Don’t Allow the Tobacco Industry to Test New “Light” Formula on Animals

Target: The Food and Drug Administration for Tobacco Products

Goal: Reconsider requiring tobacco companies to test their new “light” or “mild” cigarette formula on animals.

Imagine being locked in a cramped cell for several months as cigarette smoke is pumped directly through your nostrils for hours at a time. Sadly, PETA claims that this is the fate of the tobacco industry’s lab rats before they’re killed and dissected in the name of a bad human habit. And now, the industry has plans to test its new “light” or “mild” formula, which they’re pushing to claim is less harmful for the 47 million adults in the United States who light up. According to the Food and Drug Administration draft guidelines, animal lives must be put in danger through cruel animal testing in order for the tobacco industry to bring its “light” cigarettes to the market. Tell the FDA that defenseless animals must not be sacrificed for still-harmful tobacco products.

According to PETA, testing tobacco products on animals does not make them safe for human consumption because humans and animals often do not develop the same types of diseases from tobacco smoke. In addition, these results are often used by the industry to deny links between smoking and deadly diseases, like cancer.

In a Washington Times report published on Monday, May 28, tobacco products are responsible for the deaths of 1,200 people per day in this country alone. And if you’re thinking “light” automatically means “better”, you’re in for a big surprise.

The National Cancer Institute claimed in a recent report that “[T]here is no convincing evidence that changes in cigarette design … have resulted in an important decrease in the disease burden caused by cigarette use.”

Animal testing can often be dangerous and cruel. In this case, it can also be ineffective. Though several other countries including the United Kingdom and Canada do not test on animals, the FDA and tobacco industry are allowing animals to senselessly suffer and die for products humans know are bad for us. By signing the petition below, you will tell the FDA that the public will not stand for these guidelines.


Dear Food and Drug Administration for Tobacco Products,

Requiring the tobacco industry to inhumanely test products on defenseless animals is senseless and wrong. These animals are often locked away and subjected to brutal treatment, disease, and death.

All animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. The National Cancer Institute recently reported that there is “no convincing evidence” that “light” tobacco products will leave human users any better off. In addition, humans and animals do not suffer from the same diseases from tobacco products, so even if these products are deemed safer when tested on animals, the results may be different when they are released to the public.

It is imperative that you reconsider your draft guidelines to ensure that both animals and humans are kept safe. Please commit to taking action immediately.


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  1. Not only cruel but really stupid. Corporations wanting to think people are safe if even animal testing is done. It is just wrong and dumb!

  2. Risa Mae Mandell says:

    How dare you, FDA, cause these innocent beings to suffer for your stupid sadism proving what is already known. You’re simply another corrupt government agency doing the bidding of the cartels aka lobbyists. Get a life. Make an honest living. Please transfer your skills, knowledge and experience into work that sustains life without causing harm. I look forward to your responses.

  3. Grace Adams says:

    I believe there is a combination of human cell culture mounted on a plastic model of various organ systems that is a much better modelof human physiology than any lab animal. You should switch to that.

  4. carol reom says:

    If these are so safe let them test them themselves. The strange thing is they probably know better than to smoke them but they don’t mind it killing others. Is that blood money?

  5. agnes liu says:

    Inhumane and not need in the world.

  6. “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. —St. Francis of Assisi…”

  7. We already know that tobacco kills, let them try it out on themselves!

  8. –Smoking is a disgusting killer for humans and should be done away with, not tested on animals for efforts to make the cigarettes ‘light’! Smoking is one of the biggest drains on our society’s health system and now you want to inclue animals, again, in the killing cycle,…doesn’t anyone have any common sense anywhere? Stop the inhumane testing and stop making cigarettes,…the world would be a much better place WITHOUT any cigarettes!!

  9. Animals are being abused. People are again making dirty money off of something we already know causes cancer. The AMA needs to get involved and come down hard on the cigarette business.


  11. Daniela Bress says:

    As a smoker I’m against any animal testing. It’s my own choice how to live and what to inhale. Even if I’d get cancer or get injured by an accident I don’t want any animal to suffer for my health.
    Even humans have to die someday – that’s the circle of life, no need to abuse animals for our purposes!

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