Don’t Teach Climate Denial in Science Classes

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Don’t allow public school teachers to teach climate change denial in Texas science classes.

Public school teachers in Texas could soon be allowed to teach climate change denial in science classes due to a proposed new bill. Written under the disguise of providing “academic freedom,”  the proposed legislation, introduced by Republican state Representative Valoree Swanson, would give teachers the option of teaching “alternative theories” to subjects that “may cause controversy” like evolution, cloning and climate change in their science classes.

This bill, if accepted, will pave the way for further climate change and science denial. Similar bill ideas have been proposed in other states including South Dakota, Iowa, Alabama, Indiana and Florida. The bill is still currently under review. If passed, it would go into effect for the 2017-2018 school year.

An increase in climate change denial isn’t the only worry. Many also fear that bills like this will make it easier for teachers to teach creationism and other religious ideas as scientific theories. Science classes should be based on proven scientific facts and nothing else.

Sign this petition to demand that this bill is not accepted and to ensure that science classes remain a place to focus on and discuss science.


Dear Governor Greg Abbott,

A recently proposed bill is asking that science teachers be allowed to teach “alternative theories” to subjects that “may cause controversy” in their classes. We would like to emphasize that just because something is controversial doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taught — especially when it’s a fact-based topic.

Other states have proposed similar bills — each of which has brought about similar forms of backlash.

Topics opposing climate change and evolution have no place in a science classroom. Climate change has been proven time and time again by scientists. From floods to heat waves, Texas has seen first-hand the impacts of climate change. Denial is dangerous. In addition, creationism and other religious ideas are not scientific theories and therefore should not be taught in science classrooms.

We highly encourage you to reject this proposed bill to ensure that science classes focus on science.


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  1. Absolutely Angry says:

    Stupid idea, teachers are there to educate the students of past, present and future, not lie for the government.


      Thank you Absolutely Angry, I am always so pleased to see positive comments from correct thinking Americans.


    Teachers should be able to teach all legal viewpoints. That is what school is for and the big problem in our colleges where anarchist, communist, socialist professors are indoctrinating our children with pure evil. They should be in prison for sedition!

  3. Asking teachers to teach obvious lies to students is just incomprehensible; what next, shall we teach them the moon is made of cheese and the Earth is only 6,000 years old and flat? This would be an incredible disservice to our students and nation.

  4. Dixie Denis says:

    Just how many more attempts by Donald Trump at fu***g up the world does it take before he’s removed from office,?!

  5. Not signing this petition. I am very alarmed that people are so afraid of debate and discussion. It’s time children stopped being taught to believe and obey just because some authority says it’s true.
    What children SHOULD be being taught is how to THINK – how to analyze, investigate, explore, debate, discuss and learn for THEMSELVES what is true. INDEPENDENT thinking, CRITICAL thinking, thinking OUTSIDE the BOX, learning to discover and find out the truth for themselves. Then they will not just BELIEVE something without knowing WHY they believe it. They will KNOW it because they have investigated it for themselves.
    Truth does NOT fear investigation. Truth can stand TESTING.

    • Maggie Fulmer says:

      I do believe in encouraging discussion like you said… However, I wrote this on the basis that science backed topics should be the only topics discussed in SCIENCE classes. I have nothing against other classes that encourage discussion and alternative views as long as it’s not being taught in a discouraging way. This was simply about supporting science. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Thanks so much for responding to my comment. I appreciate what you’re saying. However, I think that climate change should not be a closed topic for debate, as there are many scientists who disagree with climate change, and have scientific backing for their arguments. We should be honest with students and admit that there are some valid arguments against climate change, which should be explored.
        Keep in mind as well that “science” often changes it’s opinion. Not long ago it was “global warming”. Now it’s “climate change”. Maybe years down the road it will be something else. Instead of just unthinkingly changing with all the waves of opinion, we need to learn to think for ourselves.
        Again, thanks for your response. Much appreciated.

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