Save Tasmanian Devil and Forest From Greedy Loggers

Target: Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy

Goal: Save Tasmanian devil and forests from destruction by the logging industry.

A new proposal in Tasmania would allow 356,000 hectares of forest to be used by the logging industry. This was proposed with the hope of generating money, but allowing these forests to be destroyed would be detrimental to rare and endangered wildlife.

The species being threatened include the Tasmanian devil, the wedge-tailed eagle and the swift parrot. A portion of the forest that would lose protection falls within the Tarkine region. This area is home to Australia’s largest temperate rainforest. It is home to animals such as the wombat and the platypus, as well as over 100 species of birds. These animals would also be threatened if the new legislation was approved.

The government of Tasmania is currently placing a higher value on industry profits than on the lives of these animals and the long-term prosperity of its environment. Sign this petition to encourage environment minister Josh Frydenberg to help protect these Tasmanian forests and the wildlife that call it home.


Dear Josh Frydenberg,

The newly proposed bill that would allow for 356,000 hectares of land to be used by the logging industry is posing a major threat to the Tasmanian devil, forests and the other endangered wildlife that lives within them.

Animals at risk include the Tasmanian devil, the wedge-tailed eagle and the swift parrot. Each of these species is already considered to be endangered and this bill would put the numbers remaining in serious danger. In addition, Australia’s largest temperate rainforest is at risk. A portion of the Tarkine region would lose protection with this bill which is where that forest is located. This threatens more animals, including the wombat and the platypus.

It is clear that the government is placing more importance on making money for loggers than on the long-term welfare of the environment and endangered wildlife. Protecting these animals and forests is part of your duty as the environment minister and we highly encourage you to do what needs to be done to keep them safe. That means this proposal needs to be rejected and that, in addition, more protection needs to be implemented.


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Photo Credit: JJ Harrison

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  1. Sadly, this Worlds’ human inhabitants are heartless, and money hungry. It’s disgusting that people are DECIMATING our planet, and NO ONE IS STOPPING THEM. NO LEGAL ACTIONS or punishments with a slap on the wrist, is destroying our planet. Humans, I myself, am ashamed to be one.

  2. Kristin Peterson says:

    God Damn greedy & money hungry pieces of shit are ruining our planet.
    Most all of our government, law makers, and the million & billion dollar companies are completely ignorant, irresponsible, selfish, & greedy.
    All they care about is money and it’s always the rich get richer.
    This destruction needs to END & END NOW!
    STOP the logging & destruction of our forests.
    STOP cutting all of our trees down cause in the end once they’re all gone & none of us can breathe your greedy rich asses will be dead right along with the rest of us.
    STOP polluting our ocean’s, river’s, stream’s, creek’s, & drinking water.
    STOP killing off our innocent and already endangered wildlife.
    STOP ruining our ecosystem.
    STOP building pipelines that leak and cause extensive damage to everything and harm everyone.


  4. When will money crazed humans start to consider that there are other species on this earth that deserve to be left in peace in there own habitat

  5. Susanne Clemens says:

    There are many people who undertake big and expense efforts to save these endearing and original animals. The devils, this iconic species, fight against two contagious cancer illnesses by the name of “devil facial tumour disease” 1 and 2 and are threatened by the extinction. And then their living space is damaged because of the profit! This should not be!!! Devils forever!!!!!

  6. Human greed is destroying the planet

    WHO IS IT?

  8. Susan Fong says:

    We have a responsibility to protect forests and wildlife. Man’s selfishness and greed has already hurt and destroyed too much of nature’s precious creations.

  9. Hungry bastards

  10. The pathetic Australian government don’t give a toss about animals in general.Josh Frydenberg is a totally joke who is only interested in the financial side. These beautiful animals need to be protected and the government really needs to wake up and start putting animals before their beloved god MONEY.. The Tasmanian tiger was wiped out thanks to humans,let hope the Tasmanian devil isn’t next…

  11. Julie Bates says:

    TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF MAN AND HIS GREED RUNNING AFTER$$$$$$$$ eventually they will realize they cannot eat PAPER…

  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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