Demand Lawyer Apologize for Sexist Victim-Blaming

Target: Herbert Slatery III, Attorney General of Tennessee

Goal: Demand lawyer apologize for sexist comments during a rape trial.

Tennessee defense lawyer Steve Farese, while defending businessman Mark Giannini on charges of rape, questioned the plaintiff’s credibility by claiming that women are “good at lying” and “the weaker sex.” He then went on to paint the woman as a scheming liar who cried on cue and dressed “Amish” to garner sympathy. His cross-examination gave the impression that she “wanted it” and was merely trying to make trouble.

Giannini was found guilty and charged with the rape, but Farese’s disgusting comments cannot go unpunished. He shows not even the slightest bit of remorse, telling the newspaper it’s not his job not to offend people and that “smart people will see [his comment] for what it is.” The fact that he would refuse to even accept that his words are offensive shows a lack of character and moral conscience.

We cannot let this man get away with his blatant sexism and victim-blaming. Sign this petition to demand Farese issue a public apology and an admission that he was wrong.


Dear Attorney General Slatery,

Defense lawyer Steve Farese has gone on record claiming that women are “good at lying” and “the weaker sex” during the rape trial of businessman Mark Giannini. He then went on to depict the plaintiff in said trial as a scheming liar who only pretended to cry and dress conservatively just to gain sympathy and to make his client look bad. Such misogyny is exactly why rape culture continues to exist in our society, where women are accused of lying for attention and their assailants are held up as innocent victims, especially when they are rich men.

Farese must be made to publicly apologize for his comments. His behavior was unprofessional and disgusting, and worse, he shows no remorse for it. Demand he apologize, especially to the victim for his treatment of her, and ensure that he never speaks with such sexism and cruelty again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Charlotte Cooper

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  1. This total jerk should be disbarred, an apology is totally insufficient.

  2. Gillian Miller says:

    Victim blaming is a sign of a poor lawyer, it means that he is unable to defend his client properly. Additionally, I believe that the man is a misogynist and that is his problem, the aggrieved’s. It is also the fault of the judge by failing to stop such behaviour.

  3. Absolutely Angry says:

    WTF does this lawyer know about equal rights? Apparently none, maybe he’d feel different if he was prosecuting the scum bag who did this to his wife, mother or daughter…
    This crappy lawyer needs to offer more than just an apology for those ridiculous comments he made! Suspend his license that’ll give him some time to think about what nonsense he lets fall out of his mouth!

  4. Angela Rabon says:

    Disbar this attorney for life!!

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