Release Lonely Circus Elephant to Accredited Sanctuary

Target: Tom Demry, Owner of Anna Louise the African elephant

Goal: Retire Anna Louise the elephant to an accredited sanctuary.

Anna Louise is an African elephant that was stolen from the wild and is now trapped within the cruel world of the entertainment industry. She is owned by Tom Demry and currently travels with Stardust Circus where she is forced to dance and perform ridiculous tricks. It is time to let Anna Louise live the life nature intended and retire her to an accredited sanctuary.

Captivity is extremely detrimental to elephants’ physical and mental well-being. It often leads to arthritis, foot problems, obesity, excessive stress, psychosis and premature death. Animals used in circuses are often neglected and beaten into submission in order to perform. On top of being in captivity, Anna Louise has been alone since 1988. Elephants are incredibly social animals and isolation leads to even more mental health problems.

Sign this petition and demand that Anna Louis is retired to a sanctuary where she can happily live out the rest of her life surrounded by friends, nature and sunshine.


Dear Mr. Demry,

Anna Louise has lived a long, difficult life, and it is time to ease her pain. She was stolen from the wild in Zimbabwe, then brought into the cruel world of entertainment and forced to do ridiculous tricks in crowded arenas, and has been alone since 1988. Elephants are incredibly social, intelligent, and curious animals, and it is time to retire Anna Louis to an accredited sanctuary.

Captivity and isolation are extremely detrimental to elephants’ physical and mental well-being. Some problems include, but are not limited to, arthritis, foot problems, obesity, excessive stress, psychosis, and premature death. In addition, Anna Louise faces even more stress when she is thrown into loud, crowded arenas to perform ridiculous tricks.

Please consider retiring Anna Louise to an accredited sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her days as nature intended, surrounded by friends, trees and sunshine.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mister-E

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  1. Mr Demry must be a very cruel and heartless person to have kept this poor elephant for all these years so he cold exploit her and make her life a living misery. I hope Mr Demry lets her go, if not I hope his last days are more miserable than he could ever imagine. Keeping her like this is deplorable.

  2. ALL animals in ALL circuses should be sent to sanctuaries now.

  3. Do you not think you have squeezed the life out of this poor creature for long enough? Have you no pity? Let her go to some place which knows and cares about the welfare of elephants, she has only received ignorance and loneliness with you.

  4. Humans are the most evil on this planet…Free this poor girl to a sanctuary…She has suffered enough!


  6. Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be banned on an island for their whole lives – the devil should take all responsible persons away! Or not?

  7. Tom Demry, OWNER of Anna Louise the African elephant

    YOU ARE AWARE that Louise has been abused for years in the name of GREED. She has been alone since 1988 for God sake”s. Give her a break and let her finish her days in peace, with her own species.

    Retire Anna Louise the elephant to an accredited sanctuary.

  8. I cannot count the number of petitions regarding shows still using animals, especially elephants. It’s beyond sanity to think that people still pay for and say that they enjoy seeing the exploitation of voiceless animals. Elephants are indeed among the most social of animals, and to know that Anna Louise has been alone for so long is cruelty at its worst. Let her go to a sanctuary to live freely.

  9. Such malevolent, Greedy for money and fame people like Demry, should be charged criminally for violation of Animal’s rights. We humans have human rights and the Animals should have their right to live in freedom without subjecting to man’s torture and abuse such as this one. This poor Elephant has being kept like a Ornament and abused and mistreated enough while depriving her born freedom to live with her family for the entire life. People who have no empathy and compassion towards these animals should be banned owning any type of animals at all times. THIS IS A PURE ANIMAL ABUSE AND LET HER GO AND LIVE A NORMAL LIFE IN A PLACE WHERE SHE CAN MET AND SEE OTHER MEMBERS OF HER KIND…PLEASE LET HE GO….PLEASE FREE HER FROM THE IMPRISONMENT ASAP…

  10. It’s so tragic that this poor sweet elephant, like so many others, has been kidnapped and subsequently abused horribly for many years, by greedy and sadistic people. She should be RELEASED and sent to a good sanctuary immediately.
    The public needs to PERMANENTLY STOP attending circuses that use animals, as well as zoos, aquariums and other animal abusing businesses. STOP participating in animal cruelty and making and keeping these cruel businesses rich.

  11. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    This Demry guy is an arrogant loser. He has bonded with her in his own delusional way and probably feels that they are some kind of team. I’ll believe that as soon as she can sign a consent form.

  12. Stop this now you bastards

  13. Kathleen Colley says:

    This is pitiful! Don’t you have animal welfare legislation in America? Surely, this is against the laws in your country,keeping this poor animal in such terrible circumstances! Inform PETA USA of this elephant and they shall get onto it. I shall have a go from Australia! We need to do this, people!

  14. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  15. I echo what BinaP said — ALL animals in ALL circuses should be sent to sanctuaries now.

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