Demand American Airlines Apologize for ‘Hitting’ Passenger

Target: Doug Parker, American Airlines CEO

Goal: Fire employee for a dispute that allegedly involved a passenger being hit with a stroller.

American Airlines is now the latest flight carrier to find itself in hot water, after one of its flight attendants was caught on film in a heated dispute with a passenger. Uploaded to Facebook on April 21 by American Airlines passenger Surain Adyanthaya, the footage appeared to show a flight attendant having a verbal exchange with a crying woman with a baby. Although the video doesn’t show how the dispute started, Adyanthaya said the problems began when the attendant “violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby.”

The situation escalated when other passengers came to the woman’s defense, including one man who could be heard stating, “You do that to me and I’ll knock you flat.”

The attendant responded by taunting the passenger, stating, “Hit me, come on hit me.”

Eventually, the captain of the plane got involved and moved the attendant away, but the dispute didn’t end there. Instead, Adyanthaya alleged the mother and her baby were booted off the flight.

“They just in-voluntarily escorted the mother and her kids off the flight and let the flight attendant back on, who tried to fight other passengers,” Adyanthaya stated.

Too see for yourself, check out the video below:

OMG! AA Flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby. Then he tried to fight a passenger who stood up for her. AA591 from SFO to DFW.

Posted by Surain Adyanthaya on Friday, April 21, 2017

American Airlines has already issued an apology over the incident, and stated it’s investigating.

This case comes on the heels of another story of airline woes, with United Airlines facing a massive backlash over its own treatment of a passenger earlier in April.

That incident drew international attention to long-simmering consumer complaints about how airlines treat passengers. If you believe it’s time airlines lift their game, then sign this petition demanding American Airlines fire the attendant involved in this latest case.


Dear Mr. Parker,

Like United, American Airlines is now facing its own complaints of poor treatment of passengers. On April 21, footage surfaced online of an AA flight attendant engaged in a dispute with a crying mother with her baby. The footage was filmed by passenger Surain Adyanthaya, who alleged the attendant “violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby.”

Things escalated when other passengers complained about the attendant’s conduct, eventually culminating in the worker taunting a customer with the words, “Hit me, come on hit me.”

For some reason, the upset mother was allegedly removed from the flight, while the attendant was left to continue his duties. If true, this is a shocking case of customer mistreatment.

AA has already made a positive step by apologizing for the incident, but more needs to be done. Now more than ever, airlines are in the spotlight over their treatment of customers, as exemplified by the recent outrage over the violent removal of a United Airlines passenger. United paid a high price for its handling of the incident – to be precise, $1.4 billion in lost stock value.

AA now has a chance to avoid the same backlash, by taking hard action to crack down on staff who don’t treat customers as they should. We therefore demand the firing of the unnamed flight attendant in this incident, to send a message that customers must be respected.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Surain Adyanthaya/ Screengrab

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Fire the Incompetent Flight Attendant who hit a mother on board American Airlines–NOW!!! Unacceptable!!

  2. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    Treating passengers or should i say customers in this way is just simply unprofessional. It shows poor training of American Airline employees, poor implementation of policies for patron protection and safety. Also…a complete lack of regard for a mother holding a child. If that were me…that employee woulda got a swift kick right between the legs with baby in hand! Anyone dare touch me without my permission…they would be sorry they ever laid eyes on me because i would be bent on making that employees life miserable.

  3. Antony Astor says:

    This page does not have the full story, which is still coming in and being revealed in bits. The hit was accidental per all the surrounding passengers. Passengers also stated the woman was arguing with the FA for some time and refused to properly unblock the floor area with the stroller and wanted to hold onto it regardless. They say the more others got involved the louder her water works performance got. These are several other videos showing her arguing.

    • Katja Budliger says:

      Altough I think the FA should have stayed cool and maybe should have get the help of the pilot, I agree with your point of view. I read the same.

    • I agree. Personal videos usually do not tell the full story, as was the case here. This woman selfishly flouted the rules at everyone else’s expense, then played the victim with hysterical theatrics.

      • Kate Lenthall says:

        That’s still no reason for the FA to be so confrontational and aggressive. All they had to do was firmly take the stroller away from the woman, tell her that they’re very sorry but those are the rules (and honestly what use is she going to have for a stroller on the plane anyway?), and politely tell anyone else trying to intercede on her behalf that it’s under control and to please sit back down.

  4. Wendy Morrison says:

    That flight attendant shoumd be fired!

  5. As far as I know the attendant was fired. Feared for the male passenger who confronted the attendant and passengers around. What happened to the mother and children who were put off the plane? I don’t fly either of these airlines, but these types of incidents make me wary of flying altogether.

  6. All you who are commenting should really get the whole story…also the flight attendant has not been fired nor will he be

    • Kate Lenthall says:

      Damn shame. He was incredibly unprofessional. Regardless of whether the woman was hamming it up or not, the FA had no business being all “eyyy you wanna fight?!” to the other passenger.

  7. Jacqui SKill says:


  8. Gillian Miller says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, American airline carriers are the pits and I will never use them again.

  9. Sorry, but this woman caused her own problem. Strollers are not allowed on flights as carry one, they have to be checked at the gate before boarding. This woman insisted on keeping her stroller with her, even though she knew and was told she was not allowed to. She should be banned from flying, as should that man who stood up and threatened the flight attendant.

    • Kate Lenthall says:

      “Banned from flying”? That seems a little extreme. If this was the case, all that needed to be done was to enforce the rule about the stroller, politely but firmly. Maybe a nice “this is not allowed, and we may have to remove you from the flight if you don’t comply”. Certainly not hitting, accidental or otherwise, and the way the FA reacted in the video was extremely unprofessional. I’m glad the other passenger stood up for himself and the woman.

  10. Sometimes I simply can’t believe the silliness of the people who sign these things and then make stupid comments. American Airlines apologized THAT DAY to the woman…they have done the right thing, people!! Geez, y’all really should take a second to find out the facts before looking stupid!

  11. Nazneen Ramzan says:

    He should have seeked out medication for bladder spasms.

  12. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Are all the generations of young people a cases for mental hospitals? I looks like that yes…
    There so many idiotic,violent,and odd behaviour nowadays that it looks like a world revolution has been coming on!

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