Stop The Rash of Anti-Semitism In The United States

Target: Eleanor Holmes Norton, United States Representative

Goal: Demand stronger laws and harsher punishments against anti-semitic behavior.

Vandals recently spray-painted Nazi symbols on both a Jewish community center and a church in Fairfax, Virginia. This, coupled with Sean Spicer’s recent disgusting comments regarding the Syrian crisis and the Holocaust, are just more proof that antisemitism is making a strong comeback in the face of the Trump administration.

In a day and age where we are supposed to accept and tolerate others’ religious choices, this sort of behavior is not only unacceptable, but frightening as well. It began with nasty and odious comments and statements, and now it has slid into vandalism as well as violent attacks. We may not be looking at a new Holocaust anytime soon, but people cannot be blamed for fearing such in the near future if this behavior continues.

Jewish citizens do not deserve to have their religion taunted and mocked, nor do they deserve to live in fear when their community centers are attacked and vandalized. We must put a stop to these actions with stronger laws against and harsher punishments for racially-motivated hatred. Sign this petition to protect the Jewish communities of the United States from further attacks.


Dear Representative Norton,

The volume of anti-semitic sentiments, comments, and actions have been on the rise since Trump’s election and inauguration, the most notable being Sean Spicer’s inflammatory comments and a recent act of vandalism toward a Jewish community center. While such anti-Jew sentiments have not completely disappeared at any point in time, they are becoming worse with Trump’s administration in power.

This is not acceptable, not when we are living in an age where the First Amendment is more important than ever. We need stronger laws against anti-Semitic behavior and attacks, and stronger punishments for those who carry them out. Hate speech and hate crimes are not part of the “free speech” these people tend to use as an excuse for such actions, and we must curb this behavior before it gets worse. Please enforce anti-hate crime laws more strongly, let these people know that their attacks on the Jewish communities will not be allowed.


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Photo Credit: Beny Shlevich

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    this is racist against their religion.

  2. Not signing this petition. No I’m not anti-Semitic.
    People, think!! WHY is graffiti on 2 Jewish buildings world headline news, while the daily egregious crimes against the Palestinians by Israelis are rarely ever mentioned? Hundreds of Palestinian children as young as age 10 are arrested every year – mostly for throwing stones – and statistics show that over 40% of these children are tortured and/or sexually assaulted while in prison. Why is THIS not headline news every time it happens?
    Jewish people accuse others of racial discrimination against them, but do you know that the Jewish religion totally teaches Jewish supremacy? Yes, it teaches that Jews should and will eventually rule the world, that non-Jews are like cattle and inferior to Jews, and that eventually every Jew will have 2800 non-Jewish slaves.
    So the so-called rise of anti-semitism is mostly a protest against Jewish supremacism and their brutal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.
    Please educate yourselves. Find out the truth.

    • You are repeating fake news about torture and sexual abuse of Palestinian children. The truth is bad enough, you do not need to embellish it with unproven allegations presented as fact.

      Additionally, your false presentation of Judaism does indicate that you are an antisemite. Good luck with that.

      • This is not fake news. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Human Rights Council, and other human rights organizations have DOCUMENTED many cases of the torture, sexual assault, and wrongful arrest and imprisonment of many Palestinian children by the Israeli government. There are currently 300 Palestinian children being held in Israeli prisons; as I said, mostly for throwing stones.
        I am not giving a false representation of Judaism. Anyone can find out for themselves what Judaism teaches. They use the Torah – or the books of Moses – and the Talmud. Both the Torah and Talmud teach that Jews are God’s chosen people. Read it for yourself.
        I am not antisemite. I am not against Jews but am against Jewish supremacism, white supremacism and any other racial supremacism.
        Also, Palestinians are Semites.

    Why are the palestinians always making themselves poor victims when it is all planned? Do u realize they are islamics? They have forced marriages, they follow the pedophile prophet a pervert, lunatic, selfish, arrogant bastard. palestinians make a hell of a life for Israel which needs to take measures like Europe should open the eyes. islam is evil, all coming from there is evil and if palestinians die many innocent victims in Israel also die and all over the world due to islam, which murder much more than any other religion and that thing is a cult not even a religion. slaves u say??? Did u know their so much shit prophet was a slaves dealer? Which married a 9 y o girl when he was 61?? palestinians defend hamas, joke always I had seen on tv, we all had seen, joking and laughing with the death of Israel people, but I had never seen the opposite. You are one of them.

    • First of all, I am not a Muslim, and I strongly disagree with Islam and it’s teachings, just as you do.
      You are rightly horrified at the pedophilia of the Muslim prophet, but did you know that there is pedophilia taught in the Jewish Talmud? Look it up.
      Most Palestinians in Israel live in basically outdoor prisons. They have very limited funds to fight against Israel’s ILLEGAL occupation of their land, and do resort to violent means sometimes. Tell me, if a hostile nation invaded your country, would you fight back? They are fighting back against a hostile invasion of their land which took place almost 70 years ago. They are being ethnically cleansed by the Zionist Israelis. The Palestinians and their supporters, which include many Jews, have every right to defend their people, including innocent children – as I mentioned above – and their land.
      Please check out the book The Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians by Ilan Pappe, a Jewish historian.
      As well, most Muslims are not terrorists. A lot of it is hype or misinformation. Please do your own research with an open mind, and don’t believe everything you read but learn to do critical thinking. (I am learning this myself.)
      Also, you sound like you might be a Christian. Did you know that some Palestinians are not Muslims but Christians?

      • Ilan Pappe has the reputation of being a poor historian. He cannot be cited as a legitimate source. You might as well use Atzmon.

        • Ilan Pappe is an excellent historian and is not the only historian telling the truth about the ILLEGAL Israeli occupation of Palestine. He is disliked by many Israeli authorities because of his COURAGE to tell the TRUTH. He is being slandered because of this, but the facts he uses are all DOCUMENTED. Among his resources, he uses quotes from the DIARY of the brutal first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion, who talks about his plans to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE the Palestinians.

    • For an example of Israelis laughing at the death of others, look up The dancing Israelis after 911.

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