place, that violence and using force. Now for the pugnacious bitch who told some other here, go fuck yourself wench whackjob hoe. If it wasn’t police, this would be a crime and charges would be done, I’ll also add your response to other lady, you deeked making drama of it, well I think you are judging and on something. So offer a urine sample or I can get a court ordered signed document, then you come back here and state how it feels to be violated violently.

      I’m signing this as it was done in an unsafe medical procedure.

  11. Anne GRice says:

    Nothing shocks me anymore about the behaviour of Police anywhere but this is beyond reprehensible! The Police is the USA are the worst when it comes to abuse of their power and applying the laws and they desperately need to change their training manuals! Even their own colleagues find it difficult to cope with the practices of some of these heavy handed cops and this should not happen. Humans, dogs in their own space all face the brutal ignorance of some of Police Officers who seems to have NO accountability for their actions! Their weapons and badges excuse them from basic human decency!


    Anesthetize?! Is the author, KENDRA RICHSRDS, crazy? Paraplegic men, woomen and children have to catheterize themselves many–five or six–times a day for the test of their lives as do many other people who otherwise cannot urinate on their own. (Many people after surgery are catheterizef in the hospital because it’s medically nevessary for their health and safety to monitor fluid intake and output.) NOBODY gets anesthetized. I myself have been catheterized MANY times for surgeries and medical procedures. Do your research, Kendra Richards, and stop hysterically sensationalizing. As for the little child that Protective Services had catheterized they have to get evidence if they suspect a little one was drugged by parents or caretakers. And when a person or criminal is suspected of being under the influence of drugs the police have every right to obtain urine evidence. How would any of you like it if someone under the influence killed the ine you love most while drugged up then refused to give a urine sample when the cops said “prerty please” and let him get away with it? Justice woukd not be done. Grow up and stop being hysterical, fantasizing injustice where there is none.

    • Read my message to you, I responded to Chris, and spoke to you on your judging, possible use of drugs.

      You are a cunt.

  13. How about a stool sample, this stinks to high heaven, and if enough stink is raised, they’ll find another way.

  14. Nemo Momenti says:

    That’s taking the piss

  15. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Cops are out of control! They think they can do whatever they want. This is sick and needs to stop! Truly barbaric and totally against privacy laws. This is private and very personal !!!

  16. KatWrangler says:

    This is abuse of power plain and simple. I know it’s better to cooperate with law enforcement, but you can’t handcuff a person and invade their person.

    Cathing is an INVASIVE procedure that needs to be done by trained medical personnel. My choice would be to wait the person out – you gotta go, you gotta go. Eventually.

    It seems (?) like this is not widespread. Here’s a link to the story:

  17. I believe this is sexual assault! If this test is necessary then take them to a medical facility and have it done by professionals. I think everyone that has been assaulted needs to see an attonery and sue any and every police department that does this. How sickening to think untrained jerks get to pull your pants down and start fiddling with your privates!!

  18. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    The more I read about what goes on in the U.S, you know, the greatest country in the world, the more disgusting it gets. You, the U.S, have no right to talk about what any other country does. So much for being civilized.

  19. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    To add to my post, all of you people on here who think this sort of sickening behaviour is okay, wait until it happens to you.

  20. Only after I read the article provided by ChrisG – thank you for googling – have I signed. This one here does not provide enough facts at all. But I can tell you, having to catheterise myself daily because of medical reasons, that the procedure can indeed hurt badly if you’re not relaxed and/or the catheter isn’t the right size etc. and probably it does even more so for males. The idea that it is done by force against somebody’s consent is absolutely sickening no matter if a medically trained person or some other fucker performs such an abomination. We seem to be moving back towards medieval practices with great strides and this should put really anyone without exception – referring to some dim comments in this thread – in a position of maximum attention!

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