Britain: Don’t Increase Animal Testing After Brexit

Target: Theresa May, U.K. Prime Minister

Goal: Reinforce stricter animal testing guidelines in the U.K.

As Britain prepares for ‘Brexit’ and its departure from the European Union, it will soon have the opportunity to freely choose how to regulate animal testing within its borders. Campaigners are concerned that this could result in an increase in testing and the return of previously outlawed practices. The British government must be made to see this not as a chance to expand experimenting on animals but as an opportunity to set a moral precedent and outlaw it altogether.

Even with EU regulations, Britain still conducts vivisection more frequently than the majority of countries in Europe. In fact, the most recent report from the U.K. Home Office recorded over 4 million tests performed on animals in 2015, more than half of which were procedures expected to cause pain in the animals. The same report noted that approximately 30 percent of these tests could be classed as causing either severe pain or distress, or moderate pain or distress for a prolonged period. Even more worrying, the overall number of tests has increased since the last report in 2013. This includes an increase in testing on primates, including a cruel experiment in which monkeys had devices surgically implanted in their heads to force them to stare at a computer screen and recreate gambling tasks and risk-taking behavior thousands of times over several weeks.

Campaigners are concerned that the removal of EU regulations will mean that experiments like these — and vivisection more generally — will continue to increase after Brexit. But there is another possibility. Britain played a key role in setting up the EU rules in the first place, and it prides itself on being a progressive and caring nation. Even more than this, it prides itself on its independence and pioneering ideas; if its government can be persuaded to follow the truly progressive, pioneering path of seeking cruelty-free alternatives, then it may become a nation that bans all animal testing. Sign this petition and tell Brexit Britain to put an end to this ill-informed and ineffective abuse of animals.


Dear Prime Minister,

I write to you to express my concerns about how Britain will treat its animals after it has left the European Union. As you know, the laws that currently regulate animal testing in your nation come from the EU. Along with many others, I was alarmed to read in the latest Home Office report that there has actually been an increase in animal testing between 2013 and 2015, including testing on primates. I am concerned that the removal of EU regulations will allow animal testing to continue increasing in Britain.

However, the U.K. does not have to follow this path. Freed from the restraints of European law, Britain could set a moral precedent and employ far harsher restrictions, even to the degree of banning animal testing altogether. There are numerous alternatives to vivisection — from experimenting on human tissue cultures to using simulations, databases, and virtual drug trials — many of which are widely considered by experts to be more effective at predicting human responses. I implore you to follow your nation’s pioneering, progressive spirit and make Britain a leader in the move to end all animal testing.


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Photo credit: Janet Stephen

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  1. Nooshin Perla says:

    What your heart and brain is made of, that you can hurt innocent animals like this?????Talking to all the A.. H… that are doing all these sickening test on our beloved animals. I just hope one day you guys taste the taste of your own medicine! What can any body say to you? When you have no CONSCIOUS!

  2. Kathryn Irby says:


  3. Animal “testing” has no scientific value and is a legal not a scientific device. See

    • Thank you, Doug, for the link to this excellent article. Though it’s a long article, I encourage EVERYONE who opposes animal experimentation to read this. It provides AMPLE scientific evidence that animal experimentation for scientific purposes is a complete FAILURE and a FRAUD.
      We have been lied to for many years about this. The truth needs to be exposed so that the horrible torture of poor innocent animals for “science” will be permanently STOPPED.

  4. Wendy Morrison says:

    ALL animal testing and experiments need to STOPPED IMMEDIATELY & NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

  5. Theresa ‘Chairman’ May – a God-fearing Christian doesn’t give a hoot about animals. She wants to repeal the Hunting Act and her party has continually ignored protests from local councils and the public about the expansion of facilities built specifically for breeding animals for vivisection.

    A General Election is due on 8th June 2017. The only way to ensure this petition is at least read, is to vote her and her Nasty Party out.

  6. Stop every aspect of animal testing!Test products on child abusers and rapists!

  7. Mary, I absolutely agree with you. STOP USING ANIMALS FOR TESTS! they were not put on this earth to be used , tortured and then discarded by humans. Please stop any aspect of animal testing now and forever.


  9. Iris owens says:

    Thank you Doug. I read the article you talked about – very long but very interesting. I also think testing drugs on animals is not only incredibly cruel but a waste of time. Scientists have proven it just doesn’t work. If you want to test drugs, test them on the violent criminals in prisons. Animals were not put on this planet for us to experiment on.

  10. Damn Brits, you’re going down politically, economically and morally together with Damn-Mericans. 2 filthy scum nations!

  11. Stop testing on animals you are a bunch of cruel sick bastards. Want to do testing do it on animal and child abusers.

  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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