Stop Wolf Trapping Outside of Alaska’s Denali National Park

Target: Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Goal: Ban trapping in Alaska and restore the buffer zone outside of Denali National Park to protect wolves.

Two wolves were found dead outside of Alaska’s Denali National Park recently, the victims of trapping by a hunter who lured them outside of the park. These deaths cast a shadow of doubt on the decision by Alaska Board of Game’s decision to remove the buffer zone surrounding the park and comes at a time when the wolf population in the park is on the decline. Tell the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to ban trapping and reinstate the buffer zone to protect these cherished animals.

Coke Wallace, the trapper who killed both wolves, scoffs at the idea of a buffer zone.  He insists that the wolves he killed were malnourished and that his kills have no effect on the population. One of the wolves was a breeding female from the Grant Creek wolf pack, a group that is part of a larger population of wolves living in Denali National Park. The wolf count is at a 20-year low of 70 wolves in nine packs, down from 103 wolves in 15 packs in 2006. The other breeding female of the Grant Creek pack was recently found dead of natural causes.  That fact, together with speculation that the female who was killed by the trap might have been pregnant, means that the pack has been dealt an extremely serious blow.

Conservationists rebuke Wallace’s claim that the wolves he trapped were malnourished. They point out that the female was left out for a week before Wallace even saw it; her body was ravished by a wolverine. Conservationists liken trapping outside national parks to setting traps outside a zoo with no fences. Wallace’s use of a dead horse to lure the wolves out is even more questionable when one considers how the carcass could have affected the surrounding population’s water supply, a question that the Alaskan Department of Environmental Conservation is now looking into.

Conservationists are calling on the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game to end the moratorium that is blocking a decision on the buffer zone as well as calling for an end to trapping. It is too late for the Grant Creek wolf pack; they will almost certainly not be seeing any new members this year. But Alaskan wolves need our help.  Ask Commissioner Cora Campbell to end the moratorium and ban trapping today.


Dear Ms. Cora Campbell, Commissioner of the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game,

Two wolves were recently found dead outside of Denali National Park. They were lured out by a hunter using a dead horse carcass. One of the wolves was a breeding female that belonged to the Grant Creek wolf pack and given that it is post-mating season, conservationists are questioning whether she might have been pregnant. The wolf population in the park is currently at a 20-year low. 70 wolves are there today compared to 103 in 2006.

The two wolves were killed in an area that used to be designated as a no trapping buffer zone around Denali National Park. The Alaska Board of Game removed that buffer zone two years ago and there is currently a moratorium on whether or not to reinstate it. The Grant Creek pack will most likely not be adding any new members this year and the wolf population can’t stand to drop any lower. We ask that you reinstate the buffer zone and consider banning trapping in Alaska for good. Wolf protection must extend beyond the borders of the park.


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  1. JOANN BRADLEY says:

    PLEASE stop the cruel trapping and hunting of wolves. This is America, what is next.. EAGLES? Is nothing sacred anymore?Hunters have no feelings for these animals, a target is a target. We don’t eat WOLF!!! Animal blood.. fuels the machine of.. profit. STAND UP .. DO WHATS RIGHT PLEASE

    • Sadly, hunters are getting away with killing Eagles, the traps that are set often kills them, and when that happens they are told to keep quiet about it. This madness needs to stop here and now.

    • Barb Stahl says:

      Stop the killing pf these animals created by GOD, they are just trying to survive in their element.

  2. STOP!!!!!!!laissez les loups en paix vivrent!!!!ASSEZ!!!!!!

  3. Billy Angus says:


  4. Payal Khurana says:

    The world is becoming a sick place to live in. Killing a pregnant wolf..disgusting!!

  5. Crimes against wildlife and any animal do not go unnoticed, you Coke Wallace and all of your irritating and evil acomplices will find out in due time, you will never get another chance to redeem what you have done to all of Gods creatures, KARMA.

  6. Tenzin kalsang says:

    Fukin .. Morons stop killing our wolves .. Kill urself good for nothing .. Crappin n destroying everywhere

  7. barbara bledsoe says:

    The stupidity of humanity stretches easily to Florida where the rights of eagles, turtles, bear, manatee and more is not honored.

  8. Hi guys this is a awesome petition to sign it sends a letter to obama and your state congress and state officals. You don’t have to search them it does it for you and its to ban trapping! Plz sign everyone the whitehouse and gov needs to hear are voices that we are done with our animaks being treated this way in america!

  9. Cynthia dsouza says:

    Stop it

  10. STOP!

  11. FABIANO GERARD says:


  12. please stop this end the killing of all ways to kill the Wolves please keep them Alive they need your protection some Human s are the Most Dangerous Living Being Alive thank you

  13. Ban trapping of wolves. It is cruel and inhumane. Inflict the same punishment on Mr. Wallace; see how he likes it. It’s what he deserves. Maybe he was abused as a child, but don’t take it out on defenseless creatures, you jerk.

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